Can Digital Badges Increase Capacity for Teaching Online?

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How we have implemented digital badges into our Teaching Online Certification workshops.


1. Can Digital Badges Increase Capacity for Teaching Online? Bill Knapp Dean of Learning Technologies Lakeland Community College @itbill on Twitter 2. Lakeland Learning Technologies Lakeland Community College Kirtland, Ohio Lakeland Community College 3. The Problem is Capacity 4. Growth in Distance Learning 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 fall 2005 fall 2006 fall 2007 fall 2008 fall 2009 fall 2010 fall 2011 fall 2012 fall 2013 total count online count 5. OBR Academic Program Review guidelines and procedures the expectation that faculty members who teach online courses must be prepared for teaching in an online environment. 6. Top Challenges for DL Administrators 1. Engaging faculty in development of online pedagogy 2. Evaluation of faculty 3. Training 4. Workload issues 5. Compensation 6. Technical support 7. Intellectual property / ownership issues 8. Recruitment 9. Buy-in to e-learning - ITC Distance Ed Survey 2013 7. Who Teaches Online? 8. Quality Assurance 9. Instructional Design Support 10. Develop Teaching Online Certification Peer-to-peer Training Options Recognize accomplishments with Digital Badges Integrate Quality Matters Standards Our Solution 11. Peer-to-Peer Training 12. Teaching with Technology Institute Two faculty on release to Center for Learning Innovation (CLI) for one year Team approach to developing curriculum for Teaching Online Workshop Series Competency-based training format 13. Authentic Faculty Online Experience 14. Competency-based Model Participants are provided a sandbox course (e-Portfolio) to complete the assignments and demonstrating the competencies 15. The Curriculum Four series of three workshops per topic area Extending your Course with Blackboard Learn Teaching with Blackboard Learn Designing the Online Course Teaching & Learning Online 16. Badges Badge systems we considered: Mozilla Backpack Open Passport (Purdue University) Credly 17. Going Forward Graduates are awarded a certificate of completion Online self-paced version with captioned video tutorials Graduates may participate as facilitators and are compensated for their time Part-time faculty may also qualify for CEUs and one time stipend of $250.00 18. Photo Credits Too much coffee, Luigi Anzivino, CC-BY-NC-SA Computer problems, CollegeDegrees360, CC-BY-SA integratED Portland 2013, Rachel Wendt-Chaney, CC-BY-NC-SA edcampPDX November 2011, Rachel Wendt-Chaney, CC-BY-NC-SA Questions time, Martin Sharman, CC-BY-NC-SA