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1. Cloud Computing & Learning Disabilities At CSUN 2011 By Shilpi Kapoor, BarrierBreak Technologies 2. Challenges of LD Reading Writing Language Communication Math In addition, might face Visual Challenges. 3. Tools for LD Reading Tools Speech Synthesizers/ Screen Readers Word Prediction Tools Proof reading programs Abbreviation expanders Symbol learning tools And these are just a few.. 4. Problem as we see it Too many tools Too many different concepts to learn Difficult to keep adjusting to different environments Setting up customization Needs change over a period 5. Cloud is the answer One login Multiple tools in one Customization settings stored in the cloud Can be extended as per user requirements Can be extended beyond the browsing experience 6. Web Assist Toolbar 7. Web Assist Features Speech Point and Read Read Page Read Paragraph Jump Headings Prediction Word Prediction Synonyms Thesaurus Symbols Point and See Page in Symbols 8. Page Customization Features Zoom In / Out Linear or Columnar View Disable CSS / User Style Sheets 9. Additional Web Assist Features Speech Multiple speech synthesizers Speed Dictionaries Create or Share User Dictionary Provide Topic Specific Dictionaries Symbols Create or Share User Libraries Provide Topic Specific Dictionaries 10. Environments for Web Assist Plugin for browsers Will be extended as a software as a service for Windows and Mobile Environments 11. Let Technology be Inclusive! Visual Hearing Mobility Learning Elderly Accessible Web Development POUR Accessibility Testing Accessible PDF Conversion Digital Talking Book Conversion 12. Where to contact me? email: office: +91-22-2686 0485/6 Connect with me at: Shilpi_Kapoor 13. Thank you for listening Any Suggestions or Recommendations?