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Twitter LabA Presentation of Digital Discipleship Boot CampLifelong Learners in the New Media Age

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsThis presentation to be given online as a LAB Feb.25,20141

Welcome toDigital Discipleship Boot CampTwitter Lab Session

A Presentation of Digital Discipleship Boot CampLifelong Learners in the New Media AgeDeanna Bartalini

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsOur Three Social Media Tools

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsThe three tools we will use in DDBC are Facebook, Twitter and Digital CatechesisFacebook is the tool for this lab.


Objectives Create a Twitter Account Understand Privacy Settings Define terms Learn how (why) to follow people Why use twitter for ministry?

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsThis lab is meant to help people complete their Part 2 LAB ASSIGNMENTS, found on the handout given to you at Orientation 4

Create a Twitter Account

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections


Create a Twitter AccountNO!

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections1- if you tailor twitter based on recent web visits- theyre tracking your info (generally companies do this for 2 reasons- 1 to give you a more personalized (better) experience and 2- gather marketing info. Price isnt free now its info instead of $. If you want the most security, dont click this. 2- remember your name/username/email can be used as search and name/username are public.3- when you create account, youll get an email to click for verification. Also answering similar questions as before.6

Edit Profile Anytime

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsEdit Profile Anytime

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsAccount Settings

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsProfiles same techniques you decide what to share with ppl, in terms of location, website, bio info. Also- note- EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS if youre annoyed with too many notifications, go there and uncheck boxes.9

Account Settings - Mobile

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsTwitter = a micro social networking site

Tweet = 140 character update. Public by default! Can include photos, links, etc.Defining Terms


Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsYou go on twitter to send tweets. You do not twitter or go twittering 13

Following = the people who could show up in your newsfeed

Followers = the people who want to hear what you tweetDefining Terms

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsObvious, I think! Not just about numbers, but they give you an idea of how active a person is14

Hashtag= the numbers symbol (#) that allows conversation on a topic

Class hashtag = #DDBC2016

Defining Terms

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsDirect Command = (@username) that allows you to tweet directly to a person

Example = @rmanlandro

Defining Terms

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections


Retweet (RT) = sending someone elses tweet out to your followers (they get credit)

Defining Terms

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsSymbol notes its a retweet- your name is smaller and the original photo / username shows upGood way to find / promote other twitter accounts17

Twitter Chat = interactive conversations on a specific topic at a specific time. Uses hashtag

Defining Terms

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsThis is both account username and hashtag- not always so.Also, this is established, repeating chat- not always so Can be confusing to participate in, but if youre up to the challenge- lots of great people and resources.18

News Feed = your dynamic personalized home page. Depends on time, day you log in and who youre following

Where are these tweets you speak of?

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsSo each persons is different. HOME page is different than PROFILE page.This screenshot is from a PC will be different for Apple or mobile devices.


Navigation Bar

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsTop bar - Home = your home page stats, latest tweets, twitters suggestions on who to follow@connect = see who youve interacted with#discover = trending conversations (or find one)ME = profile page your tweets, interactions, etcSearch = search for name, email #hastagtopic anythingGEAR = account intoBlue pen = Compose tweet20

View photo / media / click on linkReply (adds @username and references tweet)Retweet (1 click to your followers)Favorite (similar to like)More (to embed or email tweet)

Interacting with a Tweet

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections


Finding PeopleLearn how (why) to follow people Why use twitter for ministry?Search Box (name, username, email)Who to follow (suggested by twitter- some promoted)Watch Retweets and quotes for interesting people

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections


Finding Out More- Profiles

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsClick their name for a popupClick their image or go to full profile for moreOr click follow button if you know right away!23

Common Craft: Twitter in Plain English (2 min video) http://www.commoncraft.com/video/twitterTwitter Tutorial 2013 (12 min. video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h08SlngA2zkNewbie Guide to Twitter (article) http://news.cnet.com/newbies-guide-to-twitter/ How to participate in a Twitter Chat (5 min video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAWtiOPe4-I

Tips for Using a Twitter Wall as an Event Organizer - http://blog.livetweetapp.com/how-to-live-tweet-event-organizer/Twitter Tutorials

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsHere are some links to YouTube video tutorials a couple years old but still worth watching if you want to understand FB more thoroughly.24

A GREAT Resourcehttp://bit.ly/1d07yK4

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsCheck out Ed Tech and Mobil Learning for GREAT Educational applications for Twitter.25

Questions?You may contact your coach or email me, Deanna Bartalini, at notlukewarm316@bellsouth.net in regard to this lab session.

Copyright 2016 Interactive ConnectionsHomework Reminders

Remember to go to our class blog Orientation and introduce yourself. Read through intros and comment on several.

By the end of this week you need to be signed up for: WordPress, Gravatar, Wikispaces, and Twitter.

Copyright 2016 Interactive Connections


Join the Conversation

Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #DDBC2016

Come to our FB Group Digital Discipleship Boot Camp and converse with your DDBC friends

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Thank You for Attending this GoToMeeting Webinar

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