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A LinkedIn profile is ranked based on the number of views it gets. The ranking tells your popularity among your connections no matter what you do on LinkedIn. Active users generally gain better profile views and ranking as opposed to those who are dormant members.


  • With the increasing number of registered users, LinkedIn isbecoming one of the social media platforms that smallbusinesses use to enhance brand visibility, foster customerrelationships, build a reputation, and nurture new businessventures. About 90% of recruiters from known companiesmake use of LinkedIn to search for eligible candidates whocan possibly fill in their job vacancies. More to that, a hugepercentage of B2B companies use this platform to find newcustomers. This is why getting a good profile rank is verycritical for LinkedIn users.

    Best Business Secrets To Increase Your LinkedinProfile Visibility

  • Do you need to increase your profile rank? Have you tried acouple of ways to obtain a higher profile rank but to no avail?Well, you might haven't tried these effective techniques yet.Try these easy to follow tips and you will surely see yourprofile views soar in no time.

    Update Your Profile

    The first thing you should do is to set-up a complete profileand keep it always updated. From time to time, you may needto post something new in your profile which is interestingenough to attract your LinkedIn contacts to visit and view yourprofile like new interests, thought process, assignment,position, location, so on and so forth.

  • You can also update your profile through posting things likespecial days, date, and events. If you do not have somethingnew to post, you can just delete some information and publishyour profile. Then add back what you have removed andpublish your profile again. You can also add new details byadding a full stop or a comma. All of these three ways qualifyfor a profile update.

    Once the update is published, LinkedIn will notify yourconnections and they may be urged to visit your profile tocheck what you have just updated. Just remember to havesomething to write about, rephrase or revise every day.

  • Remove better-ranking connectionsOne tweak you can do to boost your profile ranking is toremove or delete those whose profile ranking is higher thanyours. By doing so, the possibilities of increasing your profileviews become higher.

  • Increase your connections

    Your connections play a very crucial part in your ranking. Themore connections you have, the better ranking you will get.For instance, if you have only 1 connection, your highestpossible rank will only be 1. If you have around a thousandconnection, your profile rank will as well play around 1 to1000.

  • Participate in groups

    One way to increase your connection and profile rank is toparticipate in any groups that interest you. You should be ableto actively participate in the discussions and strive to be thetop contributor of such groups.You can also join homogeneousgroups where you can share and connect with people withsame interest as yours. Or choose heterogeneous groups thatare composed of members with different conflicting interests.The most favorable types of groups you should choose arethose with a bigger number of members and those that allowmembers to post discussions.

  • Write and post articles

    Writing and posting articles of interests can keep yourconnections' engagement to your page. Research for articlesor matters that are highly engaging and timely, then writesomething about it. Look for things that can encourage peopleto post comments or something that can motivate yourconnections to start a discussion. For instance, you can postchurch matters and share it to your heterogeneous groups.For sure, a lot of contradicting parties are willing to share theirideas and belief as well.

    Connect with people you know

    The quality of your firstconnections can greatlycontribute to your well-being.Be sure to connect withpeople you personally knowfor instance those you haveworked with in the past, yourformer college or high schoolclassmates and batchmates,family members, friends, andacquaintances. Start off byestablishing a network with

  • people who know you. Then expand your linkedinprofessional network by adding people you do not know orwho do not know you. Unless otherwise you already have ahighly established name in the industry, never pick strangersas your first connections as they may be skeptical about yourreal intentions and that in effect will hurt the quality of yourfirst connections.

  • Value your connections

    Let your connections know that you value them by greetingthem during their special days. For instance, greet yourconnections who are celebrating their birthdays, workanniversary, or perhaps those who have just got a new job orpromotion. Just let everyone know you are around by postingsomething. Believe it or not, there will be a couple of peoplewho will view your profile just by doing this. To be able toknow the activity for the day, simply click on the connectionstab then choose the option that tells "keep in touch".