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  • Complete Rules for RunningDeadlands with the

    Savage Worlds Rules!

  • Deadlands created by Shane Lacy HensleyDeadlands, Weird West, Dime Novel, the

    Great Rail Wars, Lost Colony, the Deadlandslogo, and the Pinnacle logo areTrademarks ofPinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. 2003Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

    Savage Worlds, Smilin Jack, and the SavageWorlds logo are Copyright 2003, Great WhiteGames, Inc.

    This document may be distributedfreely with no alterations.


    Deadlands: The Savage WestConversion Guide for Deadlands Classic to Savage Worlds

    by Shane Lacy HensleyCover by Chris Appel

    Interior Art by Ron Spencer and the Doomtown CCG Gang

    Pinnacle Entertainment GroupPO Box 10908

    Blacksburg, VA 24062-0908

  • Howdy, partners! As you may know, you canplay Deadlands in three completely differentrules sets. Theres classic Deadlands, with allthe chips, cards, dice, and six-gun zaninessyou grew up on. Theres also that new-fangledD20 version with classes, hit points, andlevels. Steve Jackson Games even makesGURPS Deadlands, for perhaps the mostrealistic version of the three!

    But now Pinnacle has this new Fast!Furious! Fun! set of rules called SavageWorlds, and some of you have a hankerin totry it out on the Weird West. Its only naturalthat you do, since Savage Worlds is based offthe Deadlands miniatures game, The GreatRail Wars.

    Weve always been pretty proud of thatgameits won every major award out thereand still has a huge following despite our notbeing able to support it the way we originallyset out to.

    Now weve come full circle, and a lot offolks want to play both Deadlands and TheGreat Rail Wars with Savage Worlds, which hassome nifty new tweaks from the experienceof five years and thousands of players. In thisbook youll find rules for playing theDeadlands roleplaying game with SavageWorlds. Look for The Great Rail Warsconversion, as well as Hell on Earth and LostColony as well!

    What This Is & What It AintInside this book youll find rules for

    converting Deadlands characters into SavageWorlds, as well as brand new Edges &Hindrances, weapons, spell and gizmoconversions, and more! What you wont find is

    Players Guide

    a complete conversion of every singlecharacter, critter, spell, and device weve evercreated. That would fill more saddlebags thaneven los diablos could carry.

    Making CharactersLets start with this most important piece

    of advicedont convert player characters! TheSavage Worlds system is very carefullydesigned to make heroes of certain powerlevels. Any conversion we do would upset thisbalance. If you take a maxxed-out classicDeadlands Harrowed gunslinger, for example,hed easily be Heroic or even Legendary inSavage Worlds.

    Instead, the Marshal of your new gameneeds to tell everyone what rank he wantsthem to bewhether Novice, Seasoned,Veteran, Heroic, or Legendary. Start yourcharacter from scratch and advance himthrough the Savage Worlds experience systemas usual. Mimic your heros special abilities,skills, Edges & Hindrances as much aspossible, but dont look for a literal translationof every single ability because there isnt one.

    Its a little easier for GMs to convertcharacters because he doesnt have to worryabout balance so much. Guidelines for thatare included on page 22.

    Starting FundsCharacters in Deadlands start out with $250

    and the clothes on their back. Thats nodifferent here. See the equipment and weaponlist in the Deadlands Players Guide (availablefor FREE at RPGNOW.COM) to purchase yourgear. Add another $50 to your starting fundsfor every levelling opportunity if youremaking an experienced hero.

  • 4 Deadlands

    New HindrancesThe following Hindrances arent in Savage

    Worlds, so heres the rules for them in theSavage West.

    Ailin (Major)Namby-pamby types have the Anemic

    Hindrance. This one is reserved for thoseailment-ridden hombres with a cold grave intheir near-future.

    Like Doc Holiday, your hero has areservation with the undertaker. Its just notbeen confirmed yet. The cause of his futuredemise is something like consumption(tuberculosis), diabetes, or cancer.

    Your hombre always subtracts 2 fromFatigue rolls made to resist physical exertion(but not Agility rolls from things like bumpsand bruises).

    At the beginning of every game session,before chips are drawn, the lunger must makea Vigor roll. If failed, he moves into the finalstages of his disease and subtracts 4 fromFatigue rolls. The next time he fails this roll,he perishes by the end of the session, butonly after the climax of that nights adventure.

    Big Mouth (Minor)

    Loose lips sink ships, the saying goes. Yourscould dunk an armada.

    Your hombre is always flapping his gums atthe worst time, revealing plans and givingaway secrets best kept among friends.Hucksters in the party had best beware ofthese loose-talking nitwitsthey out theirhexslinging friends faster than crap through agoose.

    Grim Servant o Death (Major)And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and

    his name that sat on him was Death, and Hellfollowed with him.

    Revelations 6:8

    Your heros a killer. His familys probablypushing daisies, his enemies are worm food,and even a few of his friends have holes inthem that are suspiciously the same size ashis very own shootin iron.

    Only Wild Cards have this Hindrance.The good news is your hombre adds +1 to

    every single damage roll he ever makes,whether its from Fighting, Shooting,Spellcasting, or even Throwing things atpeople in a most inhospitable manner.

    The downside is that your hero winds up inthe hoosegow or on the run a lot. But theresmore than that, amigo. Any Shooting orThrowing attack roll that comes up snakeeyes automatically hits the nearest friendlycharacter in sight. Player characters arealways first choice, but an allied NPC will doin a pinch.

    Even hand-to-hand attacks hit allies whensnake eyes come up. This may require a littleimagination, but either the weapon flies outof the heros hand and strikes his friend, orthe hero must move adjacent to his ex-comrade and accidentally whack him.

    And yes, your bonus to damage countswhen hurting your amigos as well!

    Heavy Sleeper (Minor)A thunderstorm from Hell itself wont wake

    this Dozing Doolie.Your hero subtracts 4 from Notice rolls

    made to wake up, or Vigor rolls made to stayawake when on guard duty.

    Illiterate (Minor)If you were truly illiterate, you wouldnt be

    reading this paragraph now, would you? Butsince were talking about your character andnot you, you can read thisyour hero cantread!

    He can probably make his mark to signhis name, but thats about it. He doesnt knownumbers either, so its always fun to cut himout of his fair share of any loot his partymanages to come by.

    Illiterates cant read or write in anylanguage, by the way, no matter how manythey actually speak.

    LyinEyes (Minor)Lies just dont come naturally to this

    hombre. That sounds good, but often causesproblems when dealing with more nefarioustypes.

    Subtract 4 from any Persuasion rolls wherelieseven little white onesmust be told.

    Night Terrors (Major)Your hombre doesnt sleep well. In fact, the

    Land of Nod is a constant nightmare for him.He tosses and turns like a demon on a rack,and likely keeps everyone within a dozenyards of him awake with his nightly torment.

  • Marshal 5Players Guide 5The constant drain on your heros psyche

    causes him to draw one less benny per gamesession.

    One-Armed Bandit (Major)Youve been disarmed, literally. One of the

    damn things is gone from at least the elbowdown.

    Fortunately, whichever arm youve got leftis now your good arm. Subtract 4 from tasksthat require two good arms, such as Climbing,Swimming, and the like, and forget aboutdoing that whole two-gun kid routine.

    Slowpoke (Minor)Molasses on a cold day are faster than your

    hero. Reduce his Pace by 1. This is cumulativewith the Lame Hindrance if you really want tocompete in the next tortoise and hare race.You can guess which one you are.

    Thin Skinned (Major)Every little ol cut and scrape makes your

    cowpoke cry for mama.Anytime the character is wounded, he

    suffers an additional -1 penalty to all hisactions.

  • 6 Deadlands

    New EdgesYou cant have new Hindrances without a

    passel o new Edges, so here we go!

    Background EdgesThe following Edges are only available

    during character creation. Note that someDeadlands Edges, such as big ears, should beignored in favor of better Savage Worlds Edgessuch as Alertness.

    Arcane BackgroundSee No Mans Land in this document.

    BelonginsUse Rich instead.


    Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+This is a very powerful Edge in the Weird

    West. Unfortunately for most, its one of thosethings a character is either born with or hesnot.

    Brave characters adds +2 to their Gutschecks.

    Veteran o the Weird WestRequirements: None.So you want to be a hero, huh? A big,

    tough, experienced hero. No problem. Justcheck your sanity at the door, because thosewho have already been around the block afew times have seen things that would stopmost mens tickers.

    Veterans o the Weird West start at oneRank higher than normal, gaining all levelingopportunities normally.

    Theres a price, though. Draw a card from afresh deck (leave those Jokers in), and checkthe following table to see just what kind ofbad luck your hombre wandered into on hispath to studliness.

    Beware, because the results can be quiteextremefrom serious maiming to insanity.

    Youve been warned, compadre.

    Veteran o the Weird West

    Deuce: JinxedThis hombre ran into something that jinxed

    him bad. His lucks fin

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