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Content MarketingStrategy WorkshopAugust 24, 2015 // New York CityMichael BrennerHead of Strategy, NewsCred@BrennerMichael

Content marketing company that helps brands develop and execute their strategies onlineWe were founded in 2008 and currently have about 200 employees across the US, London and Dhaka

Goals for Strategy WorkshopUnderstand what an effective content marketing strategy looks like Determine where your content will live. Understand important site elementsUnderstand Editorial Strategy and gain clarity on editorial mission and topicsBrainstorm content ideas Understand distribution best practicesDetermine the measures of success@BrennerMichael


Content Marketing Strategy@BrennerMichael


Just 3 Things . . .The world has changed. Most content stinks.Attract people through stories they love.@BrennerMichael

Content today must compete with pictures of babies and kittens.@BrennerMichael

Ant that can be your brand5


Content marketing trends



We need to stop interrupting whatpeople are interested in, and start delivering what people are interested in.@BrennerMichael

Core components the way we need to think. We need to think different. 13


Weve all asked the question, why content marketing?

To set the stage, theres been a fundamental shift in the way we as consumers consume and share content. Momentous amount of content being created, consumed and shared. An amazing amount of content, the real question is how does a brand stand apart?14

We tune out

the noise.@BrennerMichael

Ant that can be your brand15



The secret to content marketing is that its not that hard. There are obstacles, but what were going to do is give you our secrets and let you know whats worked for other brands to drive a content marketing strategy.16

The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.- IDC -


The secret, content marketing is relatively simple. The buyer journey is just a series of question to be answered and we as brands have a role to play. Its simply to answer the customer questions.17

AwarenessConsiderationPreferenceOnline CommunitiesSearch EngineseBooksEmail NewslettersEditorial ArticlesWhite PapersPodcastsCase StudiesOnline VideosWebcastsVirtual Trade ShowsProduct LiteratureTrial SoftwareOnline Vendor Demos

Begindecision processMakedecisionIdentify business problem

Establish requirements/ build RFPAlign IT with business objectivesExplore technology optionsResearch solutionsDetermine solution strategyAssess ROIResearch products/ vendorsBuild short list


A more complex view, content marketing explained on a page. What types of different content we consume at different parts of the buyer journey.

Awareness, were wanting to learn, get our questions answered and read thought leadership.

Consideration, we want more types of content.

By Preference, theres less thought leadership and learning, and more about what makes your brand different.



Ann Handley: Take your brand out of the story. . . . . .Make your customers the hero.

Our Natural InstinctContentMarketingWhatBrandsPublishWhatCustomersWantCharity@BrennerMichael

As a brand, our natural instinct is to talk about ourselves. Customers are asking questions, they want to be informed and entertained, but we cant just do that because thats just charity.

So the way we balance is make your customers the hero of the story.

Take your brand out. How do you do that? You solve their problems at every stage of the journey.20

ContentMarketingYourBrandPurposeWhatCustomersWantExercise: Why does your brand exist? What purpose does it serve?@BrennerMichael

As a brand, our natural instinct is to talk about ourselves. Customers are asking questions, they want to be informed and entertained, but we cant just do that because thats just charity.

So the way we balance is make your customers the hero of the story.

Take your brand out. How do you do that? You solve their problems at every stage of the journey.21

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.-Content Marketing Institute

Not advertising or PR

It is continuous not campaign-based

Customer-focused, not brand-focused

Seeks to answer customer questions across the buyer journey

Owned media = An asset for your business with LTV and ROIContent Marketing Defined


The formal definition of content marketing.

NOT advertising or PR important

About helping your customers answer those questions in the journey theyre taking

Owned media its specifically content that lives on a brand owned media.22

The Promise of Content Marketing:

To earn your audience . . .

. . . versus buying it! @BrennerMichael


Key factors to content marketing success:

Documented content strategy and mission statementHave someone accountable for contentConsistently publish quality contentMap content to consumer journeyPaid DistributionFocus on Content SubscribersTrack Content Marketing ROI


Now: Give yourself a grade . . Best PracticeRYGHave a documented content strategy? Have someone managing contentContent hub maps to the consumer journeyPublishing quality, volume and varietySocial activation of contentPaid distributionFocus on Content SubscriptionsMeasurement template / ROI defined


Why is it important to have a documentedcontent strategy?

Content Marketing Mission StatementBecome a destination for [target audience] interested in [topics]. To help them [customer value].

This will help us [content marketing goals]Earn your audiences attention vs. just buying it Reach, engage and convert NEW buyers

AmEx Open Forum Example: Help Small Businesses Do More Business. To become the largest source of inbound leads.


Help your customers with something. Do their jobs better, become heroes. You need to fill in the blanks.


What Is Your Content Marketing Mission Statement?Become a (premier?) destination

for [target audience]

interested in [topics] to help them [customer value].


Help your customers with something. Do their jobs better, become heroes. You need to fill in the blanks.


Steps to crafting a content strategy

DiscoveryDestinationBranding + DesignRoles + ResponsibilityEditorial Strategy Distribution + OptimizationMeasurementCurrent StateTarget AudienceBusiness CaseMission StatementBudget


Who does what?Tech PartnerAgency


SEOPlatformsPaidOwned EarnedEmail Newsletter

Business Case KPIsDefine reportHow often



Building the content marketing business case1. Reach early stage buyers2. Engage new buyers with your brand3. Conversions you would have never reached


Corporate websites bounce rate are down at 40% because the only people going there are those who want to be there


60-70% of marketing contentgoes completely unused.

*Sirius Decisions



Behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it.TWEET THIS!


Conduct A Content AuditContent TypeAudience / TargetBuyer StagePrimary DestinationPerformance@BrennerMichael

No matter where you are in your content marketing strategy, NewsCred's Strategy Services team can help ensure you're successful.

Not only do we provide 24/7 global product support, but we also offer daily editorial curation and can help set your long-term strategy with customized consultations, workshops and brainstorms.

Look at Content by Buyer Stage66%28%Early-Stage ContentLate-Stage ContentMiddle-Stage Content6%@BrennerMichael

94% of all the content we were creating was for late and middle stages. Most of the content we made was promotionalwhy we were better.

However, more people are in the early stage, so we were completely upside down.

Your Business GoalsSelect one or more from the list (or add your own):

Create affinity for your core products and brands

To reach new potential buyers with unbranded search

To retain existing customers

Upsell existing customers / retention

Convert them through digital offers, paths to sale@BrennerMichael


Joe Pulizzi: Dont build your house on rented land. - Publish On Your Own Content Hub -@BrennerMichael

Consider Your Destination and Branding


Is it an on brand or off-brand strategy? Depends on your brand and goals.

Timeline totally unbranded. Off-branded domain. Branding thats almost invisible.

Monster you can see its completely in line with their corporate website. Logo, typography, similar structure.

Pepsi pulse completely reinvented their website. Seeking to be a destination about anything about pop culture. 39

Design StructureCategories across the top show visitor what space you are inImages help humanize the site and break textPublished content horizontally shows frequency (add dates and authors)Share buttons encourage social sharingMid-stage offer on rightNewsletter/subscription sign up


Categories across the top show visitor what space you are in

OPEN Forum41

Images are authentic and create context for the content

First Round Capital The Review42

Author bylines show authenticity and the dates show frequency / LOreal43

Share buttons encourage social sharing

Small Biz Ahead The Hartford44

Recommended or Most Popular


Capgemini Content Loop45

Heavy call-to-action + subscription

Four Seasons Magazine46

Define Content Marketing Roles and FunctionsContentMarketer / Editor

Strategizes, writes,and oversees content projects to ensure brand consistency and alignment with business objectives.


Distributes contentacross social channels, engages online communities, and contributes to content projects.


Brings content to lifethrough the user experience and rich visuals.


Any content creator-blogger, photographer, designer who contributes to your project.SEO / PaidSpecialist

Manages the paiddistribution of content online.


Defines best/ worst performers, conversion optimization and measurement communications.


Fines and re-purposes the best content from your business and from around the web.


These are not all necessarily people, but instead responsibilities. One of my first hires was a curator. Someone who finds and repurposes the best content from around the web. Look at what your audience is interested in.

SEO on the other hand, understand what kind of content you need to create.47

April 27, 2015

Editorial Strategy


Thinking and acting like a publisherMapping keywords to the buyer journeyThe persona filterThe importance of imageryThe impact of volume on reach and conversionWhat well cover in this section:@BrennerMichael


What Are We Going to Write About?@BrennerMichael

A lot of people jump to topics. Google trends, competitors, online properties serving needs. Thinking about topics and architecture is an important step.50

How brands can become consumed with their story, not their customers.Unique Point of View Trap@BrennerMichael


The Biggest Mistake Brands Make With Content Marketing Is Making The Content All About Them

Think and Act like a Publisher!


Thinking and acting like a publisher

Create the content your audience (actually) wants

Build an audience, then monetize it

Manage content as an asset with an ROI

Effective Editorial Strategy@BrennerMichael

How do you give a pile of bricks order?

What are different ways you could organize content?

Consider recurring themes / series / trigger events

Look at publishers in your space @BrennerMichael


Reach, Engage and Convert the Right People.

Early-stage SearchesMiddle-stageBrand SearchesSearch / Social Volume

What is Content Marketing?(10-3000 X)Who is the best Content Marketing provider?(2-10 X)NewsCred Content Marketing software is how awesome?@BrennerMichael





SecondaryEarlyXyzLateXyzXyzPersonaQuestions/ConcernsXyzMiddleXyzXyzKeywordsMainEarlyWhat is [your solution]LateHow much is [your solution][your solution]PersonaQuestions/Concerns[your solution]MiddleHow to succeed with [Your solution][your solution]KeywordsStageStageResearch Keywords, Then Filter By Personas@BrennerMichael

Key words appropriate61

Licensed ContentCustom ContentSocial ContentUtilize the Right Mix of ContentLicensed ContentBoost credibility, publishing cadence and direct traffic with a high-volume of fully-licensed, compliant content.Custom ContentShare on-brand stories and recipes which are created specifically for your brand.Social ContentLeverage snackable content through UGC that engages your target audience.

Custom ContentShare on-brand stories and recipes which are created specifically for your brand.Community ContentLeverage content from customers, employees, influencers that grows and engages your community.Licensed ContentBoost credibility, publishing cadence, and direct traffic with a high-volume of fully-licensed, compliant content.

Finding the right combination of licensed content, original content and social content is key to executing a well-rounded content strategy.

Licensed content gives you an easy way to access a high-volume of content from credible sources, allowing you to boost publishing cadence.

Original content gives you the ability to share hyper-targeted stories which resonate with your audience and are optimized for SEO.

Social content allows you to always stay topical and publish content that is buzzworthy and trending. Co-created content.

We call this combination The Rule Of Thirds a starting point. AS youre publishgin you can optimize.. Diversifying your content strategy allows you to scale in a way 62

Content Mix (Monthly Average)Custom Content20%User / Employee50%Licensed Content30%


How To Rank For SEO? The 3 Vs (Content Mix)VolumeNumber of posts on the topic

ValueThe best answer on the internet

VarietyText, images, video, slides



Imagery matters60,000 X the brain processes images faster than text.

78% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is very important in selecting and purchasing a product

94% more total views on...