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GSD’s Brief History. Thanks to the students of GSD who researched and did the powerpoint! Diane Conti was the teacher. We’ve Come a LONG way!. A Short History of the Georgia School for the Deaf. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • GSDs Brief HistoryThanks to the students of GSD who researched and did the powerpoint! Diane Conti was the teacher.

  • Weve Come a LONG way!A Short History of the Georgia School for the Deaf

  • The Georgia School for the Deaf, established in 1846, is a state-funded residential school operating under the auspices of the Office of Special Services of the Georgia State Department of Education and the Georgia State Board of Education. The school works cooperatively with the Georgia Department of Education, Division for Exceptional Children, and Local Education Agencies to ensure that appropriate educational programs are available for hearing impaired and multi-handicapped hearing impaired students residing in Georgia. The Georgia School for the Deaf serves students, ages 3-21 from preschool through high school. Multi-handicapped hearing impaired students are served in a special services program. In addition, a state-wide, home-based, early intervention program (Georgia PINES) serves infants from birth to five years old, and a comprehensive diagnostic and evaluation center is provided. The school offers training and technical assistance to parents, public school programs, community groups, and other agencies on a regional and statewide basis.

  • The Georgia School for the Deaf was first called The Georgia Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb.

  • The school began in a one-room log cabin.

  • In the past, the GSD was divided into two campuses the Fannin Campus and the Gordon Campus.

  • The GSD is located in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Vans Valley, GA.

  • Cherokee Indians were driven out of Georgia.

  • Oliver Porter Fannin was the first person to undertake the education of the first four deaf children in Georgia. He served at the GSD from 1847-1858.

  • The American School was established in 1817.

  • Later the first four children from Georgia were sent to Hartford, Connecticut to be educated.

  • Fannin Hall was named for O.P. Fannin. Mr. Fannin spent a year at the American School learning the methods of teaching the deaf. Cave Spring recognized O.P. Fannin by naming street in his honor.

  • He studied under Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc.GallaudetClerc

  • J. B. Edwards was the first deaf teacher in Georgia.

  • Before the Civil War, S.F. Dunlop and William D. Cook served as superintendents of the GSD.DunlopDunlopCook

  • Samuel F. Dunlop served the GSD from 1858-1860.

  • W.D. Cook served the GSD from 1860-1862.

  • In 1862, the school was closed for the duration of the war.

  • Under Wesley O. Connors leadership, vocational training began at the school.

  • In 1874, the print shop began and printed The Cave Spring Enterprise, the town newspaper.

  • Mr. Connor gave over 60 years of service to the deaf in Georgia.

  • Mr. Connors son was later superintendent of the New Mexico School for the Deaf.

  • A collection of rocks and minerals was given to Berry College in Rome, as a loan from Mr. Connor.

  • In 1916, James Coffee Harris became superintendent.

  • In 1937, Clayton H. Hollingsworth became superintendent.

  • Mr. Hollingsworth married Hazel Wright of Cave Spring.

  • The federal agency, Works Projects Administration, helped renovate and build the GSD.

  • Under Mr. Hollingsworth, John Lloyd Caple served as vocational principal.

  • During 1953-1957, Alfred L. Davis served as superintendent.

  • Samuel A. Newton served as superintendent during 1957-1961.

  • The Georgia School for the Deaf is under the direction of the State Board of Education.

  • Straight Language for the Deaf was pioneered by Edith Fitzgeralds Key.Fitzgerald Key A printed system to help deaf children learn to speak, red and write syntactically correct English sentences. The Fitzgerald Key was developed in 1929 at the Texas School for the Deaf by Edith Fitzgerald, a deaf supervising teaching. Its set of six words and symbols help children analyze the relationships between units of connected language, enabling them to write good sentences and correct their own errors. Under the system, a child places individual words under the headings of subject, verbs, and predicates, indirect and direct objects, phrases and words telling where, other word modifiers of the main verbs and "when" words and phrases. The system is still widely used today (Turkington,C., Sussman,A.E. 1992, pp. 77-78).

  • Dr. Marie Sewell Kennard worked with Miss Fitzgerald and received an honorary doctorate degree from Gallaudet.

  • Our present school building is named in honor of Dr. Kennard.

  • Miss Katherine Casey served for many years as supervisor of the Primary Department.

  • Mrs. Mary Turner served as supervisor of the Advanced Department (High School).

  • Freeman Hall was named for Samuel Freeman.

  • Virginia Berry served as secretary under five GSD superintendents.

  • On February 23, 1876 the Georgia General Assembly passed an act that authorized the purchase of a building and 10 acres for the establishment of a school for African American deaf.

  • The school for African American deaf opened in 1882.

  • Fred L. Sparks served as GSD superintendent from 1961-1970.

  • John L. Caple served as superintendent from 1970-1973.

  • Helen Muses Green Pavilions was published in 1961.

  • Under the leadership of Walter Brown and Alvin Edward Steele, Jr., the Jr. NAD GAD chapter was established at the GSD in 1964.

  • Louise Guinn Osborne was the first president of the Jr. NAD GAD during 1964-65.

  • Donna McGee served as the first Miss GSD Pageant Queen in 1984.

  • In 1984 the GSD moved to the Perry Farm Campus from the Fannin Campus due to asbestos contamination on the main campus.

  • After the move to the new campus, four superintendents/directors served GSD:Vera Y. Owens1984-1985Michael D. Elliott 1985-1995Rae Ann Redman 1995-1996Patricia S. Pike 1996-2003

  • In the recent years, these served as GSDs leaders:Russell Fleming 2003-Nov. 2003 10 months Wilmont W. McChord 2003-June 2005 19 months Cynthia Ashby 2005-March 2006 8 months Lee Shiver 2006-Present

  • Adonia Smith is a 1988 graduate of GSD who holds a PhD degree.

  • Diane Conti was the first teacher of the year at GSD, being voted by the staff and students in 2006.