colour wheel lesson 4: painting primary and secondary colours

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  • Colour WheelLesson 4: Painting Primary and Secondary Colours

  • BIG PictureConnectorColour Wheel DiscussionPainting Demonstration: Mixing secondary colours.Review

  • Outcomes All pupils will paint the primary colours.Most pupils will paint some of the secondary colours.Some will paint all the primary and secondary colours smoothly and inside the lines.

  • Red + Blue=________Blue + ______= Green_____+ Yellow= Orange Red, blue and yellow are types of _____ colours.Purple, green and orange are types of _____ colours.Answer these questions:7) Why are red, blue and yellow called this?8) Why are purple, green and orange called this?Fill in the gaps below on how to mix colours...Connector

  • Colour Wheel

  • Painting TipsTo paint neatly and with control.Clean the paint brush in between mixing.Paint in one brush stroke in the same direction. Keep the paint smooth and even.Keep my work station and paint mixtures clean and tidy.

  • Mid/Final Review: Write a target in your sketchbook

    I need to use less water in my paint mixture.I need to use less powder paint in my paint mixture.I need to use less paint and water on my brush to paint carefully up to the edge of the line.I need to use the large brush for large areas and the tip of the small paint brush for the details.I need to paint smoothly by painting in one neat direction.I need to make sure the colours are painted int eh right place.

  • Levels HighLevel 4C Accurately, neatly and evenly painted blending some colours together using different tones of harmonious coloursLevel 3A Accurately, neatly painted using different tones of harmonious colours Middle

    Level 3B Painted using different tones of harmonious colours but more care needed to be taken

    Level 3CPainted using different harmonious colours work needs to be neater and painted evenlyLowLevel 2A Colour wheel Painted correctly but needs more time and care to painting so work in paint is neat and even, and not going over the lines

  • Cleaning Up...

    2 students to wash up2 students to take items to the sink for washing up1 student to collect up powder paint traysTABLES MUST...FOLD the newspapers for reuseClean their tables with a wet sponge/cloth

    WASH hands at the end of the lesson!!!2 students to collect paintings after the review.Complete the clean up activity when your table is clean!

  • Clean Up Activity: Create a word search with the words: Powder Paint, Primary Colours, Secondary Colours, Paint Brush, Colour Wheel and any others you can think of.

  • Tidy Up Activity-Unscramble the words:OWDPER AITNPANITP RUSHBRULRURIARYPM LOORUSCCONDARYSE OURSCOLCOOURL LHEWE Extension: Create a word search with the above words in for your partner to find the words.


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