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CREATING A BETTER TOMORROW Jane Muir University of Florida

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Presented at the 68th Annual ORAU Council of Sponsoring Institutions on March 6, 2013, by Jane Muir of the University of Florida.


  • 1. Jane MuirUniversity of Florida

2. Shortening the journey from discovery to market forFloridas tech start-up companies 3. National Business Incubator Statistics According to a recent NBIA survey: Companies that got their start in an incubator and graduated five years after graduation, 87% were still thriving Companies that get their start in an incubator 78% stay in the community where they were incubated Incubators are a key component to creating startups in a community 4. Facilities Incubators provide a space forcompanies to start and a venue to fosterconnections among critical components Technology Most abundant resource Entrepreneurs Least abundant resource Funding Follows opportunity appropriatelymatched with an experienced entrepreneur 5. Licenses/Research Invention Patent OptionsAwards Disclosures Applications Executed2011/12$644M 319266792010/11 619298145782009/10 678279120672008/09574 271151722007/08 562299167752006/07 583327156742005/06 519260115732004/05 494274133662003/04 475280121642002/03 458264127522001/02 428196 86592000/01 380204 64371999/00 295166 43281998/99 280136 4710 6. Start-ups are often the most appropriate(only) vehicle to bridge the technology gap 7. Innovation R&D HotbedsMIT, Caltech And the Gators?How the University of Florida moved to theMajor league of technology startups BusinessWeek - May 21, 2007 8. Shared FacilitiesAccess to shared officeequipment andamenities, includingconferencing facilities and alobby receptionist.All-Inclusive LeasesShort-term, leases thatminimize financial commitmentand includemaintenance, commonareas, property tax, utilitiesand high-speed internetservice. 9. ModernLaboratoriesModern laboratories withaccess to biological safetycabinets, fume hoods, DIwater, vacuum, autoclave andmore.Room ForExpansionOur flexible and scalableoffice areas growalongside your business. 10. InformationAccess to the vast resources of scientific andbusiness information located within the UFlibrary system.High-SpeedDataEconomical, flat-rateoptions forphone, datalines, and videoconferencingcapabilities. 11. Weekly SeminarsWeekly seminars and events providetraining and networking opportunities 50 Events in 50 Weeks 12. Create virtual teams Pair teams withpatented technology Provideentrepreneurialtraining Launch 13. Office of Technology Licensing is aTenant Source of innovation for starting companies Average more than dozen startups per year Drives traffic and creates collision Resident Partners Service Providers and Venture Capitalists Pay rent and provide pro bono advice 14. MPM Capital Saliwanchik, Lloyd &Eisenschenk Synogen Wolf Greenfield Edwards Wildman Harbert VenturePartners Hutchison Law Group James Moore & Co 15. The Hatchery Programcreated for individualsaspiring to start a company 3 month program = $400 Access to Mentor in Residence Training & networking events 16. First building in Innovation Square 24/7 Live Work Play environmentClose to UF and Downtown Home to 4,000 faculty 50,000 talented students, $600 million in research average 300 new discoveries annually 17. MindTree Limited is a global IT and product-engineering services company with over 11,000MindTree Minds around the world.Established US Development Corporation in theInnovation Hub April 2012- recently moved into renovated building- 65 employees; projected 400Conversations with a number of other majorcompanies - ability to start immediately is appealing 18. 26 companies currentlyin the building 8 graduates > 200 jobs created >$7 million in privateinvestment 19. Shadow Health - one of first tenants tograduate in July; moved to 6,000 square feet ofspace in a vacant building downtown Two rounds of financing totaling > $1million; hired 24 new employees,launched its signature product interactive software that uses a virtualpatient to teach students in the healthcare fields effective communicationand assessment skills. 20. 99.7% of companies in Florida have fewer than 100 employees Those same companies provide 82.4% of all jobs in the state 62.9% of Florida businesses employ between 2 and 9 peopleSource: Florida Trend January 2011 21. Richard Florida:Gainesville leads thenation in projectedpercentage growth ofcreative-class jobs 22. Commercializing research discoveries to make theworld a better place Creating companies that create jobs Bringing private investment to community Generating licensing revenues to fund moreresearch Enabling university to attract and retain toptalent faculty 23. Jane MuirUniversity of