diy fair visit in madrid for grundtvig project "educating entrepreneurs in traditional arts and...

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This presentation shows in detail the visit to the 'Do It Yourshelf ' Fair in Madrid, november 2013, by the Spanish group from Cáceres. The visit is part of the activities planning for the European Grundtvig Programme "Educating Entrepreneurs in Traditional Arts and Crafts".


  • 1. (DIY) Do It Yourself Fair CEPA Maestro Martn Cisneros Cceres (Espaa)European Grundtvig Project- Educating Entrepreneurs in Traditional Crafts and Arts, 2013-15

2. Aims To learn about the world of handicrafts. To get to know first hand the worries and concerns of small business entrepreneurs. To show the pupils the advantages of being an entrepreneur. 3. Fair overview 4. Starting the adventure 5. Going inIn the queue 6. Accessories 7. Textile 8. Unique presents and original designs New ideas with the most surprising results 9. Footwear 10. Bags 11. Badges 12. Customised clothing 13. Striking babies 14. Soaps 15. Pictures 16. Stucco masks 17. Sweets 18. Miscellaneous objects with paper mache 19. Piatas 20. Assorted biscuits 21. Corporate image 22. Business creation and advertising