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****Dream Of The Night

::::::::::Tracklist::::::::: 01 Sirenia Sundown 02 Autumn The green angel 03 Tristania Mercyside 04 Nightwish Stargazers 05 Hamka Sand glass 06 Trail of tears My comfort 07 After Forever Through Square Eyes 08 Evanescence Weight of the World 09 Darzamat Vampiric Prose 10 Delain Silhouette of a dancer 11 Epica Seif al Din 12 Theatre of tragedy Highlights 13 Lacuna coil Fragments of faith 14 Tarot - Ashes to the stars 15 Within Temptation The Howling 16 Leaves Eyes Skraelings

****Dream Of The Skull

::::::::::Tracklist::::::::: 01 Autumn Satellites 02 Tristania Sacrilege 03 Angtoria God Has A Plan For Us All 04 Delain Shattered 05 Trail of tears Decadence becomes me 06 Hamka Ignition 07 Kamelot Ghost opera 08 Darzamat Labyrinth Of Anxiety 09 Epica Illusive Consensus 10 Imperia Fly Like The Wind 11 Therion Blood of kingu 12 Theatre of tragedy - Senseless 13 Nightwish Nemo 14 After forever Discord 15 Sirenia The last call 16 Leaves Eyes The Crossing 17 Penumbra The last bewitchment

Dream Of The Wolf

::::::::::Tracklist::::::::: 01 Leaves Eyes Dream 02 After Forever Estranged 03 Within Temptation Jane Doe 04 Sirenia Lethargica 05 Visions Of Atlantis State Of Suspense 06 Nemesea Empress 07 Trail Of Thears Back Off 08 Trail of Tears Sign Of The Shameless 09 Epica The Last Crusade [A New Age Dawns Pt 1] 10 Lacuna Coil Daylight Dancer 11 Nightwish The Kinslayer 12 Theatre Of Tragedy Aoede 13 Tristania Crushed Dreams 14 Asrai Shadows 15 Atargatis Angels Crying 16 Evanescence Everybodys Fool

****2007 Dream Of The Dead

::::::::::Tracklist::::::::: 01 Sirenia Manic Aeon 02 Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice 03 Delain The gathering 04 Cradle of filth Temptation 05 Epica Quietus (grunt version) 06 Darzamat In The Flames of Black Art 07 Lacuna coil Angels Punishment 08 Tristania The Modern End 09 Sinergy Me, Myself, My Enemy 10 Autumn Premeditated dying 11 Hamka Ghosts of desert 12 Leaves Eyes Legend Land 13 After Forever My Pledge of Allegiance #1 14 Trail of Tears Caffeine 15 Theatre of tragedy Begin and end 16 Nightwish Ghost Love Score

2008 Dream Of The Wizard

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 Trail Of Tears Obedience In The Absence 02 Evanescence Taking Over Me 03 Avantasia Feat. Sharon Farewell 04 Leavess Eyes Secred 05 Sirenia Euphoria 06 Lacuna Coil Purify 07 Persephone Immersion 08 Nightwish Dark Chest Of Wonders 09 After Forever Wings Of Illusion 10 Asrai In Front Of Me 11 Nemesea Lucifer 12 Tristania Equilibrium 13 Autumn The Coven 14 Theatre Of Tragedy Venus 15 Seether Feat. May Lee Broken

*****2006 Dream Of The Beast

::::::::::Tracklist::::::::: 01 Autumn Gallery Of Reality 02 Trail Of Tears Liquid View 03 Sengir Ultimate Rest 04 Penumbra The Last Bewitchment 05 After Forever Come 06 Sirenia Sister Nightfall 07 Edenbridge Terra Nova 08 Darzamat Labyrinth Of Anxiety 09 Benedictum Uncreation 10 Lacuna Coil- To The Edge 11 Theatre Of Tragedy Storm 12 Tristania Wormwood 13 Leaves Eyes Leaves Eyes 14 Ebony Ark Dead Mens Lives 15 Nightwish Wishmaster

2006 Dream Of The Black Lady

:::::::::: Tracklist::::::::: 01. Leaves Eyes Elegy 02. Trail Of Tears Bloodred Trance 03. Epica Dance Of Fate 04. Ebony Ark Thorn Of Ice 05. After Forever Face Your Demons 06. Tristania Evenfall 07. Autumn This Night 08. Beseech Illusionate 09. Sinergy Suicide By My Side 10. Lacuna Coil Our Truth 11. Nightwish Sleeping Sun 12. Skeptical Minds Treasured Felony 13. Sirenia On The Wane 14. Nemesea Mortalitas Part 4- From Beneath You 15. Evanescence My Last Breath 16. Benedictum Benedictum

2005 Dream Of The Killer

2005 - Dream Of The Killer

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 After Forever Attendance 02 Black More Night Fire At Midnight 03 Camelot March Of Mephisto 04 Tristania Heretique 05 Within Temptation Gatekeeper 06 Edenfridge Shine 07 Epica Force Of The Shore 08 Trail Of Tears The Call Of Lost 09 Leaves Eyes The Thorn 10 Nightwish Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean 11 Alexorian Rising Of The Storm 12 Midnattsol Dancin With The Midnight 13 Sirenia Star Crossed 14 Lacuna Coil Tight Rope 15 Aina Flight Of Torek

*****2005 Dream Of The Mistress

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 Aina The Beast Within 02 Sirenia In A Manka 03 The Old Dead Tree We Cry As One 04 Kamelot Feat. Simone The Hauntig 05 Within Temptation The Other Half 06 Nightwish The Riddler 07 Trail Of Tears Disappointinent 08 After Forever Glorifying Means 09 Elexorien Dryads And Trolls 10 Leaves Eyes Solemn Sea 11 Nemesea Disclosure 12 Tristania Aphelion 13 Avantasia Serpents In Paradise 14 Epica Mother Of Light

2005 Dream Of The Warrior

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 Nemesia Beyound Evil 02 Sirenia In My Darkest Hours 03 Myriads Encapsulated 04 Lacuna Coil Unspoken 05 Trail Of Tears Ecstatic 06 Edenbridge Wild Chase 07 After Forever Reflections 08 Cradle Of Filth Gilded Cunt 09 Avatasia Into The Unknow 10 Nightwish The Siren 11 Tristania Hatred Grows 12 Leaves Eyes New Found Land 13 Epica Consign To Oblivion 14 The Gathering Third Chance

2005 Dream Of The Vampire

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 Nightwish Romanticide 02 Angra Feat. Floor No Pain For The Dead 03 Nemesea The Taker 04 Apocalyptica Bitter Sweet 05 Lacuna Coil Heavens Lie 06 Sirenia A Metal Symphony 07 Myriads Dream Of Reality 08 Trail Of Tears A Fate Sealed In Red 09 Epica Another Me _In Lack Ech_ 10 Big Dismal Feat. Amy Lee Missing You 11 After Forever Feat. Sharon Beyond Me 12 Evanescence My Immortal 13 Vision Of Atlantis Lost 14 Tristania Circus 15 Leaves Eyes Temptation 16 Cradle Of Filth Castlevania

2005 Dream Of The Snake

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 Astrai Pale Light 02 Tristania Lost 03 Nemesea Three Fold Law 04 Leaves Eyes Oceans Way 05 Cradle Of Filth Nymphetamine 06 Evanescence Haunted 07 Sphera Human 08 Autumn The Silent Madness 09 Trails Of Tears Crashing Down 10 Within Temptation Stand My Ground 11- Lacuna Coil 1.19 12 Theatre Of Tragedy Samantha 13 Sirenia Sirenian Shores 14 Nightwish Dead Gardens 15 Madder Mortem Necropol Lite 16 After Forever Victim Of Choise 17 Cell Division Fingerprints

2005 Dream Of The Witch

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01 Sirenia Voices Within 02 Leaves Eyes Norwegian Song 03 Magica Mountains Of Fire 04 Nightwish Planet Hell 05 Trail Of Tears Splendid Coma 06 Atreon Beyond The Last Horizon 07 Theatre Of Tragedy Image 08 Epica Run For A Fall 09 Tristania World Of Glass 10 Lacuna Coil Heir Of The Dying 11 Within Temtation Enter 12 Xandria Kill The Sun 13 After Forever Sins Of Idealisme 14 Liv Kristine Good Vibes, Bad Vibes 15 Evanescence Bring Me To Live 16 Ambeon High

2004 Dream of The Dragon

::::::::::Tracklist:::::::::: 01-Aemen Time 02-Sirenia A Shadow Of Your Own Self 03-Epica Facade Of Rality 04-Leaves Eyes Into Your Light 05-Lacuna Coil Selfdeception 06-Nightwish Wish I Had An Angel 07-Ambeon Ashes 08-Tristania The Shining Pad 09-Evanescence Going Under 10-Trail Of Tears Denial And Pride 11-After Forever Digital Deceit 12-Theatre Of Tragedy Let Your Down 13-Ayreon Loser 14-Xandria Ravenheart 15-Within Temptation Running Up That Hill 16-Magica Redemption


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