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  • 1. BLITZKRIEG BRAND ANTS MEDIA MANAGEMENT Shikha Rajmohan Shweta G Tanvi Amladi Varshaa V

2. PAST CAMPAIGNS Target Group: Demographics: 15-30 M F SEC AB Psychographics: People who love to try new things, food lovers, early adopters, tech savvy, adventurous, modern outlook Market Prioritization: With limited data available, considering the Target Audience & our objective being promotion of Hippos foreign flavours we are focusing on the four metros to achieve the objective. Hippo has six different flavours and these four metros are heterogeneous in their composition, which means inducing trial amidst people who have different tastes will be easy. This is the rationale behind choosing these markets as our priority to start off with. AUDIENCE & MARKET 3. DIPSTICK SURVEY: Based on a small dipstick survey conducted, our observation was the following: 60% of the people are not aware of the World Toasties line of Hippo Out of the 40% who are aware of the line, less than half have actually tried the flavours Despite a dedicated campaign to Hippo World Toasties, close to a year ago , awareness & preference still remains low Some people were of the opinion that Hippo is a premium, slightly expensive product When we gave them Hippo chips to taste, most people liked the flavours and were willing to buy it again INSIGHT: For an unconventional brand like Hippo, we realised that awareness of the flavours and the first trial was lacking. For the brand, these aspects are extremely critical to boost sales and we have therefore aligned our entire strategy towards the same OBJECTIVE: Promote flavours of Hippo World Toasties &induce trials BRIEF OF NEW IDEA: Create a property for Hippo, World Food Festival an initiative to fight hunger & promote World Toasties Flavours. An integrated campaign promoting through radio, digital, social media. TASK MAP: CURRENT DESIRED THINK Do not know about foreign flavors, not top of mind, more expensive Aware about new foreign flavors FEEL Neutral Positive image & liking for hippo DO Dont buy hippo Buy / try hippo 4. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE 1 RADIO: On the lines World Toasties campaign of transcending borders, The Hippo World Anthem is released. The anthem incorporates all the World Toasties Flavours as a catchy jingle format. Before and after the anthem is played, the radio jockey talks about the World Food Festival initiative by Hippo. DIGITAL: People will be asked to make a video for the Hippo World Anthem which features all six World Toasties flavours. They will share it on social media and the video with maximum likes wins Hippo merchandise and a free pass to the World Food Festival. CANTER VANS: Boards will be mounted on canter vans and parked at prime locations urging people to write their Fight Against Hunger stories. For e.g.: I fed a hungry puppy today. I feel HippoHappy ; Shared my lunch with my hungry friend. PHASE 2 TWITTER: To further create awareness about the flavours of World Toasties, people will be asked to tweet in the language of the flavour they like (e.g. Spanish Tomato flavour-) describing Hippo in one word using the hashtag #HippoHungryWorld. The most innovative Tweeters win Hippo merchandise (Hippo t-shirts with quotes in Hippos lingo, Hippo shaped bean bags) Each packet of Hippo comes with a unique alpha-numeric code, which needs to be Tweeted with the #HippoHungryWorld. A digital OOH hoarding will be placed at prime locations in all the 4 cities, which has Hippo holding an empty globe. The more the tweets the globe gets filled symbolizing hunger being fought, the hoarding updates real time, with the globe filling up. YOUTUBE CHANNEL Creation of the YouTube channel for the videos made by Hippo enthusiast PHASE 3 DIGITAL: A micro site which will be integrated with the computers webcam. On holding the hippo wrapper in front of the camera, country (i.e. Flavour) specific accessories will be displayed on the screen. People can click their pictures wearing these accessories. These pictures will be added to the Hippo World Map collage. Eg.: Accessories will include the Spanish Hat, Indian Turban PHASE 4 WORLD FOOD FESTIVAL: The entire campaign culminates into the grand event, Hippo World Food Festival. The festival will be a tie-up with top-notch hotels, who will send their best chefs who specialize in each cuisine ( it is a promotion for these hotels for we are bringing in best chefs from there). The festival will be for two days. In the festival, the stalls will be named after the flavours of Hippo World Toasties. The physical boards that were installed at various public places will be stationed at the event location. The festival will be open to all on purchase of passes that cost Rs.200 (of which Rs.100 is cover charge). A portion of the proceeds from the event will be given to NGOs that are working towards fighting hunger. Digital is the lead medium for the campaign Radio and outdoor are the support media 5. TIMELINE WEEK RADIO DIGITAL ON GROUND OOH SOCIAL MEDIA- TWITTER YOUTUBE MICRO SITE BANNER ADS CANTER VANS 1 Release of Hippo world anthem Call for people to make a video using the Hippo World Anthem Call for people to make a video using the Hippo World Anthem 2 Tweet #HippoHungry World Creation of the YouTube channel for the videos made by Hippo enthusiast Promote the Hippo World Food Festival There will be 1 Twitter linked digital OOH at every metro at a significant public place, promoting the World Food Festival 3 There will be a micro site for the Photos for The Hippo world map collage Boards on wheels will be put up at for people to share their Fight against Hunger stories 4 HIPPO WORLD FOOD FESTIVAL (End of week 4) 6. ESTIMATED BUDGET AND RETURNS (MONETARY OR OTHERWISE) SR. NO. PARTICULARS DURATION ESTIMATED COST (in RS.) 1 PHASE 1 1.1 Jingle Production Costs 2 Weeks 20,000 1.2 Radio Spends - 200,000 1.3 Digital Banner ad campaign for Video Making Competition (CPC model) 18 days 200,000 2 Phase 2 2.1 Twitter campaign 1 week Nil 2.2 Digital hoarding (600 ft.) 3 weeks 600,000 3 Phase 3 3.1 Digital Microsite 3 weeks 50,000 4 Phase 4 4.1 World Food Festival 2 days 1,20,00,000 ESTIMATED COST 4 WEEKS 1,28,70,000 The above budget has been enumerated considering the 4 Metros(Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai), across 4 Weeks. SOURCE: Media Agencies 7. PRACTICALITY & FEASIBILITY OF THE CAMPAIGN : Radio Jingle- Producing a jingle in a professional studio; tie up with leading radio station in a certain city as our radio partner makes it easy to get rj-mentions. Due to visibility at the grand event as radio partner these are practical and feasible. Twitter, Facebook With existing followers on these platforms, engaging and garnering talk-ability using social media is feasible and has to be used in todays time Micro-site Digital OOH Micro-site creation or Digital OOH are commonly used in campaigns as a part of integration. It doesnt require sophisticated tools for implementation Physical Board Hiring canter vans and transporting within the city for certain duration gets attention with minimum spends Hippos World Food Festival Roping in people for the event will be feasible i.e, through tie-up with top-notch hotels which will send their best chefs. Foot falls to the event will be assured because it is being done in four metros. Large scale events in metros are practical due to availability of infrastructure in these places 8. HOW WILL THIS CAMPAIGN HELP THE PRODUCT/BRAND AND THE PARENT COMPANY? Awareness about the foreign flavors of Hippo The campaign induces trials, hence increase in sales and market share Top of mind recall Positive brand Image (beneficial for the brand and the parent company) Through the hippo goodies, we are establishing a lasting relationship between the brand and its consumer MONETARY OR OTHER RETURNS FOR THE BRAND Conversations about the brand Consumer engagement through likes, shares and tweets Trials / Purchase of new foreign flavors Footfalls for the event World Food Festival Consumers acting as ambassadors for the brand (since they are asked to make videos, they will share it with everyone they know) 9. Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune