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Cornetto July 2011

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  • 1. Cornetto July 2011

2. Key Campaign informationEnvironment/PanelsKey Campaign Objective 1,044 Tap into the impulse market to drive StreetTalksales in UK seaside locations KiosksOther InformationInterception interviews amongst recent icecream purchasers 3. Three key types of impulse purchase identified Momentary Greatest influenceStandard possible in the final period Planned Influence potential gets stronger closer to purchaseSource: Impulse Purchasing Spring Research 2011 4. Ice creams tend to be standard or momentary impulse purchasesRational Emotional(Need)(Mood)Ice cream a treat that means something more Im happy, its hot, I am participating insummer/warmth/a good dayPlanned Standard MomentarySource: Impulse Purchasing Spring Research 2011 5. Impulse purchases need to be easy EMOTIONAL NEEDEmotional need of product STATEENVIRONMENT PHYSICAL Hunger, thirst, tiredness, weather, etc EMOTIONALMindset, associations, companions, etcCONTEXTUALLocation and time EASE Availability of product is keySource: Impulse Purchasing Spring Research 2011 6. StreetTalk perfect for dominating the coastalenvironment- Accelerating the impulse purchase, linkingemotional & physical triggers-Built up by high frequency, dominating the share ofvoice within the environment-Its everywhere!, You cant miss it- Amplified by high quality creative,displaying the product in all its glory- Especially relevant for a treat (has to win over theinner devil)Source: Impulse Purchasing Spring Research 2011 7. StreetTalk ideal for feeding the impulse decisionmaking processSpurring the momentary, short livedimpulseVisually striking promptFrequent messageTargeting the moment withfriends/familyTargeting the associated ice creamoccasionPrompting the treatpurchaseSource: Impulse Purchasing Spring Research 2011 8. Summary Three key types of impulsepurchase identified StreetTalk is perfectly placedto target impulsive purchasing,targeting people in the rightplace and at the right time 9. Want to find out more? Contact the JC Decauxresearch team to find out moreabout the project