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Summary of Social Media offer from E2E Research highlighting the LEI process of listening, engaging and interpreting. Tradtional social media research is listening only, here they directly engage with participants to help organisation understand market drivers and insights.


  • 1.Social Media ResearchIntroducing the LEI process

2. Introducing E2E We are a leading one stop solution supporting all the major activities of market research services. E2E combines quality, experience, turnaround time along with latest technology to deliver the results as expected from the clients. We differentiate ourselves from other outsourcing firms, with client and project specific optimized processes and complete focus on quality deliverables Innovation Top class quality Significant value Derive and optimize processes Adapt new technology Honor time Lend end to end services Global Coverage 3. What is social mediaFragmented and largely unstructuredData SourcesGenerally seen as a one way, listening medium Constrained by the dynamic of social mediatechnology suppliers 4. Challenges for Research The social media market is growing exponentially both in terms of usernumber and platforms Therefore the engine used to monitor and listen into these platformsare constantly evolving The data is moving beyond just text into pictures, text and video The largest challenge with any project is filter and reduce the level ofnoise from the river of posts Therefore where we are unable to get the level of detail we like the wedownload data and continue to completed work analytics. With so much data picking the appropriate qualitative and meaningfulviews that are driving the sentiment and the engagement score Filter the sentiments and perform the analysis for a given brand 5. So what do we have listen toSources are growing exponentiallyBlogs150 Million plusUser Forums, Message Boards & Review sitesOver25,000Videos and Online ImagesRoughly 95% of all online video contents panning more than 450 video sitesFlickrOnline Mainstream Media Over30,000 sources comparable to that of Google newsMicro Media and Voting Sites Twitter Friendfeed Del.icio.us Diggvoting site Pinterest Facebook now at 900million usersAdditionally, sources can be augmented by including specific URLs 6. Social Media Research Model LISTEN1 ENGAGE2 INTERPRET3The LEI Process 7. Three Stages Identify the Engage respondents Interpretation ofMarketingidentified by recruitingdata patterns andobjectivethem or through onlineInsights discussions Translate into Analyze the datalistening No Room for professionalcollected throughobjectives survey takers custom research Define listening Integrate with other client Longitudinalparameters data or a custom research Analysis, analysis of study relationship, text Identify the and semanticsources of data Follow client blogs & analysis, sentimentcollection continue engaging activityanalysis 8. Listening ApproachOur start point is to listen and engage with your brand promoters online.We do this by:Collecting data available across the online media.Identify the competitor, the crowd, the influencerCollect real time listening to the conversations on the blogs, opinions,discussions, social networking sites, p2p media, micro media etc.Look to identify the drivers and influencers of the market and segmentDefine an approach strategy for the individuals to be be approached 9. Determining BoundariesGeography and LanguageAbility to segment conversations by geographic market and languageLanguagesEnglish, French, German, Spanish Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, Swedish,Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Korean 10. Coverage of Sources 11. Real Time Updating 12. Buzz and ConversationsUse text analytics to identify trendingsubjects 13. Tracking ChangeCORRELATION OF INCREASE IN BUZZ CAN BE IDENTIFIED INCREASE IN BUZZ ON CNBC OVER A PRODUCT (SERMO) 14. Real Rel Real time dashboardsIn project feedback helps identify early insights andchange in process if required 15. EngagementCommunities 16. Engagement 17. Blue Tooth Headset ManufacturerObjectiveBluetooth device manufacturer wanted to listen foropinions ,ratings and evaluations of product featuresand key brands of blue-tooth headsetsListening Solution Longitudinal listening platform set up to monitor andextract discussion ,sentiments and evaluations frommost active sitesInsights and ImplicationsSound quality, Battery life and Fit/Looks top 3 featuresdiscussedClients brand leads in Fit/ Looks, lags in performancefeatures- notably sound quality 18. Credit Card IssuerObjective Evaluation of credit cards owned and perception ofcompeting cards in emerging growth markets.Listening Solution 30-day listening platform, content and tone ofcomments, specific delight and/or frustrations, WOMrecommendationsInsights and Implications Discrepancy between what companies promisedand what customers perceived companies deliveringsingle biggest source of dissatisfactionImplications for customer service and productfeatures/ benefits communicated 19. Social Media Summary It now can be more than a one way listening medium Needs a mix of new listening skills with some heritage and some new methodologies such as communities, online and mobile research 20. E2E Research