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    Reynaldo J. Navarro HISTORY 111 INSTRUCTOR

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    Integrated Bus Terminal

    On the conversion of the Municipality of Bayawan into a City, the basic utilities

    like infrastructure support projects are still limited. One of these major utilities is the

    Integrated Bus Terminal with Farmers Market. With its conversion into a component City,

    the significant increase of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) from the National

    Government can manage to improve and develop basic utilities to the advantage and benefit

    of its people. The Integrated Bus Terminal with Farmers Market shall provide easy access

    to all commuters in and around the city, the neighboring municipalities and cities as well.

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    Purpose of Integrated Bus Terminal

    The present bus terminal located at the Central Business District (CBD) owned by

    Vallacar Corporation Inc. can only cater to its own buses that ply to the whole island.

    Considering the size of the roads within the area, in a period of 5 to 10 years these will be

    fully congested with vehicles and commuters alike. Beside the buses, there are also

    jeepneys, multicabs, pedicab and the so-called Habal-habal (a single motorcycle that

    could carry four to five passengers) that also serve the commuters in the coastal barangays,

    neighboring municipalities and barangays in the hinterlands. These jeepneys, multi-cabs,

    pedicabs use open spaces and terminal within the CBD.

    Before the construction, the city government aims to establish an integrated bus

    terminal with a farmers market to provide a safe and convenient area for commuters. This

    will decongest the traffic within the central business district. Areas that are being utilized

    as terminal for public vehicles shall be converted into a commercial uses to expand existing

    commercial stalls. This will provide opportunities for business, which eventually shall

    provide employment in the city. The existence of a farmers market shall provide a better

    way for farmers in disposing their farm products. Considering the Bayawans dream to

    become the Agricultural Capital of the whole province of Negros Oriental shall thus,

    become a reality while poverty is minimized in both the urban and hinterlands barangay.

    The farmers market shall be located beside the integrated bus terminal to provide

    farmers from the different barangays in the city a better means of selling their farm

    products. Besides the access provided to them, it shall also lower the cost of transportation

    since the farmers market is advantageously located beside the integrated bus terminal.

    This undertaking shall provide the initial direction in alleviating poverty in the city

    and a strategy in realizing the citys vision of becoming the Agricultural Capital of the

    province. One that is sustainable which in the end shall transform Bayawan City into an

    economic center of Southern Negros Island.

  • 3

    Construction of Integrated Bus Terminal

    Location of the Project:

    Integrated Business Center (IBC) was located in Brgy. Villareal,

    Bayawan City

  • 4

    Under the leadership of Hon. German P. Saraa, the City Mayor, and Hon. Rene

    G. Gaudiel, Vice-Mayor, the Integrated Bus Terminal is constructed. This project was

    funded by Bayawan City Local Government Unit. The construction of the Integrated Bus

    Terminal was undertaken by the City Engineering office. The design of this project was

    headed by Engr. Eric O. Torres, the City Planning Officer IV.

    The construction of this project started on May 3, 2005 and finished on November

    26, 2007. The cost of this project was 102,452,653.00, this included the budget for road

    network, lot acquisition and landscaping.

  • 5

    Holy Mass during

    the Inauguration

    Cutting of Ribbon

    Leaders that

    Made this

    Project Possible

    December 22, 2007

  • 6

    Change of Purpose

    Unfortunately, when the Integrated Bus Terminal was about to finish, the Vallacar

    Transit Corporation Inc. constructed their own bus terminal at the heart of the city. Vallacar

    transit, being the largest bus company in the island had made the main purpose of the

    Integrated Business Center (IBT) to failure because they will no longer transfer to the newly

    constructed IBT of Bayawan City. After the inauguration, when the bus terminal has not

    been used by its major purposes, the city planning section decided to rename the building.

    They converted the building into a Business Center and called it as Integrated Business

    Center (IBC). The Integrated Business Center became a tourism center that provide

    different business opportunities for the City. This building Features 1 VIP Hall, 3 Function

    Halls, and many rooms for hotel accommodation. Differet activities like seminar, workshop,

    wedding reception and some business transactions was held at the function halls of IBC at

    a very affordable price. The groundfloor of the building serve as extension office of some

    Departments of the Local Government Units of Bayawan City. IBC grounds serve as the

    venue for different big events in the City of Bayawan like Tawo-Tawo Festival Showdown,

    NORSU-BSC Acquaintance Party, and so many other activities.

    In fact, the three-day

    24th Regional Farm Family

    Congress cum 4-H Summer

    Youth Camp was held at

    Integrated Business Center in

    Bayawan City, this province

    last April 23-25, 2014.

  • 7

    Despite of the happening that made the purpose about the bus terminal change,

    Bayawan City is optimistically looking unto the dream that the Farmers Market will be at

    IBC to help the farmers in disposing their farm products and in exchange would help the

    city in realizing its dream to be the Agricultural Capital of the Province.

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