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Blogging How to Workshop for teachers wishing to start blogging.


  • 1. Blogging For Life!
    BY Pippa Davies.

2. To Blog or Not to Blog
3. Made in gods image
4. Types of Blogs
For my weekly newsletters and updating my families I
5. Blogger
6. WordPress this video link to load Wordpress, step by step.
7. What to blog about?
Share about your class, include their writing, art, and poetry.
Share your lessons in written format, or share links that take you to lesson plans.
Post Youtube or Vimeo videos which explain math concepts, technology innovations, images to inspire discussion and debate, and media literacy.
Give screencast tutorials, slide shows, Prezis , ask questions for polling, show how to log into sites.
PostusingEdu- Glogster,Wordles, or Little Birds Tales to show how digital storytelling can make writing come alive.
Embed a Voki.
Create Top Ten lists or Favourites.
Display Shelfari, or Library Thingand booksyou are reading.
For more information on types of work to share on blogs go to Tom Barretts Blog.
8. Just 3 Easy steps
9. Where to Start?
If already using
Google mail then
Sign in.
10. 1. Create Account!
11. Choose your Template
12. Changing template
13. Congratulations!
Now you can start blogging.You find yourself in the posting area.
First give your post a title.
Start typing your text in the posting area or add an image/video to make the page look appealing.
14. To add an image
Go to the editing tool bar located above the textbox and find the insert image box.
Left click , then click on From URL or Upload.Make sure you have permission
from image owner
before using.
15. To add a video
Go to editing tool bar and left click on
Copy and paste
URL for video from
Youtube, or choose
upload from your
computer files.
16. Extra Text tricks
Highlight different parts of text using the
button in the text editing bar, or use bold font to make some text stand out.
Link to any authors you are discussing or names of places on the web.Copy the URL and paste
into the area provided. Download
Zemantafor copyright ease.
17. Publish Post!
Go to Publish post and click to post!Or preview to see what it looks like?
18. Adding gadgets
Go to Design on your dashboard, click and then open Gadget.
Add some
gadgets to
your page by
clicking +
19. Extras!!!
20. Adding pages
21. Editing a post
Go to Posting and Edit Post
Click on Edit
Posts, then
22. Finally!
Update your blog on a regular basis to build your audience.
Respond with an encouraging word when someone comments on your site
Chat with other bloggers, and research EBlogger for updates.
Load some extra applications like Feedjit, music or other websites you support.
23. Well done