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Career & Technical Education Sketching 2.00 Explain and demonstrate basic sketching skills and techniques. Slide 2 Career & Technical Education Sketching Concepts 2.01 Explain the concepts related to sketching. Slide 3 Purpose of a Sketch Quickly & easily get an idea on paper Design sketches Freehand technical sketches Technical illustrations Slide 4 Freehand Technical Sketch Slide 5 Design Sketch Slide 6 Technical Illustration Slide 7 Sketching Materials Paper Pencil Soft lead Optional Eraser Grid Paper Slide 8 Sketching Technique Proportion Clarity Sketching Aids Slide 9 Sketching Lines Vertical lines Top to bottom Long straight lines Series of short straight lines Slide 10 Sketching Circles & Arcs Begin by lightly constructing a square Slide 11 Sketching Angles Begin with 90 angle 60 30 45 Subdivide onceSubdivide twice Slide 12 Sketching Assignment Slide 13 Career & Technical Education Sketching 2.02 Explain the concepts and principles underlying isometric, oblique and multiview sketching. Slide 14 Sketching Types of Sketches Single-view Multi-view Pictorials Slide 15 Single-view Sketching Technical purposes Front view Most descriptive features Slide 16 Steps for Single-view Sketching Object Step 2 Step 1 Step 3Step 4 Slide 17 Multi-view Sketching Technical sketch Front view Top view Side view Slide 18 Multi-view Sketch TOP VIEW R. SIDE VIEW FRONT VIEW Slide 19 Single-view/Multiview Sketch Assignment Slide 20 Pictorial Sketches Quickly communicate an idea Three dimensions in one view Width Height Depth Slide 21 Pictorial Sketches Three (3) types Isometric Oblique Perspective Slide 22 Isometric Sketch WIDTH DEPTH HEIGHT Slide 23 Isometric Sketching Three equally spaced axes of 120 Slide 24 Isometric Sketching Receding lines Typically 30 off horizontal Slide 25 Isometric Sketching Circular shapes appear as ellipses Slide 26 Isometric Ellipses Correct ellipse orientation Slide 27 Isometric Sketching Non-Isometric lines Locate endpoints and connect Slide 28 Isometric Sketching Assignment Slide 29 Oblique Sketch WIDTH DEPTH HEIGHT Slide 30 Oblique Sketching Front view is drawn true shape and size Slide 31 Oblique Sketching Receding edges are usually drawn at an angle of 30, 45, or 60 Slide 32 Oblique Sketching Circles and curves drawn on frontal plane will appear true shape and size Slide 33 Oblique Sketching Assignment Slide 34 Perspective Sketches 2-Point Perspective1-Point Perspective Slide 35 Perspective Sketches Objects appear as the eye would see them Most realistic type of pictorial sketch Most difficult pictorial sketch to draw Slide 36 Perspective Sketching Assignment