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  • Army Regulation 690950

    Civilian Personnel


    HeadquartersDepartment of the ArmyWashington, DC31 December 2001


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    Report Date 15 Feb 2002

    Report Type N/A

    Dates Covered (from... to) -

    Title and Subtitle Civilian Personnel: Career Program Referral Registrationand Administration

    Contract Number

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    Performing Organization Name(s) and Address(es) Department of the Army Headquarters Washington, DC

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    Number of Pages 45

  • SUMMARY of CHANGEAR 690950Career Management

    This revision--

    o Contains changes required by the establishment of a consolidated andrealigned management structure for civilian personnel, manpower, and relatedfunctions in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower andReserve Affairs) effective 1 October 1994.

    o Provides definitions of Army Civilian Training, Education, and DevelopmentSystem and training categories; and incorporates information on Army CivilianTraining, Education, and Development System as part of career management andcareer development (para 1-7c).

    o Establishes career management responsibilities for the Secretary of the Army(para 1-9).

    o Establishes career management responsibilities for the Assistant Secretaryof the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) (para 1-10).

    o Establishes career management responsibilities for the Deputy AssistantSecretary of the Army (Civilian Personnel Policy) (para 1-11).

    o Establishes career management responsibilities for functional chiefs andfunctional chief representatives (para 1-12).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of career program planning boards (para 1-14).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of central referral offices (para 1-15).

    o Includes the responsibilities of commanders of both major Army commands andindependent reporting activities (para 1-16).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of major Army command staff civilianpersonnel directors (para 1-17).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of major Army command career programmanagers (para 1-18).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of activity commanders and directors (para1-19).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of civilian personnel advisory centerchiefs/directors (para 1-20).

    o Establishes the responsibilities of activity career program managers (para 1-21).

  • o Establishes the responsibilities of the supervisors (para 1-22).

    o Establishes referral registration and certification policy for careerprogram employees and applicants, including military spouse preferenceeligibles, as part of applicants who wish to register in a career referralprogram (para 1-23).

    o Establishes the mission of the Career Program Policy Committee (para 1-24).

    o Establishes the responsibilities for program evaluation (para 1-25).

    o Establishes the responsibilities for mobilization planning (para 1-26).

    o Revises information on recruitment sources (para 2-7).

    o Includes guidance referral policies for military spouses seeking preference(para 2-8).

    o Adds information on the selection of military spouse eligibles from areferral list (para 2-9).

    o Reflects name change from CTEDS to ACTEDS (chap 3).

    o Contains revised instructions on manpower planning and intern intake policies(paras 3-3 and 3-4).

    o Adds the following new chapters:Chapter 4, The Army Acquisition Workforce/Army Acquisition CorpsChapter 6, Career Program Unique Policies.

    o Transfers information on reporting requirements utilizing the RCS-CSGPA 1572report to DA Pam 690-950.

  • HeadquartersDepartment of the ArmyWashington, DC31 December 2001

    Civilian Personnel

    Career Management

    *Army Regulation 690950

    Effective 31 January 2002

    H i s t o r y . T h i s p r i n t i n g p u b l i s h e s ar e v i s i o n o f t h i s p u b l i c a t i o n . B e c a u s e t h ep u b l i c a t i o n h a s b e e n e x t e n s i v e l y r e v i s e d ,t h e c h a n g e d p o r t i o n s h a v e n o t b e e nhighlighted.Summary. This regulation provides pol-icy governing Army civilian career pro-grams. It is the Armys merit promotionregulation for career program positions.Applicability. This regulation applies toD e p a r t m e n t o f t h e A r m y ( D A ) c i v i l i a nemployees in career programs and to U.S.

    A r m y R e s e r v e t e c h n i c i a n s e x c e p t w h e nsuch policies are modified by AR 140-315. It does not apply to Army NationalGuard technicians employed under section7 0 9 , T i t l e 3 2 , U n i t e d S t a t e s C o d e ( 3 2USC 709), unless specifically made appli-c a b l e b y t h e C h i e f , N a t i o n a l G u a r dBureau.Proponent and exception authority.The proponent of this regulation is theAssistant Secretary of the Army (Man-power and Reserve Affairs). The ASA(-M & R A ) h a s t h e a u t h o r i t y t o a p p r o v eexceptions to this regulation that are con-sistent with controlling law and regula-tion. The ASA(M&RA) may delegate thisapproval authority in writing to a divisionchief within the proponent agency in thegrade of colonel or the civilian equivalent.Army management control process.This regulation contains management con-trol provisions and identifies key manage-ment controls that must be evaluated.S u p p l e m e n t a t i o n . S u p p l e m e n t a t i o n o fthis regulation and establishment of com-mand and local forms are prohibited with-o u t p r i o r a p p r o v a l f r o m H Q D A ,

    ASA(M&RA), (SAMR-CP), WASHING-TON, DC 20310-0300.

    Suggested Improvements. Users areinvited to send comments and suggestedimprovements on DA Form 2028 (Recom-m e n d e d C h a n g e s t o P u b l i c a t i o n s a n dBlank Forms) directly to HQDA, ASA(-M & R A ) , ( S A M R - C P ) , W A S H I N G T O N ,DC 20310-0300.

    Committee establishment approval.The DA Committee Management Officerconcurs in the establishment of the CareerProgram Policy Committee.

    Distribution. Distribution of this publi-c a t i o n i s a v a i l a b l e i n e l e c t r o n i c m e d i aonly and is intended for command levelsC, D, and E, for the Active Army and theA r m y N a t i o n a l G u a r d o f t h e U n i t e dStates.

    Contents (Listed by paragraph and page number)

    Chapter 1Introduction, page 1

    Section IGeneral, page 1Purpose 11, page 1References 12, page 1Explanation of abbreviations and special terms 13, page 1Scope 14, page 1Establishing career programs 15, page 1

    *This regulation supersedes AR 690-950, 31 July 1987; AR 690-950-11, 1 April 1983; AR 690-950-13, 15 May 1983; AR 690-950-14, 15 February 1984; AR690-950-21, 15 February 1985; AR 690-950-22, 1 June 1986; AR 690-950-23, 1 May 1984; AR 690-950-25, 1 May 1983; AR 690-950-26, 1 Jul 1982 andAR 690-950-28, 1 October 1986. It also rescinds DA Form 2302-R, April 1984; DA Form 2302-1-R, April 1984; DA Form 2302-2R, May 1986; DA Form4428, January 1986; DA Form 5227-1-R, May 1988; DA Form 5307-R, May 1986; DA Form 5308-R, April 1984; DA Form 5341-R, May 1988; DA Form5342-R, May 1988; DA Form 5469R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-10-R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-10-1-R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-10-2-R, May 1988; DAForm 5470-10-3-R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-10-4-R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-10-5-R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-29-R, May 1988; DA Form 5470-29-1-R,May 1988; DA Form 547029-2-R, May 1988; DA Form 5506-R, May 1988; DA Form 5506-1-R, May 1988; DA Form 5506-2-R, May 1988; DA Form 5506-3-R, May 1988; DA Form 5506-4-R, May 1988; DA Form 5508-R, May 1988; DA Form 5509-R, May 1986; DA Form 5629R, July 1987; DA Form 5633-R,April 1987; DA Form 5633-1-R, April 1987; DA Form 5633-2-R, April 1987; DA Form 5693-R, May 1988; DA Form 5693-1-R, May 1988; and DA Form 5693-2-R, May 1988.

    AR 690950 31 December 2001 i


  • ContentsContinued

    Career program structure 16, page 2Career management objectives 17, page 2Affirmative action 18, page 3

    Section IIResponsibilities, page 3Secretary of the Army 19, page 3Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) (ASA(M&RA)) 110, page 3Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civilian Personnel Policy) (DASA)(CPP)) 111, page 4Functional chiefs and functional chief representatives 112, page 4Personnel proponents 113, page 5Career program planning boards 114, page 5Central referral offices 115, page 5Commanders of major Army commands (MACOM) and independent reporting activities (IRA) 116, page 5MACOM civilian personnel directors 117, page 6MACOM career program managers 118, page 6Activity commanders and directors 119, page 6Installation Civilian Personnel Advisory Center chiefs 120, page 7Activity career program managers 121, page 7Supervisors 122, page 7CP employees and applicants 123, page 8Career Program Policy Committee 124, page 8

    Section IIICareer Program (CP) Requirements, page 8Program evaluation 125, page 8Mobilization planning 126, page 9

    Chapter 2Merit Placement and Outside Recruitment, page 12Introduction 21, page 12Filling positions below the mandatory referral level 22, page 12MACOM referral 23, page 12Filling positions at the DA mandatory referral level 24, page 12Recruitment policies 25, page 12Registration and evaluation 26, page 13Recruitment sources 27, page 13Voluntary registration 28, page 13Referral 29, page 13Selection 210, page 14Completing the selection process 211, page 14Position changes as exceptions to referral requests 212, page 14Exceptions to competitive procedures 213, page 14Special consideration for repromotion 214, page 15Priority consideration 215, page 16Senior civilian affirmative outreach and recruitment 216, page 17

    Chapter 3Career Intern Program, page 17

    Section IGeneral Policy, page 17Introduction 31, page 17Coverage 32, page 17

    ii AR 690950 31 December 2001

  • ContentsContinued

    Section IIArmy Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) Intern Allocations, page 17Manpower planning process 33, page 17Policy 34, page 18

    Section IIITypes of interns, page 18Regular interns 35, page 18Presidential management intern 36, page 18Intelligence interns 37, page 18ACTEDS intern positions in foreign areas 38, page 18

    Section IVIntern Funding, page 18ACTEDS centrally funded interns 39, page 19Locally funded interns 310, page 19Functional trainees 311, page 19Capitalization of ACTEDS interns 312, page 19Intern travel, per diem, and moving entitlements 313, page 19Overtime funding 314, page 19Unauthorized funding expenses for ACTEDS centrally funded interns 315, page 19

    Section VTraining, page 20Master intern training plan (MITP) 316, page 20Individual development plan (IDP) 317, page 20Training sites 318, page 20Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) training 319, page 20Promotion requirements 320, page 20

    Section VIEvaluation of Intern Progress, page 20Performance evaluation 321, page 20Performance requirements 322, page 20Performance recognition 323, page 21Intern mobility agreements 324, page 21Placement of ACTEDS centrally funded interns 325, page 21Intern reduction-in-force policy 326, page 21Intern sponsor 327, page 21

    Chapter 4The Army Acquisition Workforce/Army Acquisition Corps (AAW/AAC), page 21Introduction 41, page 21Governing regulations 42, page 21

    Chapter 5Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS), page 22Overview 51, page 22Governing regulations 52, page 22Coverage of DCIPS positions 53, page 22Registration of DCIPS personnel 54, page 22Career program referrals 55, page 22

    Chapter 6Career Program Unique Policies, page 22

    iiiAR 690950 31 December 2001

  • ContentsContinued

    Section IIntroduction, page 23Civilian Human Resource Management (CHRM)(CP-10) 61, page 23Coverage 62, page 23Functional officials 63, page 23CP planning board 64, page 23DA staff career program managers and MACOM career program managers 65, page 23Managers, supervisors and employees 66, page 23GS-15 placement policy 67, page 24Special selection policy 68, page 24Intern policy 69, page 24

    Section IIComptroller (CP-11), page 24Coverage 610, page 24Functional officials 611, page 24CP planning board 612, page 24Placement and promotion policy 613, page 25Intern policy 614, page 25

    Section IIISafety and Occupational Health Management (CP-12), page 25Coverage 615, page 25Functional officials 616, page 25CP planning board 617, page 25Placement and promotion policy 618, page 25Lateral reassignments 619, page 25Key position concept 620, page 25Intern policy 621, page 26

    Section IVSupply Management (CP-13), page 26Coverage 622, page 26Functional officials 623, page 26CP planning board 624, page 26Intern policy 625, page 26

    Section VContracting and Acquisition (CP-14), page 26Coverage 626, page 26Functional officials 627, page 26CP planning board 628, page 26Placement and promotion policy 629, page 26Intern policy 630, page 26

    Section VIQuality and Reliability Assurance (CP-15), page 27Coverage 631, page 27Functional officials 632, page 27CP planning board 633, page 27Placement and promotion policy 634, page 27Intern policy 635, page 27

    Section VIIEngineers and Scientists (Non-Construction) (CP-16), page 27Coverage 636, page 27

    iv AR 690950 31 December 2001

  • ContentsContinued

    Functional officials 637, page 28CP planning board 638, page 28Placement and promotion policy 639, page 28Intern policy 640, page 28

    Section VIIIMateriel Maintenance Management (MMM)(CP-17), page 28Coverage 641, page 28Functional officials 642, page 29CP planning board 643, page 29Intern policy 644, page 29

    Section IXEngineers and Scientists (Resources and Construction) (CP-18), page 29Coverage 645, page 29Functional officials 646, page 30CP planning board 647, page 30Professional registration 648, page 30Placement and promotion policy 649, page 30Intern policy 650, page 30

    Section XPhysical Security and Law Enforcement (CP-19), page 31Coverage 651, page 31Functional officials 652, page 31Placement and promotion policy 653, page 31Intern policy 654, page 31CP planning board 655, page 31Lateral reassignments 656, page 31Key positions 657, page 31

    Section XIQuality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)(QASAS) (CP-20), page 31Coverage 658, page 31Functional officials 659, page 31CP management committee 660, page 32Placement and promotion policy 661, page 32Special provisions 662, page 32Intern policy 663, page 32

    Section XIIPublic Affairs and Communications Media (PACM)(CP-22), page 32Coverage 664, page 32Functional officials 665, page 32CP planning board 666, page 32Placement and promotion policy 667, page 32Intern polic...


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