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Friday, November 8, 2013 in Oakland, CA (10:45A-12:15P) UniversityNeighborhoodPartnershipsforaBikeFriendlySouthLosAngeles Incar-obsessedLosAngeles,communitygroups,transportationplanners,anduniversityresearchersareteaming upininnovativewaysthathelptameoururbanstreetsandmakethemmoreconduciveforbikingandwalking. Panelistswilldiscusssomeofthecreativestrategiestheyhavedevelopedtopromotebicyclesafetyeducation, bicyclefacilityimprovements,andcommunityinvolvementinactivetransportation. AllisonKendall,PrincipalPlanner+Architect,KendallPlanning+Design;TafaraiBayne,TRUSTSouthLA;OttoKhera,USCBike Commuters;FrancoisBar,USCResearcher;CristianMarroquin,UrbanFarmer,CommunityServicesUnlimited


  • 1. Bike Education and Safety for the USC Neighborhoods & Community California Bike Summit November 8, 2013 Otto Khera, USC Bike Commuters

2. Collaborative Project Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition + USC (Bike Commuters) Funded by the Good Neighbors Campaign which is an employee-funded program designed to improve USCs outreach and impact on the local, surrounding communities and neighborhoods. Goal: To propagate a culture of bike safety and bike traffic skills for USC and the surrounding communities and neighborhoods > CONNECT PEOPLE who are doing this already 3. Context USC is a large university of 40,000 students and 10,000 employees on on two campuses; with 30,000 students and 6,000 employees on the South LA campus. Surrounded by major transportation arteries for Los Angeles, including freeways (110 + 10) and major surface street arteries. USC is the largest private employer with a 7% bike commuter rate --- most of whom are students many of whom lack essential bike safety skills. 4. Bikes Bikes Bikes Everywhere . 5. How do we prepare for the future? High growth in cycling amongst students, and increased cycling amongst staff and faculty. New bicycle infrastructure in Los Angeles and the surrounding area including My Figueroa! and other projects in the area. Immersed in a car-centric city with generally poor cycling safety behaviors. 6. Start with the Baseline: LCI Standards League Cycling Instructor certification for 12 USC + South LA/LA bike leaders > Lets make it work for each other. (Standards) Bike Rodeos or Kids Bike Festivals x2 (Fun) Themed rides through the neighborhood food related; safe routes; trash pick up; family rides --create some attention and participation that helps join the campus with the community and neighborhoods. (Experts + Fun) Outreach to area schools and groups USC Family of Schools, local organizations, local events. (Attention: Impact) 7. South LA Kids Bike Festival aka bike rodeo Bike Safety & Fun 8. Neighborhood / Community Rides 9. Outreach to Area Organizations & Events 10. Experimentation & Social Connections 11. Principles to Consider Work with existing standards and practices LCI, institutional realities, local context. Leverage strengths of existing experts and institutions. Make it FUN! Get the word out : Get Attention. (Impact ) Experiment if possible .


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