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Background of an Author

Paco Underhill

Urban Geographer

Retail Anthropologist

The founder of Envirosell, a research and

consulting firm that specializes in improving

retail environments in order to sell more


Inspired by the methodologies of urbanist

William H. Whyte

Page 3: Book Review - Why We Buy

About The Book

His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping was an internationally recognized bestseller and has been published in 27 languages.‘Why We


Mechanics of Shopping

Study of Reactions of


Demographics of Purchasing

Different behaviors of Men/Women/


Dynamics of Shopping

Response of shoppers to placements and features

Page 4: Book Review - Why We Buy

Objectives of Author

To throw light on the psychological

factors of shoppers in the retail industry

To make aware of the Dos and Donts

To explore the different forms of retail,

i.e. Reality retail and internet retail and

their dynamics

Page 5: Book Review - Why We Buy

Structure of The Book

Science of


Retailer’s View

Twilight Zone - Start to


Keep Hands Free


People Movement

Study of each


Shopper’s Love & Hate

Perfect Shopper

Three Pillars

Importance of Time

and Cash

Magic Act

Page 6: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt1: A Science Is Born

Anthropology - - > Branch is Study of modern shoppers

What is Science of Shopping? Def: Precise anatomical mechanism and

behavioral psychology of how humans think, react, deal, avoid, when they shop

How can it be executed? Cameras Trackers with tracker sheet

Page 7: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt2: What Retailers Don’t Know

Expected to understand and absorb all

lessons and then apply in real life

How many of shoppers who visit the

shop actually buy something?

Planning marketing, advertising and


All this is to Covert Shoppers into


Page 8: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt3: The Twilight Zone


Parking Lot

Going Towards


Entering in the Store

Inside the


While exit

Page 9: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt4: You Need Hands

Shoppers like to keep their hands free while shopping E.g. Cash Counter

How to Handle this? Provide Trolleys/Baskets

Should be scattered all over Reduce Purchase steps Provide space on counter Baggage area at entrance Provide tote bags

Page 10: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt5: Signs

Help to get attention Importance given to:

Location Words Colours/ Contrast Clarity Short Simple Visible

Page 11: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt6: Shoppers move like People

Study of habits

People are observed – how and where they


Chevroning Effect

Tactics to attract

Page 12: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt7 – Dynamics

Provide seating for support people: husbands shopping with wives, etc.

More than 50% of fast food is served in Drive-Thru Windows. Ten percent of those people park in the parking lot to eat (primarily women).

Page 13: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt8 – Men and Shopping Men will reject a garment – it doesn’t fit Supermarket are a place for high

impulsive buying for both Men take pride in paying- so ‘sell to the

women close to him’ Cars and gadgets – men lead A woman spends less time at a store if

she is with a man than with a woman friend, child

Page 14: Book Review - Why We Buy


Take any category where women dominate and make it male dominating

Market is changing – McD ads with fathers sans moms

Stores should have a men’s health section- men’s health magazine sells over 1.5 mn copies

Page 15: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt9 – What Women Want from Shopping

Research at an italian store – Evolution > selection of berries and fruits rather than hunting

Women don’t like buying at auto stores – because they are guy- friendly

Men are tech savvy, women like to convert technology into appliances

Women focus on results, not processes when computer shopping

‘Gas station for women: the cleanest washrooms anywhere’

Page 16: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt10 – Elderly people

We can't read labels and signs. They must make it easier for us. Eyes start tofalter at age 40. Also, blues and greens blend so are not good for contrast. At50, we get 1/4 less light in our retinas than a 20-year-old does

How can you make your store more senior citizen friendly?

The lighting is too dull Put a magnifying glass on a chain near medicine bottles

– Beckerd Stores in Florida ATM's should talk to us Mattresses will become quasi medical and less furniture-

focused Selling technology to elders – Does it Happen?

Page 17: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt11 -Kids

Kids go shopping with parents. If you cater to families, is your store stroller accessible? – Aisle size, Trolley

Even McDonalds make it difficult for kids to order. Kids can't see menus, can't see over counter.

How smart booksellers stack their shelves. Very good section about book stores these days

Toys: Adults select and buy but the kids are the decision makers. Stores need

Kid appeal – Innovative packaging like operating toys without opening the box

Wells Fargo: 15% of traffic was under 7 years of age Help keep the kids amused- so parents’ attention can be

attained Childproofing

Page 18: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt12: The sensual shopper How sensuality affects sales of different

products and how to bring life the shopping malls.

Touch the five senses of the customer through your product: make the floor such that the customer can see, touch, smell, hear, taste the product

Page 19: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt13: The Big three

Design (the Premises) Merchandising (whatever we put in) Operations (whatever employees do)

Page 20: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt14: Time, Real and Perceived

Real Time – shown by Watch Perceived Time – calculated in mind The shopping experience is spoilt if

billing makes the shopper wait How to reduce the time wait:

Interaction Orderliness Companionship Diversion

Page 21: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt15: Cash/ Warp Blues

The wrapping counters should be preferably placed away from the cash counters

Not be placed with returns and repairs Festive season like Thanks giving, the

cash/wrap needs to be staffed appropriately

Page 22: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt16: Magic Acts

Its called Merchandising Placing products next to other stuff, to

increase sale of both A video game parlor to sell pop corn and

ice cream Multiple placement: E.g. books about

dietary vitamins, place them in books section and near vitamins also

Page 23: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt17: Cyberspace, no one can hear you shop

Emphasizes the necessity for reality retailers to go online

3 benefits of stores over Internet selling Touch, trial or any other stimuli Immediate gratification Social interaction

Benefits Promotes Corporate identification Customer awareness

Page 24: Book Review - Why We Buy

Chapt18: The Self-Exam

Summary of the entire book with reference to a Bookstore

Elaborates all the important points in the form of navigation to the bookstore, through the bookstore and out of it

Page 25: Book Review - Why We Buy


The importance of merchandising, floor management and understanding various shopper touch points

A retailer should not only focus only on the happenings inside the shop, but should pay attention to the every action of the shop

Page 26: Book Review - Why We Buy

What we liked?

In depth look at the psychology of shopping

The diversity of examples with a witty language

Apt Titles Covers examples from all the retail

outlets from smaller one to the big malls Elaborates on not only what should be

done but also what should be avoided

Page 27: Book Review - Why We Buy

What’s lacking?

Non - Universal approach. The focus is on US retail shops and difficult for people from other countries to relate

It annoyingly highlights the work of the Author’s company too many times, making the book a marketing tool

It claims a lot of things which are debatebles

Examples gives are limited to small range of products and scenarios

Use of unpleasant words like molest, sin, obscenely distract the attention of the reader

Page 28: Book Review - Why We Buy