unleash the creative you

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Unleash the CREATIVE YOU

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The "good news" is that everyone is born creative. And, even if it's been a while since you've done anything creative, that potential NEVER goes away. It can be awakened at any point in your life. The challenge is getting past the various obstacles to creativity. You'll learn how to recognize 10 barriers to creativity. And you'll learn how to "get past" what holds you back when faced with challenges that require our innovation. Unleash the Creative YOU!


  • 1. Unleashthe CREATIVE YOU

2. perceived orREAL? 3. Unleashed =CREATIVE 4. Source: A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech 5. ONERIGHTANSWER 6. WHAT IS ITFOR? WHAT ELSECOULD IT BE? 7. WE THINK WE WANTA B 8. BUT WE NEEDA 9. A JOBB GETMARKET 1. RESUMEHIRED TIGHT 2. APPLY 3. INTERVIEW 4. WAIT 10. FUZZY B: GET HIREDA 11. WACKY WAYSTO GET HIREDA WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? 12. WORKABLE WAYS TO GET HIRED 13. fromwhacky toworkable 14. Unleashthe CREATIVE YOU 15. Inspired By Dave GrayRoger von Oech 16. Michael C. [email protected]com www.jocelynwallace.com 515.42[email protected]