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  • The Art of EngineeringGreat Mobile Apps

    Complete guide to mastering custom app development & marketing



    The future is mobile computing smartphones and tablets are just

    elements of it. The industry is one the verge of a whole new paradigm.

    -Thorsten Heins, Blackberry

    A new era dawned with the launch of iPhone in 2008. Since then, themobile ecosystem has seen unprecedented changes having far-reachingimplications. Today, on average people check their mobile devices

    once every 6 minutes! Smartphones andtablets now outsell PCs and laptops.

    Given such a meteoric rise in the popularity of these devices, it ismobile apps which have and continue to garner attention. Lastmobile apps which have and continue to garner attention. Last

    year on Apples iPhone 5th anniversary, the app storehad already witnessed a whopping 50 billion

    app downloads.

    As more businesses realize the importance of having apps tocomplement their brands, the competition levels for getting ones

    app noticed has skyrocketed signicantly. It is equallyimportant to remember that successful appsimportant to remember that successful apps

    are not built overnight.

    It takes considerable strategic planning, razor-sharp focus and a goodamount of marketing eorts to make an app successful. Without this,

    its certain that your app will nd its way to the graveyard.

    This e-book will guide you on how to go about building, launchingand marketing your mobile app. Remember, as Greg Hickmanof rightly puts it Apps are all aboutof rightly puts it Apps are all about

    creating solutions that customersactually want and need.

    Good Luck!


    Idea Generation

    Checking the Feasibility

    Finding the Right Mobile Developer

    Avoiding the Fatal Mistakes

    Wireframe, Design & Development

    Gearing for the Launch

    Implementing Marketing StrategiesImplementing Marketing Strategies


    Idea GenerationPeople buy when they are ready to buy not when you need to sell

    Consider this age-old adage. It is as truer for mobile apps as it is for any other product. Your app has to solve a problem or address a critical unsolved need/want. Without it, there are fewer chances for your app to survive.

    Your rst step should be to understand whether your business actually needs an app. This depends on your objectives and user requirements too. In case, you want to provide some basic functionality, a responsive website would best serve the need. Dont just build an app for the sake of it.

    Get a feel of the market

    Research suggests that almost 4.6 billion people on this planet already own a mobile device. This is fueling the app market too since, users now rely, on their hand-held devicesdevices for everything. As with any other business, you should completely understand the app marketplace. The best place to start with is app stores. Try and nd out whats trending including top-performing apps.

    Spend some time downloading and using the apps to know how the best apps work. The more you study and experiment with apps, the better. Apples Store frequently displays which apps are Top Paid, Top Grossing and Top Free. Keep a check on this chart regularly.

    Read customer reviews on the app stores. These reviews are a golden mine of information of what works and what does not. Analyze why an app is ranked so high, what is in it that keeps the users hooked, how it is solving the users problems or needs.

    AlsoAlso check out a particular apps rank consistency. If it has been fairly consistent, delve deeper into it.


    Hunt for the successful apps

    Its fair enough to follow the footsteps of successful apps. It helps you understand the anatomy of a perfect mobile app. Its absolutely ne if there is an app thatresembles your idea. You can build your idea on theexisting app and provide users with a better solution.

    Remember,Remember, its not necessary that you have an original idea every time. Sadly, many developers dont get this concept and end up spending time, money and eorts to implement ideas just for because it is unique. Your app need not be unique to become successful. The mobile app market is taking o and theres a lot of room for improvement in existing apps out there. is a great resource especially if you want to nd out the bestperforming apps for iOS platform.

    Once you have generated an idea and have a decent understanding of the market, its time to check out how feasible your app is.


    Checking the FeasibilityBefore moving onto the development stage, its necessary to checkthe feasibility of your app idea from all angles.

    Technical limitations

    There are countless amazing mobile app ideas that are either technically challenging orimpossible to implement. For instance, indoor navigation is a dicult concept toimplement. The devices come have inbuilt GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer. These can be used to measure the altitude of a hand but it is impossible to track and measure when a person moves backward and forward using an app.

    Financial considerations

    Minimum investment required to build a basic mobile app starts with a few thousanddollars. Theres no upper limit to this as a lot depends on the complexity of the projectand functionalities to be implemented. If you require a high-quality app, you will need to shell out considerable money. So, if youhavehave a solid idea, its better to check out the nancial feasibility as well. Even if you thinkof investing a good amount of money into making your app idea a reality, think about theROI you will earn. A detailed explanation of regarding mobile app costs is discussed inthe next chapter.

    Furthermore, apps requiring specic functionalities like counting the rings in real-time when a user makes the call are also dicult to implement. It becomes extremelychallenging to program/code the application that makes it possible to calculate the number of rings made automatically in real time. Platforms such as iOS dont allow making tweaks to their existing standards. This ultimately means that certain apps are dicult toimplement altogether.


    Skill sets

    Even though you might be a developer, programmer or coder, its worth checking out whether you or your in-house team will be able to implement your app idea in the manner you want. Remember, certain mobile app projects require a high-level of technical expertiseespeciallyespecially if you want to build a native app(iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows). Sometimes, its good enough to hire experienced mobile developers to get the best app for your users.

    After you have checked feasibility from all sides, its time to look out for an experienced mobile app developer who will help transform your idea into reality. It can be real tough to nd the right developer as the market is ooded with people who call themselvesdevelopers but in reality know little about the mobile landscape. The next chapter will shed some light on how to look out for the best developer. The next chapter will shed some light on how to look out for the best developer.





    Finding the Right Mobile DeveloperAs a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong personis the most costly mistake you can make. - Brian Tracy

    The success of your mobile app to a large extent depends on how it is built and designed. Therefore, its crucial to hire the right mobile app developer for your project because a slight wrong decision can destroy your project. Heres what you should ideally dowhen hiring a developer.

    Places to look out for hiring developers

    The internet is full of places where you can go looking for experienced developers. All you need to is just GOOGLE. LinkedIn can be a great starting place to search designers anddevelopers. Google+ is another popular destination for searching app developers. The best part is that you get highly-talented designers and developers here at aordable prices.

    You can even look out for professional mobile app development agencies/companies here. Joining Developer Forums like iPhoneDevSDK, XDA Developers Forum for Android and Apple Dev Forum is equally helpful. Registration takes less than a few minutes on these sites. You can easily post your job descriptions and in no time you will start gettingproposals from many developers across the globe.

    Another way to nd good developers is to look out for agencies that have won awards or been featured in top tech news magazines/websites/blogs.


    Cost of building a Mobile App

    One question which frequently bothers business owners is what it costs to build a mobile app. Before answering the question, its important to know the kind of mobile app you want to get built. There are basically 5 types of mobile apps

    A basic app without a backend is certainly costs less than apps that require complexdatabase setup. Examples of such apps include a calculator app, budget planneror a diet planner.

    A moderately complex app requiring setting up a database/server wherein the data isexchanged via an API is costlier than simple applications. Such apps require a robustbackend so that content is exchanged back and forth frequently. These projects involvea lot of Quality Assurance as well as Performance Optimization. Examples of these appsinclude event based search apps, map apps, news/press centre apps, city-guides, barnding apps and taxi apps. A majority of utility apps fall under this category.

    Data driven