belize real estate: have a taste of paradise in sanctuary belize

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Aren’t you burned out with all the work you have been doing? And don’t you just wish you have somewhere to go to when everything in your life seems to be in shambles and you’d like to get away from it all?


  • Belize Real Estate: Have a Taste of Paradise in Sanctuary Belize

    Arent you burned out with allthe work you have beendoing? And dont you justwish you have somewhere togo to when everything in yourlife seems to be in shamblesand youd like to get awayfrom it all?

    Take a breather and forgetabout all your problems bytaking a trip out of town andperhaps a change of scenerymay uplift your spirit onceagain. Take a vacation in one of the best Caribbean places in Central

    America. Why not take a trip to Belize, a country that has become a favorite of touristsfrom across the globe because of its affordable luxury vacations and also because of theaffordability of Belize real estate properties. Expatriates and retirees have decided tothrow themselves at this side of paradise.

    Experience peace and bliss in the midst of abundant nature in one of the most popularboutique hotels in the landSanctuary Belizes hotels. They have five differently themedhotels depending on the eco-system surrounding them.

    Sanctuary Belize also is a community that resides just south of Belize City. It sitspeacefully between two

    wildlife reserves harmoniously thriving with nature. It offers luxurious residentialhomes for everyone.

    Whether you are looking for that perfect Belize real estate vacation home or a nicepermanent place to live in, you have come to the right place.

    You may think that it may be quite expensive to purchase your own home here.However, this will be worth it since you may want to take vacations here as often as youcan. Why wouldnt you when living here even just for a week can bring you closer tonature? Get to experience all the fun and adventure of scuba diving.

    The Great Blue Hole is simple a few minutes away from the communitys shore.

  • If scuba diving is not your cup of tea then perhaps climbing the second highest peak inBelize is the thing for you.

    Standing right next to the community is Victorias Peak, a favorite trekking destinationby adventure seekers.

    But the adventures never stop there. After beach combing and snorkeling, you can tryvisiting the wildlife reserves to check out the very first jaguar reserve in the world. Youcan also take a trip back to Belizes rich history by taking a trip to see the Mayansancient structures that has stood for thousands of years.

    The community has world-class amenities such as the private resorts and spas whereyou will definitely be treated in pure luxury and stay in the heart of paradise in cabana-style huts or you can choose among 32 luxurious rooms.

    Amenities here include the Marina Village where you can buy anything you need anddine in one of the finest gourmet restaurants in the land. Living in convenience isimportant, even if you are only here for a visit.

    If you want something totally different, try riding one of the horses in the EquestrianCenter and explore the land in a different perspective. There are several bridle paths foryou to follow and see the wonders of nature.

    There are a lot of things to do in this side of paradise and even doing nothing could bequite relaxing.


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