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Connecting To The Fastest Growing DMA in the US


  • 1. BACKGROUNDThe 2010 Census has had a profound impact on how we see ourselves as a nation. With headlinesreading: Minority Population Grows 42%; Non-Ethnic Only Grows 5%. The coverage has been inevery marketing news outlet for the past several months.Every marketing departments inbox will expect an email from the CMO with a link to articles withthe question, What is our strategy? Not What is our multicultural strategy? The census hasshown weve moved beyond that. Connecting your brands to cultural America will now be anintegral part of every marketing strategy.All the data points to the importance of the multicultural market to our businesses today, andmarketing to a diversied consumer means reaching out to a growing population rather than agraying population. Populations that is in the marketing sweet spot and whos peak earning yearsare now! twitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr

2. THE IMPACTOF A MULTICULTURAL CONSUMERtwitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 3. OUR PANEL Philip Polk.. Director Segmentation Marketing John Hernandez .. Customer Technology Marketing Yovany Jerez .. Corporate Talent Manager Dan Vargas .. CEOWith Guest Moderator Roberto Gomez .. DMA Atlanta Board Member 4. 2010 CENSUS OVERVIEW100,000,00050,000,00030 Years of 3 digit GrowthData From: U.S. Census Bureautwitter :@DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 5. ATLANTA, GA 1970487,533twitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 6. GEORGIA 2010 twitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 7. KEY Preguntas Did the 2010 Census eect your marketingplanning or do you see more brands trying toconnect with a diverse audience? twitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 8. KEY Preguntas Have marketers been slow to understand theimportance of ethnic authenticity? twitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 9. KEY Preguntas Why is cultural marketing still perceived asthe special program or placed into silobudgets or is that starting to shift into theoverall marketing strategies? 10. KEY Preguntas In your view, what is the correct approachto reach a multicultural audience from a CMOperspective? 11. KEY Preguntas Do you see in the next 10 years multiculturalmarketing to be part of the overall marketing mix orwill we still be justifying the reasons to connect? twitter : @DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr 12. KEY CONTACT Roberto Gomez Jr.DMA Atlanta Board Member - Cultural Direct Marketing Specialist, Author, Speaker and Hispanic Community direct: 678.517.3333 I [email protected] :@DMAAtlanta @rgomezjr