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  • Engaging Students through Mobile Applications Kent Pawlak Sr. Director Product Strategy

    NACCU 2018

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    Creating a mobile vision

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    The pillars of a successful mobile strategy

    Provides timely information to users

    Make critical tasks easier

    Reach users where they are

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    90% Of time spent on mobile is spent in apps*

    Improved performance, accessibility, and UX

    Increased functionality Push Notifications, NFC, Geo-Location, Camera, Audio, Working Offline

    Easy to access - always on

    Why native apps?

    * Flurry Analytics – Aug ‘15

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    Delivering a seamless experience

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    Building mobile workflows for activities on the go

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    Avoid Failure

    • Ineffective mobile strategy

    • UI matters

    • Design for purpose

    • Consistency for platform

    • Feature bloat – over sized

    • Regular updates

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    Mobile Apps for Student Engagement

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    Account and Credential Management

    • Summary landing page

    • Quick view account balances

    • One tap to transaction details

    • Fast top-up deposits

    • Full meal plan info

    • Manage credential – Lost/Found/PIN

    • Set alerts

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    Access Control


    Campus Events

    Bookstore/Retail (On- & Off-Campus)

    Mobile credential

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    Food Ordering and Loyalty

    • Easy order with real-time feedback notifications

    • Remember favorites • Quick pay with SV/Credit/Debit • Loyalty options

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    • Put payer in a position to make good financial decisions to meet their financial obligation

    –Provide intuitive workflows for application tasks:

    • Tuition & fee payments

    • Flexible payment plans

    Tuition and Fee Payment

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    Mass Notifications

    Keep students informed, prepared, and connected

    Enable administrators to reach entire communities in minutes or even seconds

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    Mobile security app

    Prevent, deter,

    and respond

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    • Access to files and content

    • View announcements from organization leaders

    • Create and reply to discussion board threads

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    Driving Positive Results

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    Notification Behavior change Positive result

    Driving positive results, leading to student success

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