business promotion through social media

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  • 1. Business Promotion
    through Social Media
    New Media Drivers License- Summer 2009
    Kyle Tremberth

2. Facebook personal use
3. Facebook Business pages
Advertisements user specific
Become a fan
Joining groups
4. Facebook business strategies
Digital invites
Mass messaging
Users unite
5. Twitter your personal account
How to get started
Who to follow, what to tweet about
6. Twitter useful business strategies
Getting your name out there
Building a following
Keep followers up to date
7. Twitter useful business strategies
Making company announcements
Promoting events and sales
8. Blogging
Communicating with customers
Getting feedback and comments
9. Blogging
Professional bloggers
Their opinions on whats happening in the industry and why it matters!
10. Google
Search engine optimization
Get noticed!!!
11. Google
Getting your name out in all the right places
12. Linkedin
Self promotion
Social/Business networking
13. Social media business disasters
Is that the CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing?!?!
14. Conclusion