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Jes sa J ane Cariaga unleashes it all We've got GREEN FASHION Covered 30 know-it-all Fashion Tips CNU's sweet success Get to know more about LOVE, Relationships and Horoscopes! Let's Make Recycling Fashionable The Headturners of the Night Filipina Beauties made it Global

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  • 1.Jessa Jane C ar i aga unleashes it all We've got GREEN FASHIONCovered 30know-it-all Fashion Tips CNU's sweet success Get to know more about LOVE, Relationships and Horoscopes! Let's Make Recycling Fashionable The Headturners o f t h e N i g h t Filipina Beauties made it Global

2. 2 About U N L E A S H Editor in Chief: Juffer Denn Bornales Assosiate Editors: Keizen Danica Arnado Christiana Jude Bien Coordinators: Melchor Dale Amor Mark Gie Abella Photographer: Noel Benjamin Fernandez Writers: Rosemarie Cananea Laarne Avila Analuz Abing Jo-anne Archival Ferjean Basalo Ian Jake Basillote Anacleto Antoque Danica Betoy Lilibeth Ambayec Angel Alora Josephine Castro Evelyn Arnoco Jessalyn Capute Interviewers: Nancy Benitez Christiana Jude Bien Juffer Denn Bornales Jo-anne Archival Laarne Grace Avila Sheila Bolambot Erma Bea Amodia Julie Anne Alejado Danica Betoy Mark Gie Abella Bebie Jane Casipong Lorena Carulasan Josephine Castro Ferjean Basalo Kezia Astillo Kigy Aquino Rollyn Mae Armasa Unleash is a magazine created by the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Block A students as a fulfillment of the subject course Comm. 110 Media Management and Production. This magazine will revolve around fashion and will highlight the event Green Fashion Revolution 2 held last August 3, 2013 at the SM Trade Hall. Like any other fashion magazine, Unleash will talk about anything about fashion; the latest trends, the hottest news on the biggest fashion icons in the industry, and tips that every fashionista would want to know. Staff 3. 3 The making of U N L E A S H 4. 4 T a b l e o f Great Fashion finds at Green Fashion AlbertYamomo Psych's Pride CNU's Sweet Success Green Fashion Lifestyle news The Overweight Beauty Beauty that ShinesThrough Make Recycling Fashionable Behind the Creative Designs Filipina Beauty made it Global Hollywood Fashion Insider 8 10 14 16 18 28 33 32 38 5. 5 Contents Jessa Jane Unleashes it all Features Beauty 30 FashionTips everygirl must know Know what your HOROSCOPE says! Love, Dating and Relationships Get Day Look and Night Look QUIZ! QUIZ! QUIZ! 20-27 34 38 42 44 46 About the Cover Jessa Jane Carriaga on the cover of this year's Unleash Magazine. She had been in various fashion shows and had joined several beauty pageants, as well. 6. 6 And she proved just that when she arrived at a Milan Fashion Week party last night in a sheer black shirt, which she wore without a bra. The supermodel made sure she was centre of attention as she joined to the stylish crowd at the Stuart Weitzman store opening in a rather revealing outfit. Wearing an almost see-through shirt, Kate opted out of wearing a bra, meaning that her breasts were on show for the rest of the night. In addition to being the kind of pretty that just makes you want to buy all the world's beauty products, the actress has teamed up with Eco-Change and Green Carpet Challenge founder Livia Firth (Colin Firth's wife!) to promote ethically- made, glamorous clothing. In the latest issue of Net-A- Porter's The Edit, Emma models sustainable designs from Christopher Kane, Victoria Beckham, Erdem, Roland Mouret and Burberry, proving that fashion can be jaw-droppingly gorgeous and be made under fair conditions. Hollywood Fashion Icons Know about what's latest on your favorite stars! Kate Moss bares all as she goes braless at Milan Fashion Week party Emma Watson is so perfect it hurts Kate Moss Emma Watson Miley Cyrus 7. 7 Teach us your precious ways, Miranda! Miranda Kerr has been doling out nutrition/body/fashion/hot person advice for Net-a-Porter's "Body Beautiful" lifestyle series, and her latest is all about the magical supplements she puts in her ridiculously good body. So, what are Kerr's dietary essentials? "It all starts for me with the noni juice," the 30-year-old says. "Noni has been used for over 2,000 years by the Polynesians and my grandmother introduced it to me when I was twelve years old and I've been drinking i t ever since." We're not sure what the story is in Rihanna's spread for Glamour's November issue, but we don't care because she looks SUBLIME! The naughty Pour It Up singer returns to Barbados for the shoot and strips down to her skivvies, inspiring major thigh envy in a Marc Jacobs bra top and panties with a matching coat thrown over it. In another shot, it's hard to focus on anything but her abs in a white Calvin Klein crop top and pencil skirt styled with a vintage pearl Lynn Ban belt. Her body is OUT OF CONTROL! Katy Perry is stunning while attending the Mademoiselle C Cocktail Party held at Pavillon Ledoyen on Tuesday (October 1) in Paris, France. The 28-year-old Roar singer was joined at the after party by Rita Ora, who was a few paces in front of her BFF Cara Delevingne. Katy, if I made you feel at all unhappy, during a time when you were obviously unhappy, and I didnt know, Im sorry, Barbara said. But you cant always know! Miley Cyrus rocked a variety of different looks at this year's VMAs, starting with the vintage Dolce & Gabbana piece she wore on the red carpet! While most celebs would credit their stylist for helping them select their outfit, this one came to us courtesy of Pharrell! Pharrell is known for his excellent sense of style, so hes a great person to take advice from. As for the look being "a factor that the other girls couldnt compete with", we dont even know that anyone was trying!! Keep being Miley, gurl! Kate Moss bares all her Secret Rihanna Reveals Her Love for Royals ""Other Girls Couldn't Compete With!"! Katy Perry: Mademoiselle 'C' Cocktail Party! Katy Perry Rihanna Miranda Kerr 8. 8 Great A SMASHING SUCCESS Once again the Green Fashion Revolu- tion of Aboitiz gave time for students to showcase fabulous gowns, designs, clothes and an awesome ramp of the models. It`s all about the designs, creativity and passion of stu- dents this event! Mixing and matching stylish key pieces to glam up our day. The Green Fashion Revolu- tion organized by the Aboitiz group aims to promote the groups five pillars of sustain- ability: reduce, reuse, recycle, rejuvenate communities, and renewable energy generation. The event gave the students the chance to create their signa- ture styles on making designs. It made their hearts beat happily throughout the event as it paved way for guests to enjoy and join the refreshing evolution of green fashion. Green Revo attracted and inspired people to look amazing on low cost apparels. A lot of designers, stylist, and fashionistas have been craving for an exquisite wardrobe. Well, they dont have to look for it; you can find great fashion at Green Revo. LUXE FOR LESS Cebu Normal University was one of the schools who partici- pated on that event. We have two versatile stylists who showcased their talents in terms of design- ing and making the apparels. Mr. Rodsel E. Alcontin and Ms. Gether M. Canillo, they are from College of Teacher Education BSED in TLE. Rodsel was the designer for the fe- Fashion written by Rosemarie Cananera interviewed by Bebie Jane Casipong 9. 9 finds at Green Fashion male costumes where there were seven of them. He was chosen to design for the cos- tumes after he proposed his designs to the SSG. His pas- sion in designing motivated him to join and make loads of designs, as what he men- tioned great designs. On the other hand, Gether, the stylist for the male costumes, made three superb designs for the male models. She said that her friend (Rodsel) motivated her in styling the costumes. Wondering what the cos- tumes were made of, we wander around every corner of the SSG office and found out interesting information. The costumes were made of recycled papers from the office, discarded tarpaulins, sacks, and other waste ma- terials. They also used colors like silver, black and white. They used these colors to have uniformity if designs. NO FAIL-STYLE FORMULAS The team decided to have their theme as Vogue. The Aboitiz was the one who gave them the idea on what theme they should have. At first, they want to do some painting for the costumes but they were running out of time that`s why they shifted to have papers and silvers instead. They prepared the costumes within two weeks before the said event will be hold. To say that the show was successful is an understate- ment. Not only that they set the runway on fire; it was also an unforgettable expe- rience to everyone who was there to watch the show. 10. 10 of Green Fashion R e v o l u t i o nThey have stunned the crowd of Green Fashion Revolution 2 with their incredible prowess. Let'smeetthemonebyone. PhotosbyNoelBenjaminFernandez The Headturners 11. 11 12. 12 The OV Inthisphoto:FrancescaFernandez Photographer:NoelBenjaminFernandez 13. 13 B e a u t y VERWEIGHTFrancesca Fernandez, one of the stunners in the Green Fashion Revolution 2, is the Miss UP- Cebu 2013. She is in her 4th year of BA-Psychology in the prestigious, University of the Philippines. 1. Can you tell us something about yourself and your career as a model? If I can use three words to describe me, its loud and hungry. Those two adjectives can be taken literally, I really am a very loud person, a very talkative and extroverted one; and I am always hungry, hungry for food (as seen in my body), hungry for knowledge and hungry for experiences. My loudness doesnt only stop in my mouth, it also describes the loudness of my desires in life. Add up this loudness with my hunger, and you get the average teenager with very big dreams. Being this type of person gave me the experiences I currently have at hand, one of which is holding the title of Miss UP Cebu 2013. This title paved the way to even more experiences in my life, including the few modeling stints I have en- countered. I dont really consider myself a model, I just grab opportunities when theyre presented to me. In fact, Ive only tried the run way three times, and a photo shoot twice, which was again, offered to me because of the crown I hold at the moment. All my modeling experiences can be attributed to my winning the crown, which I am very thankful for. 2. You were one of the head turners during the 2nd Green Fashion Evolution held last August 3, 2013 at SM Trade Hall. Can you tell us how and why did you join the said fashion competition? The concept of the Fine Arts (FA) students who represented our school, UP for the said competition was breaking the norm so they got models of varied sizes (height, weight) and personal styles. My FA designer friend (who happened to be close to me) just suddenly asked me to join because his teacher suggested them to look for a plus- sized model; and they right away thought of me because I was carrying that image as Miss UP Cebu 2013. I happily agreed because of a lot of reasons. One, their concept of breaking the norm aligned with my goal when I joined our school pageant. Second, I thought that if I joined, it would be a great way of sending a message to the youth that beauty is not equal to skinny. Third, Im all about welcoming new experiences in my life, and I knew GFR would be a great new experience which I could happily remember and tell my future children about. 3. How confident are you up on stage/catwalk? Can you tell us how you build your confidence? Just have fun and enjoy the experience. This quote, which my make-up artist and uncle told me on the night of the pageant, is what brings me confidence on the catwalk (and for other events that involve a huge audience watching you). When you stop thinking about the negative things such as failing or losing, you stop letting pressure win over you. When pressure is not present, you can fully enjoy the experience at hand. For example, instead of thinking too much about how I should walk and pose, I just let my body do the walking, I enjoy the music playing when I walk and I focus on the crowd who are there to support me. Your supporters can really eliminate the pressure. Its really all about mind set. 4. As a plus-size model what do you think is your advantage compared to the typical skinny models? I become a challenge to anyone who wants to work with me. For example: designers and stylists cant just throw me clothes in an instant, because most clothes used in modeling and events are for skinny people. When they work with me, it requires more effort; stylists need to search more clothes that can fit me and designers need to design clothes that would suit my body type. (which I sometimes feel guilty about, haha!). Others tell me this is a good thing (probably to lessen the guilt I feel), because it brings out the versatility of the designer/stylist. Also, I get to send a message to the youth that you can become a model while not depriving yourself of the things that make you happy in life, in my case, that means the love for food. As long as you have the confidence and determination, you can be who you want to be. 5. In a society that stereotypes a model for being skinny, as a plus-size model, how do you go about peoples judgments and criticism? People dont often believe me when I say I have such a low self- esteem, but its true. The criticisms I get from people always bring me down, but I never dwell on them too much. Whenever I get criticized or judged about the way I look, I allow myself to feel sad and insecure for a while, then I move on. I believe that its good to acknowledge your insecurities, but its never good to dwell on them forever. 6. Do you see yourself as a skinny model? Or do you consider losing weight and continue your career as a skinny model? I definitely never saw myself as a skinny person. Whenever I model, I see myself as what I really am, a person with more weight and fats than the average person. As for the second question, I do plan on losing weight, but not the drastic type. I am starting to get concerned about the effects my weight has on my present and future health, thats why I plan on doing something about getting the scale down. However, my motivation for losing weight is not at all related to physical appearance. In fact, I plan to lose only what is necessary for me to leave the obese IBM. I still plan on maintaining the plus- sized image though because I dont think Ill ever be happy without food. (shy smile) 7. What advice can you give to the girls who want to become models but could not because of their weight? The problem with humans, is that, we care too much about what others think of us. Often times, their opinions make us captives who no longer chase what we want in life. Im not telling you to just forget what others think, thats hard. I swear, even at this point of my life, societys opinion of me still bothers me from time to time. It takes a great amount of courage and acceptance to stop caring about what other people say about you. Im still on my way to that, on my way of accepting myself fully, because I believe that acceptance of the self is one of the greatest things you can ever achieve in your life. The only great tip I can give to those girls is that you should accept your insecurities, and change the way you think about them. If it werent for my insecurities, I wouldnt be Miss UP Cebu 2013 right now, and I wouldnt have had my modeling experiences. Your insecurities can be a source of weakness, but it can also be your source of strength. Also, another great thing to always remember is that people will talk about you no matter what you do, and where you go. Its just a matter of remembering whose opinions matter. 14. 14 Psych's Pride: A l b e r t Y a m o m o Albert Yamomo (2nd year Psychology student at Cebu Normal University) one of the male models in the fashion event felt happy and lucky that heve experienced that kind of fashion show. The efforts of the team were not wasted because they won the competition and they deserved it. When asked if given a chance to rate the teams effort from one to ten, he answered 10 because of the exceptional effort that the team gave. Overwhelmed kay nakaexperience kog suot ug ingon ato nga what seems to be useless was converted into good fashion, said Albert Jan Yamomo, a second year , BS- Psychology student. Albert did not audition for the Green Fashion Revolution, he was asked to join the group because he has already an experience. Albert had a hard time trying to balance schooling and of the same time practicing for the fashion show. He, together with the other models, rendered their time practicing after classes and it was worth it. He felt satisfied and boosted his pride after CNU was announced to be the Champion. Writers : Angel Alora Buaya and Kezia Astillo Interviewers: Rollyn Mae Armasa Josephine Castro Lorena Carulasan 15. 15 In this photo: Albert John Yamomo Photographer: Noel Benjamin Fernandez 16. 16 Beauty that Shines T h r o u g h This was the mere description that Princess F. Jayme defines a beauty that is simply pretty but cap- tures the heart of the crowd. Ms. Princess F. Jayme is a second year communication student in Cebu Normal university . Through her charm, she was chosen to be one of the models of the green Fashion revolution 2013. Actually, it is not her first time to involve in this kind of affair; she was used to join in various pageants. Miss Mactan 1st runner up was one of her awards. She was also one of the Miss Mandaue finalist, though she was not able to hit the top, still she got all the courage to confidently join the screening for the Models in Fashion Revolution. She felt pressured in preparing herself to rock the runway , Shen then realized that she is bringing the name of Cebu Normal University that she must be at her best, since she and the other models are competing t with other highly recognized schools in Cebu. Writers: Ian Jake Basiliote and Lilibeth Amabyec Interviewers: Rollyn Mae Armasa Josephine Castro Lorena Carulasan 17. 17 In this photo: Princess Jaime Photographer: Noel Benjamin Fernandez 18. 18 19. 19 JessaJane CariagaUnleashes i t a l l In this photo: Jessa Jane Carriaga Photographer: Henry Yu 20. 20 The Beauty Queen In this photo: Jessa Jane Carriaga Photographer: Jonh Micheal Andrew Chavez 21. 21 22. 22 Jessa's Early Career Inthisphoto:JessaJaneCarriaga Photographer:MarkYap When did you start entering beauty competi- tions? Actually, dili man jud ko fashion goer, I tried at the age of 13 or 14. I joined Miss Intramurals, Miss Tawason Talamban but then I stopped kay murag kapoy man so I focused in modeling. Who encouraged you to join then? My cousin, she is a beauty queen and a model way back then. I was a encouraged by her so I want to follow her footsteps. What is your style in terms of fashion? I want those sexy / glamorous styles of fashion. As long as comfortable lang kas imong style of fashion. I want those people around me niya their heads and eyes will turn back on me. According to my mentor and designers we need to dress up like we are going to face our greatest enemy. In spite of your busy sched or being a student and being a model, how do you manage your time? 23. 23 Interview one on one Every weekdays Im focus on my studies then Friday until Sun- day, Im into events. What is more weighty for you right now, current career or education? Education of course, I know my career is stable. There was an offer from Manila but I rejected it because I want to study here in Cebu. Is fashion a way of expression? It depends on the person, if comfortable ka ana then that is what fashion is all about. What makes a woman a woman? When she inspires others and shell be able to hold the beauty of creations of God. What advice can you give to those girls who wanted to follow your footsteps? Always think that you are wearing a crown and you dress properly. If you hear criticisms dont let those things pull you down instead make those criticisms inspire you. 24. 24 25. 25 Photograhers of Jessa Jane Carriaga from right to left: Mark Yap, Milanio, Mark Yap, Jonas Yu, Rhodel de Silva 26. 26 C e b u N o r m a l SWEET 27. 27 l U n i v e r s i t y ' s S u c c e s s 28. 28 PhotosbyNoelBenjaminFernandez 29. 29 Cebu Normal University compiled everything. The message was there and the effect was provided which made the University won the competition. For me, the amazing part is about the woven tarpaulin because it takes a lot of effort to weave a tarpaulin and transform it to creative and fash- ionable clothes, and also the recycled accessories which added accent to the clothes that the models were wearing. -Maria S. Gigante, Judge Miss Cebu 2013 second runner-up Q: How does it feel, CNU won the Green Fashion Competition? Speechless! Unexpected , wa mi nagtuo nga makadaug kay kulang sa budget then kinahanglan mag revise kay gubut pa among theme. -Hana Dave Unabia BSED- TLE II Q: What more can you offer for CNU aside from winning a fashion show? Paningkamot ug eskwela. Q: What can you say to those students aiming to make a name in the Fashion world? Dasig, continue your dreams. Q: What is fashion for you? Dli lng ang kanindot sa g sul.ob , but also the confidence and beauty. Dlili lang sa sanina hasta pud sagadala. -Gether Canillo Bsed- tle II Q: What is with cnu that made it on top? Pagkakugihan, pag.atos bisan naa pa may laing kauban sa office(creepy) then facing problems together. Q: Who motivates you on this project? The TLE majors and mga tawo nga nisalig namo, nko. Q: Greatest competitor? BCPD, because they belong to a Tech-vocational School, all girls pa gyud, but it turned out nga sila na nuon ang last . Also the UP and USC. -Matt Erickson Malagar Q: What can you say being CNU at the top over other five schools? Big Achievement that CNU is not all about academics but can also rice in the field of fashion specially us, TLE majors -the confidence was there. -Rodsel Alcontin BSED- TLE 11 Interviewed by : Jo-Anne Archival and Laarne Grace Avila Written by: Ananluz Abing and Jo-anne Archival 30. 30 A2nd year TLE major student of Cebu Normal University shared his creative mind in designing the dresses of the Green Fashion Revolution 2013 held last August 3 at SM City Cebu Trade Hall. He told us that his passion in making and designing dresses serves as a way for him to continue sharing his talent to the people. Despite of many negative feedbacks that he would hear from other people it did not stop him to continue pursuing his dream to become a designer, and the Green Fashion gave him the opportunity to showcase his creativity. However, difficulties during their screening came along as he was told to improve his designs, but he held on a quote that says, When things go wrong that you musnt quit. , and instead of quitting he was motivated to make a better deigns. Furthermore, these new and better designs bought the name of Cebu Normal University as the Champion of this years event. The creative mind behind the designs, Rodsel Alcontinby Ferjean Basalo and Jude Bien 31. 31 For so long, creating and playing paper dolls became a simple and fun activity for children especially in a rainy day. Which made me to play with my cousin as my living doll and dressed her with papers. Using newspapers and magazines, glues and tapes, we came up into a small project that tested our creativity and resourcefulness. The bloom of paper clothing started on year 1960s in US. But now it is becoming a trend again which many fashion de- signers reinvent the use of paper in their creations. Paper has become a famous material of choice of many artists for its manipulative nature. Also it is eco-friendly which in- spired me to do this dress. The photoshoot was done during the typhoon Bebang in the Philippines inside our house. This will remind us that we can help the nature by making something useful out of our waste materials. Recycle! Read My Dress does not literally says to read what is written on the dress. It says that we should keep our eyes open to our environment! Helping our nature in artistic way is kinda challenging but fun! Lets make Recycling artistic and fashionable! M a k e Recycling Fashionable Read My Dress Model Louella Sapla is photographed by Kristan An- drew Sosa. Styling by Kristan Andrew Sosa. Hair and makeup by Kristan Andrew Sosa. Location: Moonwalk, Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines. by Kristan Andrew Sosa 32. 32 I feel overwhelming. And I did not expect to win since I did not prepare much for this show. ALEXANDRA ETURMA What They have to say as Best Models0f [email protected] 33. 33 I'm just being happy chosen as the Best Male Model and I think I have no edge among the other male models. I am just happy that I experienced this Fashion Show. KENJI WATANABE 34. 34 35. 35 30know-it-all Fashion Tips 1. KnowThyBody:Knowyourmeasurements beforeyoushop.Notonlywillitcutdownthetime youspendtryingonclothes,itwillhelpyouchoose outfitsthatfityourbodyperfectly.Amongthe mostimportantbodypartstomeasureareyour bust,chest,hipsandwaist.Source:iVillage.com 2. DontGoTooTightOrTooLoose:Dressingfor yoursizedoesntjustmeannixingclothesthatare tootightfromyourwardrobe.Italsomeansyou shouldntwearclothesthataretoobaggy.Both willmakeyoulookfrumpy. 3. MakeSureYouCanWalkInThem:Thereare someoccasionswedsacrificecomfortforfashion. Afterall,fourinchheelsguaranteethatlegs-for- mileslook.Butifitlooksbetterthanitactually feelsonyourfoot,youprobablywontwearit. Dontwasteyourmoney(orendurethepain). Source:TheFashionSpot 4. Peek-A-BooIsntCute:Buttondownblousesare intendedtodoonethingandonethingalone staybuttoneddown.Itlookssloppyifwecansee whatliesbeneathyourshirt. 5. BeALoneWolf:Shopsolo.Youllbeableto concentratemoreonhuntingdownexactlywhat yourelookingfor.Youllsavealotoftimewhile youreatittoo.Source:InStyle 6. RemoveLint:Alintrollerisamust-have(catlovers, youknowwhatweretalkingabout).Giveyour outfitafewquickswipesbeforeheadingoutthe door(dontforgetyourbackandbehindyour legs)tocatchanyunwantedhairanddustonyour clothing. 7. ThePowerOfPeplum:Worriedaboutyourwaist orhips?Trypeplumforaninstantslimmingeffect. Itflatterseveryfigureanddoeswondersathiding unsightlybulge. 8. TryOnThreeSizes,NotOne:Shoesizesvary amongdesignersandbrands.Startbytryingon yourusualshoesize,thentryononepairthatsa half-sizesmallerandasecondpairthatsahalf-size larger.Whenindoubt,buytheshoesthatarea half-sizelarger.Source:TheFashionSpot 9. KnowYourColours:Knowwhichcolourswillflat- teryouthemostbyfiguringoutiftheundertones inyourskinareeitherwarmorcold.Theexperts atTheFashionSpotsaywomenwithcoolunder- toneslookbestinwhite,black,gray,silver,and shadesofblue.Womenwithwarmundertones willbedazzlinginshadesofyellow,gold,brown, greenandred.Source:TheFashionSpot 10. OrganizeYourCloset:Organizeyourcloset.This wayyoullbeabletoseewhatyouown(andac- tuallywearit).Separateyourclothesbygarment. Figureoutwhatwhatcanbefoldedneatlyand whatneedstobehanged.Makesureyougetthe righthangersforshirts,skirtsandpants.Usestor- ageshelvestostoreyourpursesandintimatesand buyashoerack.Formoredetailedinstructionson howtotacklethistask,checkoutwhatourfriends atLuckyMagazinehavetosay.Source:Lucky 36. 36 Magazine 11. Double-SidedTapeIsADreamComeTrue:Keep plungingnecklinesinplaceandpreventanyfashion mishapswiththisgodsend.Wedouble-swearby double-sidedtape. 12. InvestInAQualityIron:Aqualityironisanabsolute musttoensureyoudontdamageyourclothes.Get onewitharangeofsettingsthatcanconquereven thetoughestwrinkles,butgentleenoughtoiron overdelicatefabrics.Becausetherearesomany ironsoutthere,thefolksatRealSimplehavemade iteasierforyoutodecideononethatwillmeet yourneeds.Checkouttheirlistofthetop40irons theytried. 13. GetChicWithAnUltraCuteUmbrella:Rainor shine,wearealwaystrendy.Getyourselfacolourful, knock-outumbrellathatmakesyoustickout. 14. WorkOutStylishly:Comeon,letsbeserious,the gymcanbeanintimidatingplacewithsomanybuff, sweatybods.Wedbelyingifwedidntsaywenever woremascarabeforelacingup.Buthittingthegym shouldntmakeyoufret.Itshouldmakeyoufeel good.Gettingsometrendyworkoutclothesthatfit yourbodywillmakeyoufeelmoreconfidentand encourageyoutobreakasweat. 15. OrganizeYourJewelry:Storeallyourjewelryina jewelrybox.Yourelesslikelytolosethemwhen theyhaveahome.Notonlywilltheybeeasierto findinonehandylocation,youllrememberwhat youalreadyownsoyoudontbuypiecesyoudont need.Yourjewelrywillalsolastmuchlongerwhen itsprotected. 16. AlterYourClothes:Itsimportantwhenyoure investinginarticlesofclothingthatbecomestaples, likeblazersandpants,thatyouhavethemtailored.It willensureyourmoneyiswell-spent,willmakethe piecethatmuchmorespecialandwillmakeyoufeel greateverytimeyouwearit.Afterall,itonlyfitsyou. 17. HelpBootsStandTallWithWine:Winebottles haveanotheruseplacetheminsideyourbootsto makethemstandupright.Source:RealSimple 18. KnowYourNeckline:Makingnoteofwhatworks foryouandwhatdoesntiskeyandnecklineplaysa hugerollinthis.Thenecklineisthepartthatshows offyourprettyface,sobesuretogetitright. 19. KnowYourArch:Shoeshopping?Makesureyou knowyourarchtype.Inaninterviewwiththefolks atTheFashionSpot,EricaLynnStanley,design directorof...meTooshoes,saidthebestwayto determineyourarchistosteponapieceofpaper afterwettingthebottomofyourfoot.Youcan determinewhetheryouhaveanormal,flatorhigh archbyexaminingyourwetfootprint.Ifthemiddle partofyourfootprintdoesntshowup,youhavea higharch,butifyoucanseemostofyourfootprint thenyouhaveafairlyflatarch.Yourarchisnormal ifyouseehalfofyourwetfootprint.Source:The FashionSpot 20. DonateClothesYoullNeverWear:Stop hoarding.Ifyouhaventwornitrecently, thenyouprobablyneverwill.Tohelpde- cideifyoushouldtossitornot,theexperts atApartmentTherapysuggestyouanswer thefollowingquestions:Doyoulikecut, fabricandcolour?Areyoucomfortable wearingit?Doesitfityounow(no,notif youlose3inchesoffyourwaistinthenext month)?Cananydamageslikestainsor holesbefixed?Doyouhavemorethan oneplacetowearit?Canitbecombined withotherarticlesofclothinginyourclos- et?Whenwasthelasttimeyouworeit(if itsbeenoverayear,nixit)?Source:Apart- mentTherapy 21. LearnToPackLightly:Packinglightlyis anart.Unlessyourewalkingarunwayin Milan,youwontneedmorethanjusta fewkeyensembles.ThefolksoveratApart- mentTherapysticktothisrule-of-thumb: 37. 37 Ifyouregoingawayforoneweek,pack threebottomsand3shirtsperbottom. Fortwoweekspackfivebottoms.For everydressyoupack,youcanloseashirt andabottom. 22. NixTheChangePurse:Changepursescan beuseful,butifyoursrarelyseesdaylight, eitherbecauseyoudontputchangeinit, orworse,nevertakechangeoutofit(this isjustdeadweight),thenitstimetosay goodbye. 23. BodyShapers:Thankgoodnessbody shapinghasevolvedfromVictorian waspiestoSpanx(afterall,wewantyouto beabletobreathe).Bodyshapersareideal forhidingexcessbulge(wholikesthesight oflovehandlesormuffintops?)andallows clothestoglideonsmoothly. 24. LImitAccessories:Weloveaccessories, butwehavetodrawthelinesomewhere. Ifyourethrowingyourselfanarmparty, thenitmightbebettertosteerclearoftoo manyrings.Ifyourewearinglargeearrings thatscreamforattention,thenyoumight wanttoforgoanequallyradiantnecklace theywillonlyworkagainsteachother. 25. PurseEssentials:Apurseisntjusta fashionstatement.Itsmainpurposeis functional.Youcarryitaroundwherever yougosoitneedstocontainsomeessen- tials:yourwallet,apen,painkillers,hand sanitizer,tissues,make-upessentials(we personallywontleavethehousewithout lipstickand/orlipbalm),handcream,gum orbreathmints,tamponsormaxipads(no onewantstobecaughtoffguardduring thattimeofthemonth),andforthose ofyouwhospendlengthyboutstalking, textingorgaming,bringyourphone chargeralong. 26. WhenInDoubt,Overdress:Theres nothingworsethanshowingupanevent underdressed.Maybetheinvitedidnt specifyorinvolvedthewordcasualbut everyoneelsedressedupnotsocasually. Ifyoudontknowwhatthedresscodeis, overdress.Theresnoharminlookingtoo pulledtogether,butyoullfeeluncomfort- ableifyouthinkyoulookoutofplace. 27. WearNiceUnderwear:Wearingnice underweareverydaywillmakeyoufeel special.Sure,noteveryonegetstobeso luckyandseehowniceyourunderwear is,butyoullknow.Also,besuretoget yourbrasfittedoften.Itwillmakeyour clotheshangbetterandbeinfinitelymore comfortable. 28. SharpenYourSewingSkills:Haveamini sewingkitathomeorinyourpurse.This wayyoucansalvageyourfavouriteblouse orpairofpantsbypatchingupminor tearswithsomesimpleneedleandthread action. 29. GetSomeStay-UpThigh-Highs:Some- timespantyhosecreatesanunsightly bulgearoundourmid-section(ladies, youknowwhatweretalkingabout).To eliminatethisaltogether,whynotuse substitutepantyhosewithstay-upthigh- highs?Theylldoexactlywhatpantyhose does,minusthebulge. 30. UseNailPolishToStopATearInIts Tracks:Pantyhoseisnotoriousforripping. Wevebeenvictimtothisfashionmishap onetoomanytimes.Untilsomeone inventspantyhosethatwonttearatthe slightesttug,wevegotatemporaryfix. Justdabclearnailpolishonbothendsof theripanditshouldkeepitfromgetting large 38. 38 Anne Curtis is set to invade millions of TV sets in Asia with her upcoming special on E! Entertainment Television, Universal Networks' entertainment and celebrity lifestyle channel, adding to her long list of achievements as an entertainer. Not only does she get the global recognition she deserves, Anne Curtis becomes the first Filipino celebrity to be featured on an E! News Special. The 30-minute special premiering on September 29 is produced by E!, the worlds leader in entertainment news. The prestigious channel elevates the Filipina beauty to the same platform that has showcased biographies of Hollywoods whos who like Madonna, Brad Pitt, Nicki Minaj and Angelina Jolie. NUSA DUA, Indonesia - Miss Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013 in a glittering finale Saturday on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, amid tight security following weeks of hardline Muslim protests. Hundreds of Islamic radicals held a prayer session in a mosque near the capital to express their anger, while Megan Young wept as she won the coveted title on Hindu-majority Bali at the end of a three-week contest. The 23-year-old, wearing a pearl white gown, promised to be "the best Miss World ever" in front of a cheering crowd, which included many Filipinos, in a venue guarded by heavily armed police and water cannons. Filipina Beauties whonmade it G l o b a l Megan Young wins Miss World despite Muslim anger By Gde Putra Wicaksana and Agence France-Presse Anne Curtis: First Filipina celeb on E! News Specialfrom Rappler.com Anne Curtis Megan Young waing her hands to the crowd after being crowned Miss World 2013 39. 39 1Go on a picnic Grab a bottle of cheap red wine, a couple of sandwiches, some bags of chips, a banig, and your guy's hand- and lead the way to MOA's bayside rock ledge just before sunset. Nothing fancy, and he'll appreciate it all the more for that reason. After all, that famous view is more breath taking than any bank- breaking fancy dinner. 2Cook together! Here's a date that keeps on giving, and cheap, too! Just find fun, creative recipes online, and hit the grocery store and kitchen with your man.If things get messy, all the better! 3Shop for furniture Okay, so you're not going to buy anything, but you saw how much fun Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon- Levitt had in 500 Days of Summer. 4Go bar hopping! The spontaniety of this activity will no doubt keep both of you excited all night. 5Go for a drive Take some snacks with you, pick your favorite coasting highway- SCTEX is a good one- and go! Just driving aimlessly with the music blasting and windows rolled down can be incredibly relaxing. 6Hike or bike in the country Relaxing yet acive, undoubtedly romantic. 8Awesome V- Day Date Ideas Whether it's your first date with her or your hundreth, Valentine's Day should be special- wow her with your creativity and take her completely out- of- nowhere date. She'll never forget what hit her- and she'll like it. BY : 7Attend a concert Who does'nt love great live music? Just be sure to stay away from cheesy Valentines Day- themed concerts- there'll be plenty of time for those. 8Lounge at a resort No need to spend the money on an overnight stay- most resorts will let you use their swimming pool and facilities for the day for a reasonable fee. Dating 40. 40 Life MattersEVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO FACE THE Moving on upHow do you get noticed at your job to merit a promotion? UNLEASH gathers expert ideas from the industry pros. BY: 1Learn to see the big picture. If you think that doing exactly what your job requires enough, then you couldn't have been nore wrong. fulfilling the requisites of your job description is expected to keep your current position, but aim to go beyond it. 2Show your leadership prowess- but know when to back off. There are instances whwn exerting too much effort might actually backfire . For example, you know how you insist on finishing everything on your own until the wee hours of the morning? They appreciate your effort, but won't reward you with a promotion. 3Innovate , and never be irrelevant. Employers will always say that no one is indespensible, perhaps in a bid t scare you, but the truth is, companies love innovatores and creative thinkers and will do everything in their power to keep them. 4Don't wait, intiate. If you think it's the right thing to do, just do it. Bosses love seeing someone take the initiative, wether it's adding that exra analysis, or chiming in with a suggestion- even if it seemingly falls flat. 5One step ahead. You must always not only think ahead, but actually be ahead, whether in terms schedule or in terms of strategy. 6Be a team player. You've heard it many times before, and it's harder than it sounds. It takes more than attending brainstorms and the office happy hours. 7Look the part. Wear office appropriate clothes, flawless makeup, and smart accessoriesfor a look that's polished and professional. 41. 41 Life Confessions I gave a guy a fake restraining order I hated this guy who had huge crush on me and followed me aound everywhere. i knew he was gullible, so I made up restraining order with fake signatures and showed it to hin. He was sad, but he actually believed it was real and stopped stalking me! He still doesn't know it was fake. I TRICKED HER INTO BREAKING UP My bestfriend was dating a guy I hated. Since I knew she wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend, I got one of my uy friends to call her house when she wasn't home. Her dad picked up, and my guy friend told him to have her boyfriend back. Later aht day, she called me crying told me she'd gotten in huge trouble and her dad had forced her to break up with her boyfriend. I TOLD EVERYONE SHE STUFFS HER BRA I'd had it who was always flirting with my boyfriend . She even tried to take him from me at a party one night! So I started a rumor atschool that she stuffs her bra, and just so people woud belive it, My friends and I stuck tissues in her locker. To this day, people go up to her, sneeze and then ask for a tissue. I SENT A GIRL TO A NONEXISTENG PARTY A girl at school was having a party and invited everyone except me. To get back at her I invite her to a party that already happened but I changed the date and place. When she got there, she had no one. SEND US YOUR SECRETS AT [email protected] 42. 42 What do the stars have planned for you this month of September? Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricorn You are still dealing w/ an odd blend of wonderful professional and financial energies at certain times & then really depressing political, religious, academic, and/or travel related issues. You & a partner/rival are battling. You also have some lovely romantic, creative, spiritual, & playful opportunities to enjoy. So, you are not going to let your partner or rival drive you over the edge emotionally. Your public life & your private life are colliding in a big ugly mess and your partner is very upset about it. You are still having some trouble juggling your home & private life. The good news is that you are doing an excellent job of networking this month. You have plenty of good luck & blessings helping you w/ your financial & professional goals. Your love life could really suffer. It would probably be safer to stay focused on your career for a while longer. Gemini Leo You and your coworkers are dealing with a lot of challenges, dramas, and disagreements this month. Libra You are no longer struggling to balance your professional goals with your private life. Pisces You still have quite a few planets encouraging you to go on vacation, play, learn new things, fall in love, and to explore other cultures, religions, etc. A small handful of planets have begun to move through the area of your chart that rules over inner peace, spirituality, & secrets. They are helping you to work on romantic & financial. Sagittarus Scorpio A small handful of planets are moving through Scorpio & adding to your sense of personal power. As they do so, they are connecting positively your social sectors & your happiness & knowledge sectors. Taurus You & a romantic, social or business partner are enjoying opportunities to have fun, travel, explore, shop, and/or work on business deals together. You also have a few opportunities to make peace with a rival. Virgo Your finances, love life, hobbies, vacations, social life, Internet activities, and/or luxury spending are all clashing at various times this month. Horoscope 43. 43 LoveQuestions Young, Single and Lookin' for Love? Here are some questions, quotes and fun facts to inspire you and shake up your thinking about finding that special someone. Did you know that most singles wishthat they were married and mostmarried people wish they were single? Don't take life too seriously. - Elbert Hubbard True love takes time. Do you ever think about the importance of patience when it comes to love? Look inside. Go within There are no rules. Just follow your heart. - Robin Williams Only the heart knows how to find what is precious. - Fyodor Dostoyevsky The happiest peopleare those who follow their hearts. Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe When people show you who they are, believe them. - Maya Angelou Listening to your heart is notsimple. Finding who you are is notsimple. It takes a lot of hard work& courage to get to know who youare & what you want. Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught you. - Herbert Gasser It's never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot People who are different from ourselves are often viewed as exciting & even mysterious. Draw your strength from who you are. 44. 44 Day Look Bring out the fabulous lady in you! Get the inside scoop on the best kept beauty secrets from makeup expert themselves. Follow these simple steps and channel this look for a casual day out! 1 2 3 4 5 A little pressed powder makes your skin look more flawless. For a polished shine - free look, apply Pressed Powder in Beige as base. The best blushes create the appearance of subtle natural glow from within. Create this look by applying Powder Blush in Blushing Bride from cheekbones towards the apple of cheeks. Shimmering neutral hues deflect the appearance of darkness around the eyes. Try Eyeshadow Trio in Truffle Pink. Smooth on lighter shades of pink and beige on your eyelid and blend in deep purple shade into the crease and slightly above it. Finish off you pretty day look with a glamorous hint of Lipgloss in Spice. Neutral tones complement almost every complexion. Pucker up and try Lipstick in Mocha. 45. 45 Night Look Take out your little black dress and ultra high heels. Glam up your night by following these easy steps to achieve that perfect night look. 1 The softer the brow, the brighter your eyes will appear. Choose a soft shade like Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Brown. Use pencil with very light, feathery storkes to fill in gaps along the entire eyebrow line. 2Smoke-ify your eyes! Use Eyeliner in Extra Black and line the top and bottom lashes as close as possible to the lash lines. 3 Next try Eyeshadow Trio in Lilac Smoke. Choose the light lilac eyeshadow and blend as base. Brush the mid-toned silver-grey from your lash line to just above your eye crease and blend upward. Apply the darkest toned-violet eyeshadow over your eyelids making sure to blend any hard edges. 4Finish your smoky eye makeup with 2 coats of Intense Black Mascara. 5 6 7Finish of this glam look and keep the shine away all night by using Pressed Powder in Nude. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Try light natural blush like Powder Blush in Sunset Glow and a neutral-colored lip shade like Satin Lipstick in Glazed Raisin. 46. 46 YOUR LIFE QUIZ! ARE YOU TOO HARD ON YOURSELF? BY: Do you view every little thing as a trial by fire- or are you content to coast like life's beach? Take this quiz to find out. 1 You're the lead in the school play, but on opening night you flub your lines. You: A. Ask your understudy to go for you B. Maditate to recenter yourself C. Shrug it off. You're not Julia Roberts! 2 You get a 3.1 on your Statistics midterm, even though you studied hard. You: A. Let it go. B. Think your chances of getting into a good college shot C. Sign up for after- school help sessions 3 You've locked your car keys inside the car- again! You: A. Call 911 B. Kick your tires, screaming, " Stupid, stupid!" until someone stops to help you C. Hop on the nearest bus. Hey, it's your dad's car, so it's his problem 4 The dentsist tells you that you have YOUR SCORE Miss Perfectionist (10 to 15 POINTS) Everyone screws up once in a whiile. Though it's admirable taht you always try to be your best, you need to chill a bit and stop beating yourself up. Instead of focusing on the negative, ask yourself. " What did I do today that I'm proud of?" Basically Balanced (17 to 23 POINTS) You know how to cut yourself some slack without being a slacker. And while you have serious ambitions, you can deal with a few bumps along the way. That's probably beacause yo understand the difference between excellence between and perfection. 47. 47 A. Say, "Duh." You eat enough sugar to keep Willy Wonka in business B. Promise to brush, floss and swear off sweets for all eternity C. Lay off the Oreos for a while 5 You forgot to return your library book- three weelks ago. You: A. Write a letter of apology to the librarian B. Figure it's already ridiculously late, so a few more days won't make a difference C. Groan, pay the late and bring the book back- stat 6 You're the only single girl in your crew. So when the formal comes around, you: A. Volunteer to work the ticket line. Lots of cute guys will be going stag B. Cry yourdelf to sleep C. Drag your sister's boyfriend and play it off like ou too are couple 7 Your crush has a shrine to Angelina Jolie in his locker. when you you see it, you: A. Ignore it. Like he'd have a chance B. Bemoan that you'll never be that beautiiful C. Smile. She's not just a sex goddess, she's a great humanitarian too 8 You go bowling for the frst time. After throwing a gutter ball, you: A. Spend the rest of the evening keeping score. Bowling's for losers B. Laugh it off and try again C. Ask the owner if you can use an empty lane to practice in between turns 9 Everyone's staring at your red platforms and purple boho skirt. You: A. Hold your head high B. Say it was the only thing that was clean C. Risk getting detention and sneak back home to change 10 At your waitressing job, you acidentally spill a soda on a costumer's new suede coat. You grab napkins and: A. Offer to pay fr the dry cleaning B.Burst into tears. What is wrong with you? C. Try not to laugh. It was ugly anyway! So Far, Not so Good (24 to 30 POINTS) It's one thing to accept failure. But ypu could at least try to suceed! You'd like people to think you just don't care, but you need to look insideyourself to find what makes you feel alive. 1a=1;b=2;c=3 2a=3;b=1;c=2 3a=2;b=1;c=3 4a=3;b=1;c=2 5a=1;b=3;c=2 6a=2;b=1;c=3 7a=3;b=1;c=2 8a=3;b=2;c=1 9a=2;b=3;c=1 10a=2;b=1;c=3 48. 48