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Blogging How to Workshop for teachers wishing to start blogging.


<ul><li> 1. Blogging For Life!<br />BY Pippa Davies.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. To Blog or Not to Blog<br /><br /> 3. Made in gods image<br /><br /> 4. Types of Blogs<br />For my weekly newsletters and updating my families I<br /> 5. Blogger<br />USE FOR LIBRARY MATTERS<br />BOOK REVIEWS, CLASS POSTS, TECH ED STUFF PASSIONS<br />VIDEO<br /> 6. WordPress<br /> this video link to load Wordpress, step by step.<br /> 7. What to blog about?<br />Share about your class, include their writing, art, and poetry.<br />Share your lessons in written format, or share links that take you to lesson plans.<br />Post Youtube or Vimeo videos which explain math concepts, technology innovations, images to inspire discussion and debate, and media literacy. <br /> Give screencast tutorials, slide shows, Prezis , ask questions for polling, show how to log into sites.<br />PostusingEdu- Glogster,Wordles, or Little Birds Tales to show how digital storytelling can make writing come alive.<br />Embed a Voki.<br />Create Top Ten lists or Favourites.<br />Display Shelfari, or Library Thingand booksyou are reading.<br />For more information on types of work to share on blogs go to Tom Barretts Blog.<br /> 8. Just 3 Easy steps<br /> 9. Where to Start?<br /><br />If already using <br />Google mail then <br />Sign in.<br /> 10. 1. Create Account!<br /> 11. Choose your Template <br /> 12. Changing template<br /> 13. Congratulations!<br />Now you can start blogging.You find yourself in the posting area.<br />First give your post a title.<br />Start typing your text in the posting area or add an image/video to make the page look appealing.<br /> 14. To add an image<br />Go to the editing tool bar located above the textbox and find the insert image box. <br />Left click , then click on From URL or Upload.Make sure you have permission<br />from image owner<br />before using.<br />Flickr/<br /> 15. To add a video<br />Go to editing tool bar and left click on<br />Copy and paste<br />URL for video from<br />Youtube, or choose<br />upload from your <br />computer files. <br /> 16. Extra Text tricks<br />Highlight different parts of text using the<br />button in the text editing bar, or use bold font to make some text stand out.<br />Link to any authors you are discussing or names of places on the web.Copy the URL and paste<br />into the area provided. Download<br />Zemantafor copyright ease.<br /> 17. Publish Post!<br />Go to Publish post and click to post!Or preview to see what it looks like?<br /> 18. Adding gadgets<br />Go to Design on your dashboard, click and then open Gadget.<br />Add some <br />gadgets to<br />your page by<br />clicking +<br /> 19. Extras!!!<br /> 20. Adding pages<br /> 21. Editing a post<br />Go to Posting and Edit Post<br />Click on Edit<br />Posts, then<br />edit<br /> 22. Finally!<br />Update your blog on a regular basis to build your audience.<br />Respond with an encouraging word when someone comments on your site<br />Chat with other bloggers, and research EBlogger for updates.<br />Load some extra applications like Feedjit, music or other websites you support.<br /> 23. Well done<br /></p>