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  1. 1. Life as a Digital Apprentice Debora Figueiredo @Little_Figs #LAS14 #DApprentice
  2. 2. Ive been mobile since I can remember
  3. 3. Raised around technology All around me First iPad in 2010 I was 13 yrs old Commodore 64 vs Game Cube
  4. 4. Lazier? ?Automated? No ambition?
  5. 5. Baby boomers Gen Y The dumbest generation?Gen XGen Z (Digital natives)
  6. 6. If stereotypes are right I would work with a lot of old peopleWho are out of touch with todays technologyWith no fashion sense
  7. 7. FastA wealth of knowledge at my fingertips
  8. 8. I am generation F acebook I was 8 yrs old 13 yrs old and connected in the virtual spaceFacebook Needs You!
  9. 9. Facebook has its benefitsBuild new relationshipsConnecting people Share great content Fan pagesStaying in touch Brand awareness
  10. 10. Technology changes the education experienceDigital as a career?
  11. 11. Choices College or Apprenticeship?College isnt for everyoneFormal didnt suit me
  12. 12. I found The Apprentice Academy online
  13. 13. Work experienceStill getting qualificationsEarn While You Learn Ready for the workplace Fastest route to your dream career
  14. 14. Spoke with my parents Research Support Apply Waited
  15. 15. Kept me updated Interview training On track of everything
  16. 16. My last interview was with DPGDPG plc specialise in developing managers, leaders, L&D and HR professionals with professional CIPD & ILM Qualifications.DPG is proud to be the UK provider of the New World Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model
  17. 17. A Digital Apprentices Tool KitDigital curation
  18. 18. Social as a career? Grew up with social media to connect with friends= Today, I use it to connect with clients Stay in touch Keep the conversation going Keep them engaged
  19. 19. Passion is the key to a great careerIm passionate about social mediabloggingapprenticeships sharing great contentHRlearning developing
  20. 20. What will the future of Digital Apprentice look like?
  21. 21. Debora Figueiredo @Little_Figs