customers: how to find, sell, wow and keep them. a 360º view

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Customers: How to Find, Sell, Wow and Keep Them. A 360º View SALES & MARKETING Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Join us to learn detailed strategies and tactics that help you understand your ideal customer and what it is that they really want to buy. We'll also outline a 360º approach to integrating sales channels and customer feedback that keep customers buying. MaineBiz Momentum Presentation Moderated by Laurie Banks, Perry & Banks, Inc., Susan Dench, The Muddy Dog; Sage Peterson, Strategic Sales Advisor


  • 1. Customers: How to Find, Sell, Wow and Keep Them Laurie Banks Perry & Banks, Inc. Susan Dench The Muddy Dog Media Sage PetersonStrategic Sales Advisors A 360 View Sales & Marketing

2. Presenters Laurie Banks President of Perry & Banks Integrated Sales & Marketing Susan Dench President of the Muddy Dog Media Sage Peterson President of Strategic Sales Advisors 2 3. Todays Savvy Buyer is: Informed Skeptical Wants to be Heard Self-Directed Looking for the Best Customer Experience Your New Brand Partner Customer 2.0 3 4. Todays Savvy Seller is: ATrustedAdvisor Solves the Problem Understands the Difference Between Client vs. Customer Long Term vs. One Sale Business 2.0 4 5. Best Bang for the Buck Path toTrustedAdvisor Status Valuable Relevant Actionable Dont Sell. Tell. P.O.P.E. Content is King 5 6. Who is your Ideal Client Personas Describe Discover Define 6 No matter what or whom were talking about, frommovies to chiropractors to books to financial planners,the consumer hankers after specialization. Susan Friedmann, author ofRiches in Niches 7. Why Invest Time & Effort in Client Personas? Organizational view of the client Understand clients specific needs and motivations Messaging that speaks directly to your clients Client retention is less expensive than client acquisition Get clients involved with the brand Forge and sustain a long-term, emotional connection Define 7 8. Developing Client Personas Talk with your clients and anyone involved in sales Form a few archetype personas finding commonalities Describe persona category Think about your products and match to each category Think about marketing messages Consider how your company can engage with each persona Make sure your client personas are updated Define 8 9. Research Primary Secondary Ask the Right Questions Find 9 10. Learn More About Individuals 10 11. Learn More About Companies 11 12. Learn More About Industries 12 13. Toolbar Resource 13 14. Divide and Conquer Everybody is in Sales Sell 14 Greeter President/Owner Warm-Up Sales Team Closer Finance Up Sell President/Owner Happy Customer 15. TestDifferent Messages. MonitorBehaviorand Actions. Listen.Dont AlwaysTalk at Them.Sell 15 16. The Right Customer Create quality content that your target market needs, attracting prospects into your sales funnel . Generate leads from sources you trust to deliverqualified prospects. Find and use keywords that will attract your target prospects. (ie tax returns vs. business advisory services) Sell 16 17. Ask for Referrals Set upan affiliate and partner programto get the word out. Askyour customers for referrals. Createa contest. Sell 17 18. The Art of Attract leads by playingup your positives. Differentiate yourselffrom the competition. Spend time buildingmeaningful relationships. 18 WOW 19. Dont Rush through the Sale Education your prospects about the benefits you provide. Use social proof, such as case studies and testimonials, todemonstrate how youve made many others happy. Let them experience the benefits of your product or service througha free trial so they realize they cant go another day without it. Set up an automatic email or direct mail series that willgradually lead your prospects through the sales cycle. 19 WOW 20. Dont Wait too Long to Follow-Up Systemize and automate your follow-up process. Be a trusted expert, not just another vendor. 20 WOW 21. Customer Feedback Loops Start at the Front Line with Empowered Employees Engage Social Media Get Personal (Pick up the Phone. Visit) Incitements Build A Relationship Be Relevant Be Flexible Keep 21 22. What are you doing tobecome a trusted advisor? Keep 22 23. Laurie Banks Perry & Banks, Inc. [email_address] [email_address] [email_address] http:// Questions/Contact 23 Susan Dench The Muddy Dog Media Sage PetersonStrategic Sales Advisors 24. Thank you.