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Presentation of how a company should go about making over their web presence.


<ul><li> 1. ExtremeMakeoverWhat most Bef bomb ore thisand goes off diescompanies everyoneshould do toimprove online </li> <li> 2. And we are...Martin Deinoff Fredrik Marcus Creuna Senior Vice Creative Director Not just another President agency :-) </li> <li> 3. Question:Is the qualityof most digitalsolutions asgood as theyshould be 2011 ? Dont wo We fix it rry </li> <li> 4. Development Digital Technology Physical Products Interruption Marketing Rolling Stones 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Time </li> <li> 5. Development A few companies gets it right Most companies dont 1995 1999 2004 2011 Time </li> <li> 6. Answer: Nope...95% is not as goodas they should be ng e not talki es And wer e compani es about th </li> <li> 7. This is a......BIGwaste! A BIG wa ste </li> <li> 8. YES! OR WE COULD PLAY SOME GOLF? YES! YEAH! YES GOLF! </li> <li> 9. Makeover time meet Harry thes Bad breat gged clo h Top notch Ra uesH ealth iss Bad com plex ion Before After </li> <li> 10. Some things to think of Graphics UsabilityLayout Validation Accessibility Conversion FunctionalityClarity Control Touch 404 pages :-) ContextTypography Nomenclature Navigation Interaction </li> <li> 11. UsabilityTypography You WILL get whatInteraction TouchConversion :-) Nomenclature Accessibility Graphics Control 404 pages Layout Validation Clarity FunctionalityNavigation Context you deserve Mediocre </li> <li> 12. Keepthe Do only great stuff. There is a zillion others doing what you do sofocus you have to do it better </li> <li> 13. Content isking, contextis presidentIts not only whatyou say - its how andwhen you say it. </li> <li> 14. ile is ve? ry hotMob isnt it </li> <li> 15. The devil isin the detailsThe details are notthe details. Theymake the design.- Charles Eames </li> <li> 16. Back to Harry Top notch </li> <li> 17. Back to Harry Top notch Still an ass </li> <li> 18. Time Tools MediaInforma tion OpinionsUsers </li> <li> 19. Do marketing theway people wantyou to market nueto them. If y ou contiy :-) a the old w Dont lie Get permission Show prices Dont interrupt Be relevant Include users </li> <li> 20. Be TransparentIt is better to be goodthan to say that youare good. </li> <li> 21. Be efficientBe careful with users time.If you always help users,even when you dontunderstand how you willbenefit from it, you will. </li> <li> 22. Engage indialogueSocial is not a typeof media its amindset. </li> <li> 23. Again, Harry Great personali ty Top notch </li> <li> 24. Again, Harry Great personali ty Top notch Stil l so wro ng </li> <li> 25. Everythingthat canbe digital Includin gy offering our </li> <li> 26. ConnectivityIf the things you do arenot part of the net,dont expect yourcommunicationto be. </li> <li> 27. Platform over productPhysical products will lose power over time Virtual products will gain power over time </li> <li> 28. Sometimesbeing physicalcan be greatThe software willincreasingly drivehardware, not theother way around. </li> <li> 29. Sometimesbeing physicalcan be great </li> <li> 30. Finally Harry Perfect </li> <li> 31. Keep focusContext over contentDevil is in the detailsTransparencyEfficiencyDialogueConnectivityPlatform over productVirtual drives physical </li> <li> 32. Thank you!Question?Applause?Protests? @fm @martindeinoff Follow us, we are nice people 8-) </li> </ul>