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Marketing Makeover presentation and tips from Dawn Doherty of StreetEasy. Presented at REMarTech on April 29, 2010 in New York City. Learn more at http://greenpearlevents.com/remartech.


  • 1. Social Marketing Makeover ReMarTech Academy April 2010

2. Why Should I Bother? Social Media is a free way to connect to your ideal clientAdvertising does note resonate with todays consumerThey want to meet you online- connect to what sets you apart and your voiceThe goal is to drive your ideal client to your website/ blogFacebook, Twitter, Linked in etc..drive views to website/ blogDevelop a Social Media daily plan that works for you 3. Our Victim- Gus Waite VP, TREGNYRental professionalFilmmaker with Real Estate video library and Apartment building photo databaseOur mission: Optimize online presence so ideal clients will FIND HIM 4. The Social Media Funnel Content Presence EngageIdeal Client directed to my Site 5. Presence Branding- How do I want to present myself to the online world?Gus is the friend who happens to be a RE agentConsistent messageURL was available- www.yournyagent.comHigh quality picture that captures your imageBio- describe your strengths and mission of your business 6. Content The focus is to create content that gets posted REGULARLY to your websiteCollect/ Develop and Organize content (online libraries)Youtube channel for video (Gus preferred medium)Flickr for photos (develop sets by neighborhood, etc)Evernote for text and everything else (web pages, snapshots) 7. Content (continued) www.yournyagent.com will be a site where:Gus posts daily video blog with editorial captions/ Shares thoughts through written posts/ Showcases his New York imagesVisitor will be compelled to:Subscribe to feed (receive updates of new posts)Share with their communities (Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn)Contact Gus with Real Estate needs 8. Communities Drive Views www.twitter.com/yournyagent www.facebook.com/yournyagentwww.yournyagent.comHome- PostsGus BuildingsAbout Gus Contact MeNewsletter opt in/ Subscribe 9. Engage- Facebook Fan Page Post daily- be consistent with what your audience can expect to receive from you (NY offerings, neighborhood tips)Compelling pitch Why should I become a fanLink to blog postsStart getting Fans after posting 10 timesShare with personal FB friendsEmail to Outlook/ contacts introducing Fan Page and why they should join 10. Engage- Twitter Post several times a daySeek people to follow through real estate keywords on www.search.twitter.comNew York Real Estate, Relocation, ColumbiaFollow NY real estate @streeteasy, @citydawn, @jonathanmiller and follow who they followEngage- answer and pose questions 11. Daily Plan- 30 Minutes Sun- Blog Post DayMon- Twitter, Facebook and review sitesTues- Nice Forum DayWed- Customer Focus DayThurs- Reading DayFri- Business Specific Youtube andFlickr DaySat- Take a well deserved day off or trade with Sun 12. Heres to your success! Dawn Doherty VP Strategic Development StreetEasy.com www.facebook.com/internetagen t www.twitter.com/citydawn