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  • BRAND STORYTELLING: One Snap at a Time

    By Vicki ONeill

    Welcome, New Media Dayton!

  • What does a 224-year old company and a 49-year old university have in common?

    How about a huge retailer and a community volunteer center?

    What could an interna=onal technology company and an entrepreneur have in common?

    They all desire to tell their story.

  • MarkeFng is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.

    ~Seth Godin

  • What is Snapchat? Snapchat stats Use cases B2B and B2C businesses using


    Where do I begin? How to leverage Snapchat Best pracFces to get you


  • What is Snapchat? Mobile only app that allows you to:

    Create videos and pictures Communicate one-on-one with your

    audience Engage with your followers and those

    you follow Tell your story in a new way Save your story and share on other

    plaEorms View your story up to 24 hours, then

    its deleted

  • We want

    Brands to have a place where

    they can tell their

    stories in a better way.

    ~Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer at Snapchat

  • Whos Using Snapchat?

    Source: mediakix, June 2016

  • And Usage is Evolving

  • Snapchat Compared to

  • To put this in perspecFve

    1. 150 million people accessing daily 2. 10 billion videos are watched every day 3. Users sending 9,000 snaps/second 4. Reaches 41% of users 18-34 every day 5. U.S. adver=sers spent $50M in 2015 and

    es=mated to spend $804M in 2017

  • Snapchat Use Cases Taco Bell used Snapchat to announce the re-release of its Beefy Crunch Burrito. Users who added Taco Bell as a friend were sent a snap of a burrito and the new products release date.


  • Snapchat Use Cases Acura gave its first 100 followers on Snapchat a chance to see the new NSX prototype, sending them a short video clip of the prototype a video the brand later posted on Instagram.


  • Snapchat Use Cases Teen retailer Wet Seal handed over its Snapchat account to a 16-year-old blogger for two days, resul=ng in 9,000 new followers and 6,000 views of the story.


    Aka Account Takeover

  • Businesses Using Snapchat B2B


  • !Gary Vaynerchuk !Brian Fanzo !Mark Suster !Jay Baer !Ted Rubin !Carlos Gil

    Entrepreneurs Using Snapchat

  • SoWhere do I begin?

    1. Download app Apple & Android

    2. Create profile 3. Share your Snapcode 4. Follow brands and friends 5. Start Snapping!

  • Where to find followers

    Find people in your industry Find B2B and/or B2C


  • How To Create an Audience On Snapchat

    Add Nearby Add from Contacts

    Online Searches Entrepreneurs on Snapchat Medical accounts on Snapchat Sports and Snapchat Foodie, Fitness, Retailers on Snapchat Search for fun events, i.e. Dayton snap scavenger hunt

    Other social plaEorms

  • #ChatSnap

    Increase followers Ideas, engaging, learning, connec=ng

  • What are GhostCodes?


    Once you create your profile, you can access your GhostCode online and download Use to communicate on other plaEorms your presence on Snapchat Simply Snap from Snapchat or take a photo and Add by Snapcode to add friends Unique iden=fier to your profile same concept as QR Codes

  • Why consider Snapchat? Transparency, authen=c Behind-the-scenes, differen=a=on Live, real, vulnerable; brands voice Engagement, audience Time sensi=ve, spontaneous, delivery Build your brand on a different plaEorm in a different way (lenses, ads, filters)

  • Integrate Snapchat into Your MarkeFng Strategy

  • Snapchat AnalyFcs 1. Currently

    available for paid ads, lenses and filters

    2. Snaply=cs in 2017 3. Open rates,

    views, average # of screen shots, # followers, comple=on rate

  • How to Leverage Snapchat

    1. Redirect audience, repeat simple URLs 2. Plan it out, but keep it unscripted 3. Let someone/influencer take over your account 4. Provide exclusive access 5. Sponsor a filter 6. Host contests and give-aways

  • 5 Tips to get started

    1. Iden=fy your audience 2. Create profile and images 3. Have a Snap communica=on plan 4. A few story ideas 5. Have fun!

  • Best PracFces Be consistent Respond to all messages text or video Present one thing of worth, i.e. =p, discount, etc. Use Snap op=ons like filters, lenses, emojis and

    Bitmojis! Use different plaEorms to promote presence Look at exis=ng B2C and B2B examples for inspira=on

    and ideas Keep your audience in mind! They are your buyers

    what do they need?

  • Snap Challenge!

    1. Snap a photo with your brands logo 2. Screenshot and Tweet @WilsonRebrand a

    Snap from your story 3. Ill RT with a S/O AND send you 3 content

    ideas specific to your business/industry to help you get started.

  • Vicki ONeill WILSON rebranding o) 937.291.4899 m) 513.593.1195


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