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  • Welcome!

    Creative Bedfordshire!4th February 2016!

    Ent.Shed at The Gordon Arms !Bedford!

    7 9 pm!

    FINDING YOUR VOICE !hosted by Sandra Dartnell !for Bedford Creative Arts!

    Our speakers this month represent spoken word and online self-publishing. Lee Nelsonof Utter Lutonia and WordFest, and blogger Zoe-Lee Skelton will give short

    talks telling us how they found their voice and developed their audience, creative practice and reputation.!

  • Mentions!Bedford Creative Arts !@wearebca!

    Business TimeBank

    Culture Challenge!Are you a creative or cultural practitioner with something to offer young people or schools?!

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  • Mentions!Sole Traders Tax!Handout!

    Claire !@AddisonAccounts!


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  • This evening includes a chance to shout-out about your latest work, and to chat informally.!There are people in the room who you can talk to about Finding Your Voice in Music and Song Writing, Photography, Radio, Public Speaking, Print, Pop-ups, Community projects and Social Enterprise, Illustration, Design and Art plus many more !!

    #creativebeds #bedfordshire #centralbeds !!

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  • We encourage you to connect with the people you meet tonight on LinkedIn.!Create a profile, connect and create a network of creative professionals. !!

    LinkedIn is the hub from which we share event presentations via SlideShare.!!

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  • Lee Nelson!Representing spoken word: Lee!

    @Twitter Handle!Zoe-Lee Skelton!Representing blogging: Zoe-Lee. !!!

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  • Lee Nelson!.!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Lee is well known in Bedfordshire for the spoken word events Utter Lutonia and Wordfest. His email is Hes not to be confused with that other Lee Nelson.!

  • Lee Nelson!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Involved in the organisation and delivery of the Luton Fun Place 2014.!.!

  • Lee Nelson Poet and Poetry Promoter!

    I perform at various events in London and Beyond!

    I do Edinburgh most years, have previously done Glastonbury!

    I organise, compere and co-ordinate UTTER Lutonia !

    LUTONIA Festival in Luton New developments . . .!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Who am I and why am I here?!

  • Where it all began . . .!

    Where it began again . . .!

    What you decide to do differently . . .!

    Making connections and maintaining them . . .!

    Pursuing ambitions . . .!

    Setting the tone . . .!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    What have I done and what do I do?!

  • The main thing to decide is WHY you are doing something.!

    Whats the motivation? !

    Your reason for doing your thing will colour the what, where, when and how!

    and the who and how you reach them . . .!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Finding a voice and spreading the word!

  • Be sure of your EMPHASIS this is what makes your thing the thing your people want.!

    Have a clear policy/approach to booking acts (and pay them if you at all can).!

    Have an attitude and style that is consistent and is drawn from you and your audience.!

    Go to all the other gigs and steal the best bits . . . !!

    Dont do too much of your own stuff . . . !!

    Be sure of WHY you are doing it.!

    How to get it right for you and your audience!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!


    Luton Festival 5th March to 2nd April 2016 Over four weeks, 30 events embracing different art forms including poetry, art, film, theatre, dance and music along with circus acts, author workshops and debate, will take place across the town.!!

    Word and more in Luton in March 2016!

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  • Zoe-Lee Skelton!Zoe-Lee is a blogger based in Central Bedfordshire. Her blog is called Secret Diary of a Scavenger!

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    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!

  • Zoe-Lee Skelton!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Starting out!

    My blog began as a way for me to document my scavenged and found object artwork hence the name. But over the years it has grown to encompass my many other interests like photography, craft, fashion and writing.!


    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!Finding my voice!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!Finding my voice!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!Finding my voice!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!Finding my voice!

    Handmade Accessories by RagnBow!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!Finding my voice!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    @Twitter Handle!@ZoeLeeSkelton!

    Finding your voice - tips!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    A break. If youd like an introduction please ask me. !

  • Sue Hughes !Sue Hughes from Arts Council England, will talk about the Grants for the Arts programme of funding, including how to apply and tips for successful funding applications. !

    Key sources of information!Initial questions to Enquiries team on 0845 300 6200 or 0161 934 4317!


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  • Bedpop Science Lab!@Twitter Handle!

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    @Twitter Handle!!

    @Twitter Handle!


    Bedford Central Library & the Higgins will transform into the BedPop Science Lab on 12 March 2016 during British Science Week.!!!

  • The Princes Trust Explore Enterprise !Details of the Bedford Course in 2016.!Venue: The Place, Bradgate Road, Bedford, MK40 3DE !Information Sessions 9th or 24th March at 12.00pm!30th Aug or 5th September @ 12.00pm!Course Dates 29th March 1st April 12th 15th Sept!

    Key sources of information!

    Pick up a leaflet here tonight. !

    Register an interest by calling 01438 730520 !between 9.00am and 5.00pm!You must register in advance.!

    Princes Trust Explore Enterprise For people Aged 18-30, living in !England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, who are unemployed !or working fewer than 16 hours per week, with a business idea!to explore!!


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  • News from Bedford Creative Arts !@weareBCA!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Selfie Slot Car Championship Workshops Dunstable, !15th - 20th Feb!

    Selfie Slot Car Championship - Race Day Dunstable, !5th March!

    Handbag by Geraldine Pilgrim!Leighton Buzzard, 15th April 2016 !

    Follow BCA on Facebook !!

  • News from Bedford Creative Arts !@weareBCA!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Open Forum 2016 is a series of FREE events for practicing visual artists offering advice and support. !

    Saturday 19 March 2016 artists one to ones. Full details!

    How do artists establish themselves? Panel Discussion: Sunday20 March 2016!Panelists: Emma Hill (Eagle gallery)Catherine Hemelryk (NN Contemporary Art) Alex Michon (Transition gallery)Chaired by Matt Roberts. Full details !!

    The aim of Open Forum is to provide advice to artists in regions where the commercial sector isless visible.!

  • @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Over to the room. Who wants to say something about their creative business or creative need?!

  • Shout outs!Circus of Illustration!Love Conquers All Exhibition and Drink and Draw at Pavilion at the Park!!!

    @CreativeBeds !#CBNetworking!

    Addison Accounts - Accounts Workshops !!

    Also Harpur Trust 450 Years grants!!

    Peter McDonald-Ryder from the Media at Bedford College. The media students are looking fora female actor 20-25yrs to play major role in locally produced short film. Also highlighting the media students' ability to produce showreel content for local individuals and businesses. Contact Media at Bedford College via!

  • Shout outs!Martin Steers!Home Counties Community Media