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How to turn your Recruitment strategy into a Marketing strategy To grow your business…. 60 minutes every CEO should invest to solve their Talent shortage issues

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How to turn your Recruitment strategy into a Marketing strategy

How to turn your Recruitment strategy into a Marketing strategy To grow your business.60 minutes every CEO should invest to solve their Talent shortage issues

Tannen Ellis-Graham

Employee Referral Expert Talent Branding Guru Founder myReferral Squirrel Host of CareerKarma360 podcast Coach of CarerrClub360 - virtual [email protected]

WE are all Recruiters and we are all in sales IF we are all in sales and are all in sales what type recruiter or sales person are you being?

What if 60 minutes would solves one of your biggest problemsThe WAR For Talent is real

Problem 1: Your job ads are boring, stale, used, outdated, and.

Problem 2: Your application process is pure torture or from the stone age

Problem 3: Your Candidate communication is not working at all

Problem 1Job DescriptionHomework:Go read your job descriptions do you have a career page?Could you find them? *if you cant how do you thing a candidate doesReview Indeed boring? Findable?Review Glassdoor? How are you doing?Are you a great place to work? Do your Job descriptions say so? OLD: long ugly document that was created by a lawyer to protect you from being sued when you fire someone for not doing their jobNEW: Add a link in the body of the add OLD: A list of skills boring and not really a representation of your company/culture (not a Ad either)NEW: A well written Job Profile/description can increase your application by 250% over night. Why do people want to work here? Speak to your Target Employee?Conclusion: Does this Job Profile make the candidate want to apply and work for you?

AwarenessHow do they find us?Career site----nope Google 73% = Job Boards Desk Top ------nope Mobile in bed at nightAwareness: Heres what you need to doCreate or Optimize your career site:Add all jobs and job profiles to career site, #1PriorityOptimize job profile ensuring it is SEO-friendly, URLs including job title and locationCreate Job category and Job location sub-section pages Check your site speed; (google; page insights) Google loves links. To and from career site, maps, SEO is important

Google is your partner in hiring Let them help youGoogle AnalyticsCross-domain tracking Custom variables (coming from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Tag Manager Build and maintain code

ConsiderationIt might be nice to work here (brand) 1. Values 2. What you do/sell 3. Employee testimonials 4. Why work or stay hereOpportunity Benefits Employee growth Mission/VisionFit Process News

Candidate Experience Easy to find and understand your BRAND (talent and company) think the 4 must havesCareer site is easy to navigate tells a story Easy to apply (mobile or LinkedIn profile)>no long or hand written application what is this the stone age? (HR file is different) Easy to connect (every post, every page) can they contact you If your ready encourage social media interaction; FAQs help

If they have to click a lot (search around from page to page) you will lose them and or they become disengaged long apps kill 90% dont finish 49.7 > seconds poor fit76.7 > full read if they think its a fit

Complicated Forced to log inTo many steps or questions (every 3Qs or clicks -doubles the drop off rate)Form to complicated or longOpt out 90% after 5 minutes 67% Never receive communication after applying86% Feel abandoned after 1st email

Applying for a JOB 60%Mortgage 48%Health insurance 46%Student loan 32%IF they dont submit you cant commit Posting and Praying doesn'tt work anymore

Nurture and build a Candidate pool PUT YOURSLEF in Their shoes Think like a marketer Just like marketing nurture your candidate leads Use your budding talent network and job alerts to grow your poolUse your career workflow to enhance what you know about your candidate and remember they COULD be a current customer or a FUTURE customer OR know a FUTURE customer so be nice Consider adding Newsletter opt-in or Create a monthly newsletterSegment into different pools (engineers vs sales), develop specific content for each pool grow your awareness by engaging them; Remember they might be customers or know customers This can all be automated

Stats People are talking about 90% of people are open to a new job LinkedIn 65% of sessions (beginning engagement) dont start on the home page TMPW92% of consumers trust Referrals from people they know Neilson (what are your current employees telling folks they know) Business hat use Talent Marketing automation to nurture potential candidates results in a a 451% increase of qualified leads Annuitas Group

Candidate decision cycle what is it and why should we care?Consciousness



Desire They (even Millennials, from their phone) will do their research they will Google your company, read all about you on Glassdoor, they will talk to their friends or your employees if they are truly interested in the position and your company what will they find?


Brand Recognition: Products and ServicesCareer site (Values, People, Social goodness, Real People)Employer Brand Social Media Recruitment Marketing Referrals (Friends, Employees, Agency Recruiters)

Deliberation Social Engagement (Facebook LinkedIn)Realistic Job Preview (People Pictures)Job Postings (Job Profile) Application Process (short mobile)Video (products and employee)Reviews (Glassdoor)

Action Application Follow-up (Mobile LinkedIn)Interview schedule (Skype Face to Face- Follow-up)Offer Acceptance On-Boarding (*this makes or breaks the relationship)Assimilation (**part of on-boarding)Brand Advocate (How can they help) Culture Fit (Social good is good) Refer friends

Desire Communication (**Throughout the entire process NO MORE BLACK WHOLE) Follow-up (**even if they are not the one)Re-engagement (when you post again)

Employee Brand ambassadors: EVEN if they are not hired -YES it is possiable Raving Brand Fans

Candidate Experience what is it?The Candidate Experience is the collective result of ALL interactions you have with candidates in the recruitment marketing and hiring processPersonalization #1 Google Recruitment Marketing platform (ATS, CandidateCare360)Candidate surveyBenefits Alex (break down benefits BEFORE candidates starts0Recruiting coordinator team (yours or 3rd party)White Glove onsite interviews (welcome feel special water/mints)

How do we get started Candidate Experience Training: Recruiters and Executives Brand Training (or creation) Face to Face, on-line, roll playWriting a better Job Posting LinkedIn overhaulCareer Site Evolution (Key words, Photos and videos if possible)FAQs about the process, company, team Social Media start and grow (one person on a schedule = success) You can work with Customer Marketing hand in hand builds a better brandRecruitment Marketing: (retargeting) Buying ad space to drive awareness

Results Candidate Satisfaction UP Process satisfaction UP (candidate, Recruiter & Executives)Quality of hire UPRefer a friend UP (sometimes as much as 75%)Time to submit UPTime to fill UP (meaning it takes less time to hire)Recommendations to Friends and family UP (even if they didn'tt get hired)Pre-employment Glassdoor reviews UP

KEY TakeawaysIf you do nothing nothing will happen and you will lose the War FOR TalentYou dont need a big budget (iPhone videos work!) Think like a consumer marketer Take small steps/break things down Tie into company goalsPost your jobs where your candidates hang out

Its up to you as the Executive to endorse this process -