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Desire2Learn Series Training. Desire2Learn Overview. Introduction. What is D2L? What D2L can do for your course? How much do you want to do in D2L?. D2L Basics. There are basic components of D2L you should be aware of: News Items Content Discussions Dropbox Quizzes Grades - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Desire2Learn Overview

Desire2Learn Series Training

1IntroductionWhat is D2L?What D2L can do for your course?How much do you want to do in D2L?

2D2L BasicsThere are basic components of D2L you should be aware of:News ItemsContentDiscussionsDropbox QuizzesGradesEven though you may not use every component in D2L, it is a good idea to be aware they are there!

3D2L loginTo log into D2L; use your OCU username and password

4The Homepage/Course HomepageYour homepage will have your news from admins, all of your courses, your settings, role switch, and admin toolsYour course homepage will have similar features, but just for that courseYou course homepage has a navigation bar where you will find each of your course components

5News ItemsThe news is where you post information to students they need to know. This can include due dates, recent articles etc

6ContentContent is where you post the materials for the course. This includes reading assignments, PowerPoint presentations, videos, links etc

7DiscussionsDiscussions are where you engage students in conversations about items related to the course.

8DropboxThe dropbox is where you have students upload written assignments

9QuizzesQuizzes are for all other assignments you do not need to grade independently from D2L

10GradesGrades is where you will keep student scores. You can adjust grades in several ways.

11Additional Features of D2LChatSurveysClasslistGroupsLocker

12ConclusionYou can make your D2L courses as simple or complex as you like!Your course should be easy for YOU and students to access!You should make sure that your D2L course is supporting student learning!

If you have any more questions, please contact me:Beth ocuonlineinquiry@okcu.edu405-208-5584Thank you!13


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