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ER Bundle “final” design. D. Giugni / INFN Milano. Assumption. I am going to present what I would call “final design” of the ER bundles... w ith some caveats: The transmission properties of the data line are not covered here. We cannot say that it is fully qualify. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Production documents (and issues) for the prototype boards

ER Bundle final designD. Giugni / INFN MilanoD. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting1nSQPsAssumptionI am going to present what I would call final design of the ER bundles... with some caveats:

The transmission properties of the data line are not covered here. We cannot say that it is fully qualify. A system test with all the parts (E-board, ER Bundle, Optoboard) has not been done yet.

I assume hereafter that it is or, it will be, ok.Therefore the design is final if the system test will show good results.

If it is true, then the design is really final:Wires, boards, connectorsMechanics: connector shells, strain releases, assembly proceduresShielding (*) and grounding.(*) There are still two options for the shielding braids: tin copper and carbon. It does not affect the design nor the fabrication procedureD. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting2nSQPsDetails from PP0 to Opto-boxD. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting3

nSQPsDetails at PP0D. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting4


Details at PP1D. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting5PP1 End PlateSilicon feed throughHeat shrinkable tubingNOMEX BraidKEVLAR BraidTin Cu/ C fiber+AWG 28 Tin Cu drainMYLAR FoilMWS WiresKEVLAR Braid+Drain wire Outside to OptoboxInside to PP0 nSQPsDetails of the ConnectorD. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting6

KEVLAR BraidHeat Shrinkable tubingCu/ C BraidBrass Hollow PlateBrass FeruleMWS WiresDrain WireShell(5um Ti/Ni coating)nSQPsConnector Board assemblyD. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting7

Tin Cu BraidHeat Shrinkable tubingKEVLAR BraidFeruleHollow Brass PlateSilderDrain WireConnector Shell(not Coated here)nSQPsConnector Shell SputteringSputtering seems to be ok.Tested 2um Ti coatingGood adhesionNext layer can be ~3um Cu or NiNi preferred (by me)Total coauting th. ~5umFast an almost inexpensiveD. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting8

Uncoated SLA shell2um Ti spatterednSQPsD-bundle production planRe-spin the Cable and D/B Connector board. Some already in hands. Need to load with connectors and capacitorsRe-spin the production of the new shells (both D&B type)Spattering available.All braids (NOMEX, KEVLAR, Cu and Carbon fiber) in handsSilicon casting available at CERN and ready to go.

Can assemble 14 D-ER Bundles with all the final parts... however we are in a vacation period.10 bundles with Ti Cu braid4 Bundles with CF braid.D. Giugni2011-07-14 nSQP's meeting9nSQPs