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Unleash Your Best Self A Personal Development Workshop Changing Your Story, Changes Your Life Introducing the DRIVE 5 Advantage™ Accelerate Your Success System Author, Jackie Capers- Brown Presents

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  • 1. Unleash Your Best Self A Personal Development Workshop Changing Your Story, Changes Your Life Introducing the DRIVE 5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System Author, Jackie Capers-Brown Presents
  • 2. One of Your Primary Objectives in Life is to Be Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life
  • 3. Limiting Beliefs Straitjackets Your Capacity to Be Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life
  • 4. Breaking the Hold of Limiting Beliefs In Your Life Increases Your Self-Confidence!
  • 5. The Following 12 Steps Can Help You
  • 6. Step 1: Build Your Self-Confidence By Transforming Your Story
  • 7. Step 2: Changing Your Story Releases You From the Hold of Limiting Beliefs
  • 8. Step 3: Breaking Free From Limiting Beliefs Empowers You to Enlarge Your Vision of Whats Possible
  • 9. Step 4: Once You Have a Vision of What You Want, Begin to Take Steps to Transform Your Self Talk
  • 10. Step 5: Transform Your Self Talk By Challenging Limiting Assumptions You Have About Yourself
  • 11. Step 6: Challenge Limiting Assumptions About Yourself with Positive Affirmations
  • 12. Step 7: Challenge Limiting Assumptions About Yourself By Getting In Agreement With Gods View of You
  • 13. Step 8: As You Begin to Shift Your Beliefs and Self-Talk Youll Approach Life With This Attitude
  • 14. Step 9: As You Take Responsibility for Doing What It Takes To Manifest What You Want, Youll Develop Purpose Driven Habits
  • 15. Step 10: As You Develop Purpose Driven Habits, You Will Begin to Move Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • 16. Step 11: As You Make Strategic Moves Beyond Your Comfort Zone, You Will Increase Your Confidence
  • 17. Step12: Increasing Your Confidence Encourages You to Think Positive About Your Life
  • 18. When Youve Tried All the Previous Steps And You Still Feel StuckIts Time For a Different Approach! Its Time to Implement the DRIVE 5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System
  • 19. D5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System The choke hold on your capacity to move forward and be happy is grounded in: The psychology of the story you are telling yourself about the situation The sabotaging behaviors you continue to repeat How you are influencing and being influenced in your social circles and environments
  • 20. D5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System Hello, My name is Jackie Capers- Brown. Im the author of the book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy. It will be released in October 2013. In my book, I introduce the D5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System.
  • 21. D5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System This D5 Advantage Accelerate Your Success System is a five-step process that engages you with insights and reflective exercises which help you gain the clarity necessary to identify the mindset, behavior and actions of your best self. The five steps outlined in this process will help you re-connect to your strong. Based on the step-by-step process, you will create a blueprint of actions relevant to improving your situation and moving forward. You will increase your capacity to produce evidence that you can initiate deliberate practices that manifest positive change in your life. The process is backed up by cognitive and behavior science. As a result of your allegiance to manifesting your best self, you will create a plan, for you and by you to achieve your aspirations which will increase your sense of meaning and fulfillment.
  • 22. Who Should Book and/or Attend this Workshop? Individuals, Groups, Students, Business Leaders, HR Directors and Small Business Owners striving to become their best self and want to learn a fresh and effective process to expressing their strongest self and how to overcome internal and external roadblocks to their personal, academic and professional success.
  • 23. Feedback on D5 Advantage Student Surveys most importantly you are giving them [students] the navigation for life living, and success to a youth means a great deal. ~Yolanda Goodman~ Benedict College Thank you for sharing your Drive5Advantage Smart Habits pamphlets with me. I have reviewed your sample brochures. Your hard work on these materials is evident and impressive. Your Drive5Advantage Steps and Insights are right on target. Although we would not be interested in using the pamphlets at this time, I sure wish you much success in your efforts to refine and market these materials. ~Pamela Bryant Clemson University Congratulations on developing these tools to empower students to become active, responsible learners. It is so critical that our students remain active in the learning process while taking responsibility and seeking the appropriate support systems for success. Your systems includes several components that are concise, engaging, and measurable. These concepts are needed in K-12 as well as our institutions of higher learning. Sincerely, Nathalie Gregg Speaker, Author
  • 24. My Thoughts on Becoming Your Best Self Taking a one-size fits all approach to increasing your wellbeing will not fit the reality of your day to day life. You need a system of steps that are backed up by science and real life application to increase your chance of moving your life forward. You need more than positive affirmations. You need a plan of actions that you are emotionally attached to and that you believe are doable for your life and your situation.
  • 25. For Additional Info On the Unleash Your Best Self Workshop, Contact Jackie C. Brown @ Facebook: Jackie Capers-Brown Google: Jackie Capers-Brown LinkedIn: Jackie Capers-Brown Twitter: @MsJackieBrown Blog: Grow Forward & Flourish Email: [email protected]