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Cloud Thailand Alliance (CTA)


  • 1.CLOUD THAILAND ALLIANCE (CTA) () SaaS CloudComputing Cloud Cloud Thailand Alliance (CTA)CTA Local Cloud Service Provider Data Center CTA SaaS : SaaS Cloud Service Provider :1. Cloud Service Provider 1.1 1.2 Technology1.3 Cloud Computing2. Cloud Service CTA 3. Cloud Computing

2. CTA Cloud Service Provider 5 1. () 2. ( ) 3. 4. 5. ()CTA 2012 Road Map MonthActivities June 2012 Press Release Cloud Focus Group#1 August 2012CTA Forum#1 October 2012 CTA Forum#2 December 2012Cloud Focus Group#2 3. In collaboration with () Anise Asia (Thailand) Anise Asia Joyent Cloud Management Software SmartDataCenter (SDC) Public Cloud StarAnise Cloud Joyent Public Cloud 7 Joyent SmartDataCenter (SDC) Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Intel, Google, Apple, Amazon Web Services, IBM, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Anise Asia (Thailand) Internet Thailand Company Limited (INET) Public Cloud StarAnise IaaS PaaS Open Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD Windows Performance Web Application (Apache, MySQL, PHP) Moodle, Drupal, Joomla Unix Platform Java, Python, Perl, C, C++ Node.JS Platform Performance 20 Service Package Small Medium Large PK1 PK2 PK3PK4 PK5 PK6RAM (in GB)0.25 0.5 1248Storage (in GB)102030 60120240VCPU1 1 1122SmartOS/Plus Price1,100 1,400 1,900 3,200 6,400 11,400MySQL/PaaS Price1,100 1,400 1,900 3,200 6,400 11,400Linux Price 1,900 3,200 6,400 11,400Windows 2008 Std. License 4,200 7,400 12,400Windows 2008 Ent. License 5,200 8,400 13,400 : 333 1 27A 10900 Tel: +662-6188638 Fax: +662 6188640Email: Website: Facebook: aniseasia (thailand) 4. 2011 IaaS, PaaS SaaS Cloud Services (Creativity) , (Commercialization), (CustomerSocial Response - CSR) (e-Business) (Gateway Services) (B2B and B2G) e-Customs Gateway e-Payment Gateway 14 e-Business Solution Portal Hub e-Logistics traders e-Customs Paperless Gateway, e-Payment Gateway, e-Manifest Gateway, ShippingNet , Air Sea Road (ASR) Portal , Cargo Permit, Marine tradeinsurance software Vendor Pay perUse IBM CLOUD POWER Platform ISO/IEC 27001 Standard Software Development Platform Cloud Hosting Base 719/8-9 Rama VI Rd., Wangmai, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330Tel: +66(0)2 219 5558-9 Fax: 66(0)2 612 3513 5. () () 25 10 ISO 20000 IT Service Management ISO 27001 Information Security Management 6 () 100% Cloud Software as a Service Cloud Cloud Technology :Hyper-V, VMware Supports :First tier service desk support (option) Autoscaling : Yes IT Managed Service - System, network, database, and security (option) Base Plan Details : CPU : 1vCPU, RAM : 1 GB, Disk : 60 GB for OS, 20 GB for Data, Load Balancing :Network load balance on web servers, Bandwidth : Share based, Operatingothers can be provided upon requirement system : MS Windows 2008R2 Monitoring :24 x 7 System Operator for the monitoring Processor : 64 bits Programming Languages Supported : Java, PHP, .Net programming Security Infrastructure Enterprise Firewall with clustering and : Root Access : For particular customer to perform tasks of intrusion prevention system its own virtual server Computing Category :IaaS : Windows Server. PaaS : . Java, PHP, Virtual Private Servers : VPS in secure environment as needed .Net Backup System : Tape backup and replicate to DR site Control Interface : Virtual server that independently interface to each server 25 /... . 12, 18, 20 10120 . 02-684-8484 792 6. (Disaster Recovery Center) () TOT Internet Data Center (TOT IDC) () TOT IDC TOT IDC TOT IDC Data Center Application ICT Co-location Cloud Computing (Disaster Recovery Center) Cloud Service Offer:Cloud AppStore (SaaS) Cloud Connect Online Software Department Store Hi-speed Internet upload TOT Contactless Cloud Value Added Services (Pay Per Use) Firewall App Shared Server VM AntivirusCloud AppEngine (PaaS) Backup Snapshot Payment Gateway Extra IP Addresses Database as a Service Load Balancer Member Portal VPN Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Domain Name RegistrationCloud VM Store (IaaS) Reverse Proxy Virtual Private Server /24x7 Managed Service & Alerts Online Self Service (OSS) , Console OS Server Linux Windows Server Application () 89/2 3 10210 Telephone: 1100 Email: Website: 7. True IDC 2546 3 TRUE LGU+ True IDC Data Center ISO 2 IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO/IEC 27001:2005 True IDC ICT (Co-location Service) (Back-up), (Security & Firewall), (Managed VDO Conference) Cloud Computing (Public Cloud) True IDC Cloud Service Offer:18 True Tower, Ratchadaphisek Rd., Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310 [ Tel : +66(0) 2699-1400, or, E-Mail :][Facebook page: Cloud Thailand ]


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