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Presentation for EMC's customers at Pattaya 22 Nov 2013


  • 1. Business with Cloud ComputingAssoc. Prof. Dr. Thanachart Numnonda Executive Director IMC Institute 22 November 2013

2. The new IT eraMainframeClient/Server Web GenerationCloud Computing2 3. The next phase of the Internet Connectivity Intelligence Machines Big Data and Analytics Cloud3 4. Cloud Computing transforms IT Big Data transforms Business4 5. Hype or Real?5 6. Hype or Real?6 7. Source : 8. Worldwide Devices Shipment8 9. Smartphone/Tablet Shipment 2013 In 2013; 1.5 million desktops, 2.5 million notebooks and 3.5 million Tablets expected to be shipped [IDC] Smartphone shipment in 2013 is estimated at 7.3 million units [IDC] 9 10. Four Screens per User10 11. 11 12. 2013 Mobile will become the most common way of accessing the InternetSource :Trending the future: Mobile Trends 201112 13. Welcome to The Post-PC Era13 14. The Internet of Things14 15. The Internet of Things15 16. Wearable Technology: The Next Big ThingsGoogle GlassBasis BandNike FuelbandMisfit ShineJawbone UPSony Smartwatch 16 17. Connected Devices17 18. Cloud Computing is already here!18 19. Cloud Computing Definition19 20. What is Cloud Computing?20 21. Cloud Characteristics On-demand self-service Broad network access Resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured Service21 22. Service Models22 23. Deployment Models23 24. Cloud Computing change IT as electricity industry24 25. Comparison of Traditional Marketing solutions with Cloud Marketing.. Traditional Marketing Solution (on Premise)Cloud Marketing (as a Service)25 26. Source : 27. Impacts!27 28. Change! In IT Industry It's not just a platform change. Vendors can't charge the same amount. It's changing your world. Source : 3 ways big software companies may fail in the cloud:28 29. Amazon Web Services29 30. 30 31. Dropbox31 32. 32 33. 33 34. 34 35. 35 36. 36 37. IaaS Impacts! Local data centers will provide cloud services IaaS is not just a normal hosting; it requires large investment on a data center. Different architecture and business model. Fewer large cloud data center in ASEAN will survive Need to compete with big giants; Amazon, Google, Oracle, etc. 37 38. Source : Forrester Research:2012 38 39. PaaS Impacts! Software development will shift toward the cloud. Software company may develop their applications on public IaaS/Paas; Microsoft Azure, Google App Engines, Heroku, Amzaon S3 Require new skills Opportunity to sell aboard.39 40. Cloud PaaS40 41. SaaS Impacts ! Borderless Software business model with change from licensing model to subscription (pay as you go) Opportunity for SME : Cheaper software? Software runs anywhere, anytime, any device Users can buy/ use software from anywhere without knowing the origin as long as they connected to the Internet Less customer loyalty41 42. Source : PwC Global 100 Software Leaders May 201342 43. Cloud Services In Thailand43 44. Thailand Cloud EcoSystem SaaS ProvidersPaaS ProvidersIaaS Providers Cloud communityGov. AgencyInfrastructor Providers44 45. IaaS45 46. SaaS46 47. 47 48. Cloud Market Thailand 2556 2,220 - 2,330 16.7% - 22.1%48 49. Cloud Market Thailand 2556 2,220 - 2,330 16.7% - 22.1%49 50. Cloud Maturity Level50 51. Cloud Maturity in Thailand SaaS Most solutions are in Level 1 (Web application, but change business model) Few are in level 3, and deploy on full cloud platforms. More international solutions (Salesforce, Microsoft)Users Large free clouds consumption. SMEs start to explore Cloud. 51 52. Cloud Maturity in Thailand IaaS Most data centers are in Level 1 (Visualization and Server Consolidation) Some are now in Level 3 Many large enterprises focus on building a private cloudPaaS No provider in Thailand Many ISVs now migrate to Azure, Amazon 52 53. ACCA: Cloud Readiness Index 2012Source : Asia Cloud Computing Association: Octberber 201253 54. ACCA: Thailand Rank 13 Deficiencies in infrastructure, in particular international connectivity, broadband quality and power grid stability. While it scored relatively well in business sophistication and freedom of access to information, it ranked last in data sovereignty. Recommendation: Apart from the urgent need to improve the infrastructure, we also recommend the re-examination of data privacy and sovereignty laws, two of its lowestscoring indices. 54 55. BSA GlobalCloud Computing ScorecardSource : BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard: Mar 201355 56. BSA: Thailand Rank 23 Thailand has implemented comprehensive cybercrime legislation Thailand also has good laws in place for electronic commerce and electronic signatures. has no privacy laws in place, and this is a major weakness. intellectual property laws also require significant updating and expansion, as they do not currently cover rights management information, technical protection measures, or anti-circumvention. 56 57. Issues of Cloud Services in Thailand Lack of awareness // Misunderstanding about Cloud Computing Security issue Low Broadband/Internet Access Data Protection Limited Cloud Service Providers; both SaaS (Application) and IaaS (Data Center) 57 58. Cloud Opportunity in Thailand Large number of smartphones and tablets shipment. Large Enterprise start to invest in private cloud. Public cloud services especially IaaS is in high demand. Data Centers in Thailand start to offer IaaS ISVs explore SaaS58 59. IT Planning59 60. Cloud ComputingSocial TechnologiesMobile ComputingInformation60 61. 2013 State of CIO Survey61 Source:; January 2013 62. What Do You Should Do to Prepare? Developed a cloud strategy in an organization Adopting cloud computing changes everything, especially integration strategy. Adopt BYOD strategy Revise Information Infrastructure for Big Data and analysis Planning Social Enterprise62 Source: Straight to the Top: CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World 63. Cloud/Integration Architecture63 Source: Straight to the Top: CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World 64. How to Prepare for the Cloud? What is the organization's risk profilehigh, medium, or low? Are your data centers and corporate offices optimized for the cloud? Transform the desktop and mobile environments to empower the users. Determine which applications should be moved to the cloud and define your portfolio of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud resources and vendors. Source: Straight to the Top: CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World64 65. How to Prepare for the Cloud? (cont.) Determine the security and monitoring Develop and/or refine your SLAs Industrialize IT operations to improve productivity, monitor performance, and manage internal and cloud services.65 Source: Straight to the Top: CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World 66. Steps to go to the public cloud66 Source: Cloud Essentials: 67. 68. Thank you 68