eec Webinar: Top 5 Ways To Use Live Content to Engage Your Subscribers

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In collaboration between Epsilon and the eec, this webinar is intended to discuss the top ways to engage subscribers via Live Content tools.


  • 1. TOP 5 WAYS TO USELIVE CONTENT TOENGAGE YOURSUBSCRIBERS09.10.14Client logo1 Proprietary and Confidential

2. 2 Proprietary and ConfidentialYOUR PRESENTERSSamantha IodiceSenior Solutions ConsultantEpsilon, Email Center of ExcellenceJill LeMaire RedoSenior DirectorEpsilon, Strategic Services & Analytics 3. 3 Proprietary and ConfidentialAGENDAWhat is Live Content?Why should Live Content be important to you?How does Live Content drive increased conversion?How do you apply Live Content Use CasesQ&A 4. WHAT IS LIVE CONTENT ANYWAY? Live Content is a real-time, dynamic technology that allows content to beserved at the time of open Live Content can be adjusted with each open, depending on logic parameters,and serve new information as needed4 Proprietary and Confidential 5. HOW DOES LIVE CONTENT WORK? This technology can take cues from the time of open, current geographiclocation at open, social networking cues, etc. and offer the appropriate response For example, a countdown timer used for a specific event that has now endedcan show a notice that the event is over, or offer up some other defaultmessaging5 Proprietary and Confidential 6. WHY LIVE CONTENT SHOULD BE IMPORTANT TO YOU Over 60+% of email now opened on mobile devices Fewer than 15% of all emails are optimized for mobile devices Users will give no more than 2-3 seconds before hitting delete,most common action Introduction of advances with email clients, such as Gmail tabs,causing shifts in when emails are read Relevancy while the volume of emails sent is increasing,CTR/CTOR continues to fall overall (specifically in less-optimized emailprograms, which are predominate regardless of industry)6 Proprietary and Confidential 7. HOW YOU CAN USE LIVE CONTENT IN EMAILOptions of use include a countdown timer, geo-specific offers, creative contenttesting, device targeting, image optimization and even the weather!7 Proprietary and ConfidentialSome Countdown Timer examples 8. USING REAL-TIME TICKER AND DYNAMIC COMPONENTSDynamic email component:Using behavior data can be verypowerful and engaging8 Proprietary and ConfidentialReal-time ticker:Top News Stories, in real-time 9. BOOST RELEVANCY AND CAPTURE IN-EMAIL CONTENTCapture content within an email,in real-time:9 Proprietary and ConfidentialIn real-time utilize purchase behavior todeliver most relevant options: 10. DRIVING CONVERSION WITH LIVE CONTENT1. A slider can bring more inventory to your email = 5X ROI2. Using Geo-targeting + Device-targeting on mobile ad + Personalized contentrecommendations = 15% increase in CTR Changed at end of URL to see Chicago Changed at end of URL to see New York (and two logos) NFL Now banner is devices targeted will to different locations based ondevice3. Use Video / Ticker of News / Twitter (Social)4. Using Timer and Slider for movie recommendations5. Using Video10 Proprietary and Confidential 11. AVERAGE FINDINGS BY BUSINESS TYPEBusiness Type Static Email CTR Live Content CTR % ImprovementsB2B Marketer 9.20% 10.60% 15%eCommerce 18.30% 22.10% 21%Social Gaming 18.00% 22.40% 24%Non-Profit 3.60% 4.80% 35%Content Marketer 5.40% 7.80% 44%11 Proprietary and Confidential 12. 12 Proprietary and ConfidentialLIVE CONTENT PROVIDERS 13. OUR SERVICESEpsilon is a global, full-service marketing partner. We harness the power of richdata, world-leading technologies, engaging creativity and transformative ideas tohelp you build the connection between your brand and your consumer.Epsilon's digital solutions include: Strategic & Analytic Services to help you craft a digital strategy that deliversoptimal ROI and engagement Creative Services including design, testing strategies, HTML, and more Agility Harmony, the next-generation digital messaging platform for todaysmarketerTo learn how Epsilon's digital solutions are driving dramatic marketing results forthe worlds top brands, contact us:Online @ www.epsilon.comBy email @ info@epsilon.comBy phone @ 800.309.050513 Proprietary and Confidential 14. 14 Proprietary and Confidential


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