eucharistic celebration of first holy communion

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  • Eucharistic Celebrationof First Holy Communion

    Rev. Fr. Antonio Navarette Jr.CelebrantSan Juan Nepomuceno Parish20 November 20148:00 a.m

  • Entrance of Communicants



  • GREAT IS OUR GODRefrain: Come let us sing to every nationGreat is our God and King!He is the rock of our salvation!Lift up your hearts and sing!

  • GREAT IS OUR GODSing , for we are Gods people;For he has shown us his waysHe gathers us to his tableTo partake of his grace. (Ref.)

  • GLORY TO GOD Refrain:Glory to God in the highestAnd on earth peace to people of good will

    Glory to God in the highestAnd on earth peace to people of good will

  • GLORY TO GOD We praise you, we bless you , we adore you , we glorify youWe give you thanks for your great gloryLord God, heavenly king . O God almighty , Father . (REF)

  • GLORY TO GOD Lord Jesus Christ , only begotten son, Lord God , Lamb of God, son of the Father,You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us;

  • GLORY TO GOD You take away the sins of the world receive our prayer;You are seated at the right hand of the Father, have mercy on us. (REF)

  • GLORY TO GOD For you alone are the Holy One , you alone are the Lord,You alone are the Most High, Jesus ChristWith the Holy SpiritIn the glory of God the Father. (REF)

  • First Reading

    1 Cor. 10:16-17

  • RESPONSORIAL PSALMGive thanks to the Lord, for He is goodHis faithfulness is foreverGive thanks to the Lord, for He is good!His love endures forever more.

  • Holy GospelSt. John 6:30-35


  • Renewal of Baptismal Promises

  • Prayer of the Faithful

  • One More GiftVerse 1: Your people have grown weary Of living in confusion When will we realize That neither heaven is at peace When we will live not in peace (Refrain)

  • One More GiftRefrain: If theres one more gift Id ask of you, Lord it would be peace here on earth as gentle as your childrens laughter All around, all around

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving by the First Communicants Loving Father, thank You for Your love. Thank You for giving Yourself in the Holy Eucharist. Thank you for our parents wholove us and sacrifice so much to send us to school

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving by the First Communicants and who help us prepare to receive You as our GREATEST GIFT everWe thank you also for our teachers,

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving by the First Communicantsthe sisters and our celebrant, Father Tony , and all those who made this wonderful experience for all of us. Thank you for our Blessed Mother Mary

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving by the First Communicantswho constantly brings us closer to Your Son Jesus. May her examples help us to obey You always .Amen.

  • Parents Prayer after CommunionFather we are happy to be with our children on the memorable day. You want them to be like Jesus Your son. We know that if this is to be so we, their parents must guide them on the road to the

  • Parents Prayer after Communionbest of our ability we will love them by guiding them and training them so that they will grow with us into family that is truly Christian a family close to Jesus Christ.

  • Parents Prayer after Communion

    We shall try to pray everyday as a family, worship on Sunday as a family , receive Holy Communion regularly as a family, and love as a family.

    With your help we shall succeed. Amen.

  • ParentsYes, Father. We have renewed ourselves before God and this community, to be Christians in every sense of the word When there is needy brother or sister, we will be of service, where there is despair, we will bring hope. Yes we will be an instrument of Christs peace.

  • ChildrenYes we know that today we have received Jesus , the sacrament of love. We thank Him with our parents and all those who love us.

  • Bring us Back to YouWe have been searching ,yearning to find you lost without your loveWe long for your face , seeking our true joyFound in your embrace

  • Bring us Back to YouREF:Cause in faith , you restore usCause in hope , you sustain usIn light , you save us, in love , you bind usLord bring back us back to you

  • Bring us Back to YouWe turn to your grace, resting in your peaceSheltered fro despairWe come to your heart, trusting in your willStrengthened by your Word.(REF)

  • Group Picture taking

  • Recessional


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