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    8-11 May 2018

  • PROGRAMME Tuesday 8th May 2018 – P118 08:00 - 09:30 Registration/Coffee 09:30 - 09:45 Welcome: Dean of Engineering and Computing, Professor Ian Allison

    Welcome: UWS Executive Member, Mr Trevor Gabriele 09:45 - 09:50 Welcome & Introduction to SEEP 2018: Conference Chairman, Professor Abdul-Ghani

    Olabi 09:50 - 10:30 Keynote: Emerging Contaminants: Risk and Challenges for Water Quality in European

    River Basins and Plant Uptake. Solutions with Advanced Treatment Technologies Professor Damià Barceló, Director of the Catalan Institute of Water Research (ICRA) (Girona, Spain) & Editor in Chief of several Elsevier Journals

    10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break 11:00 - 11:30 Keynote: Renewable Energy Systems: Current status and prospects

    Professor Soteris Kalogirou, Editor in Chief of Renewable Energy 11:30 - 11:50 Keynote: Introduction to the Evening Round Table on High Quality Publication with

    Elsevier Mrs Fernanda Ogochi Senior Publisher for 9 Elsevier Journals

    11:50 - 12:10 Keynote: Controlled Phase Cycle: A new innovation for transforming low grade waste heat to electrical power Professor Jeremy Miller, Group Research and Solutions Manager, Spirax Sarco Ltd.

    12:10 - 12:30 Keynote: Energy Efficiency in Process Industries Professor Hussam Jouhara, Institute of Energy Future, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, BUL

    12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Tuesday 8th May, 2018 13:30 - 15:30 Session A1 Session B1 Session C1

    Solar Energy Room: P118 Chairman: Prof Soteris Kalogirou Dr Parag Vichare

    Biofuels and Biodiesel Room: P116 Chairman: Prof Francesco Di Maria Dr Zaki El-Hassan

    Battery/Energy Storage Room: P114 Chairman: Prof Mohamad Ramadan Dr Mojtaba Mirzaeian

    The estimated potential of solar power generation Dataset with 0.25-degree resolution in the belt and Road and adjacent areas (2015) Author: Zhan Qian

    Potential of bioethanol production-waste for methane recovery. Author: Lisandra Meneses

    Optimum design and hierarchical control for pv/ hydrogen/battery-based dc microgrid Author: Ying Han

    The changing economics of community energy – A review of community solar PV development in the UK Author: Colin Nolden

    Study on thermal properties and thermal stability of eutectic mixture: cacl2 . 6h2o-nh4cl-sicl2 . 6h2o as a phase change material for building applications Author: Wanchun Sun

    Battery thermal management system with liquid cooling and phase change material Author: Ziye Ling

    Is Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) a feasible option for Sub-Saharan Arica? : Investigating the techno- economic feasibility of CSP in Tanzania Author: Ahmed Aly

    Modeling of complex mass and heat transfer transitional processes of dispersed water droplets in wet gas flow in the frame of heat utilization technologies for biofuel combustion and flue gas removal Author: Monika Maziukienė

    Dynamic model supported approach for battery system selection in the transformer substation Author: Klemen Deželak

  • Fast layout design for commercial solar power tower plants Author: Francisco J. Collado

    Hybrid microalgae- activated sludge system for carbon-efficient wastewater treatment Author: Kasim Mohammed

    Life cycle assessment of lithium-ion traction battery: discussion on methodology development and GHG emissions performance Author: Siqin Xiong

    Solar detoxification of water polluted with fungicide (myclobutanil and boscalid) residues by photo-Fenton treatment Author: Simón Navarro

    Techno-economic analysis of bio-hydrogenated diesel production from biodiesel in Thailand Author: Chaiwat Prapainainar

    A review on critical aspects of lithium-ion battery overcharge Author: Yi-Hong Chunga

    One-step hydrothermal synthesis of ag@ tio2 nanoparticle towards dye-sensitized solar cell application Author: Yong Xiang Dong

    Sustainable dewatering of microalgae by centrifugation using Image 4-focus and MATLAB edge detection Author: Ruth Anyanwu

    Economic analysis of photovoltaic charging station with second life electric vehicle battery as storage system Author: Bo Bai

    Experimental evaluation of electrochemical activity of copper oxides and graphene originally deposited on copper substrates for potential dyesensitized solar cell applications Author: Abdul Hai Alami

    Are biomass boilers solution for low-carbon transition in households? Author: G. Stegnar

    Overcharge cycling effect on thermal behaviour, structure, and material of lithium-ion battery Author: Wang Zhi-Rong

    Assessing solar potential and battery instalment for self-sufficient buildings with simplified model Author: M. Kovač

    Process for the conversion of co, nox and co2 from the emission of a boiler, utilizing catalytic converters and airlift bioreactors with the microalga scenedesmus dimorphus. Author: Citlalli Arroyo

    On-board state-of-health estimation of lithium-ion battery based on grey relational analysis method Author: Xiaoyu Li

    Error analysis and auto correction of hybrid solar tracking system using photo sensors and orientation algorithm Author: Peng Jin

    Technical performance and its influencing factors of bioenergy for heat and power Author: Xu Li

    A sodium based dual-ion battery with Sn anode and ionic liquid based electrolyte Author: Wenhui Yuan

    Economic potential to develop concentrating solar power in China: A provincial assessment Author: Hua Tang

    A hybrid-model to debottlenecking the commercialization of oil palm biomass value-added products in Malaysia Author: Hong Loong Lam

    Reliability modelling of flywheel energy storage system for power system operational reliability assessment Author: Saket Adhikari

    Efficient solar water- splitting using WO3 photoanodes prepared by hydrothermal method in air and nitrogen atmosphere Author: Byeong-Kyu Lee

    Bioalcohols upgrading to hydrocarbon fuels over MFI/ Al2O3 supported catalysts Author: Polina Zharova

    Influence of equipment size and installation height on electrical energy production in archimedes screw based Ultra-low head SHP Author: Henrik Lavric

    TiAlN based spectrally selective solar absorbers with robust thermal stability: structural and optical properties Author: Wattoo Abdul Ghafar

    Biooxygenates cross- coupling for fuel components production Author: Chistyakov Andrey

    Determining the optimal operation strategy of the energy storage system with the residential photovoltaic system considering electricity usage and profits Author: Seunghoon Jung

    15:30 - 16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:00 - 18:00 Session A2 Session B2 Session C2 Energy Sustainability Room: P118 Chairman: Prof Hussam Jouhara Dr Evi Viza

    Fuel Cell Technology Room: P116 Chairman: Prof A.G. Olabi Dr Luc Rolland

    Wind/Energy Storage Room: P114 Chairman: Dr Fouad Al-Mansour Dr Michele Cano

    A Roadmap for c-Si Solar Panel End-of-Life Treatment Author: Sydney J. Edwards

    Dynamical modelling of a PEM electrolyser and fuel cell based hybrid electric vehicle Author: Fawwad Nisar

    Development of an automatic control algorithm for the window ventilation system using a logistic regression model Author: Hakpyeong Kim

    The soiling related power losses on solar PV systems in the Cyprus Author: Nafi Cabacaba

    Influence of mass transfer on electric performance of a unitized regenerative fuel cell during mode switching Author: Qing Guo

    Integrating wind energy into the electricity grid Author: Smail Houria Melle

    The individual diffusion factors of photovoltaic solar panels: qualitative research from north african companies Author: Chaabouni Amel

    Sizing of a photovoltaic/ wind/fuel cell hybrid power system with hydrogen storage for off-grid sites Author: Michael Okundamiya

    Application of numerical weather prediction model for offshore wind resource assessment in the philippines Author: Sherdon Nino

    Effect of collector tilt on the performance of the solar chimney power plant Author: Hakim KEBABSA

    CFD model of the effects of non-humidification and humidification of reactant gas on membrane for PEMFC Author: Oluwatosin Ijaodola

    Developments on Offshore Wind Resource Assessment for Low Latitude Regions Author: Sherdon Nino

    Numerical comparison between free and forced convection in cooling pv panels Author: Mohamad Ramadan

    The potential of agriculture waste as a biofuel for clean energy device (Fuel cell) Author: Raza Rizwan

    Compatible neighbours? – 25 years of spatial wind power development in Germany Author: Eichhorn Marcus

    Potential of the parabolic trough collectors use in the industry of Cyprus: Current Status and


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