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Eurasia Creations. What is Eurasia Creations ?. Eurasia Creations is a firm where you can earn perennial residual income for yourself by way of working for our Online advertising solutions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Eurasia

  • What is Eurasia Creations ?Eurasia Creations is a firm where you can earn perennial residual income for yourself by way of working for our Online advertising solutions.

    Our objective is to create wealth for our members partners and investors by providing an opportunity to work with us.

  • Eurasia IntentBe your own BossCreate substantial wealth for yourselfPlan your own work chartControl you futureAchieve success by your own means Create lucrative opportunity Earn rewards for your hard work

  • Business Plan Payout Plan

    Huge customer base Pay Per Click model Online advertising PPC commission + Binary incomeStrengths

  • How can you create Wealth ?Pay Per Click (PPC) : you just click on the link sent to you & view it for 60 secs. This is a fixed income plan

    Refer members to Eurasia Creations to earn extra income. From this you can make unlimited income.

    Our system offers complete support that allows you to build an income from today.

  • What do we do at Eurasia Creations?At Eurasia Creations we provide you an opportunity to work with us and make your own money.Our business solution is centered upon PPC.You can also earn extra money by referring other people. With Eurasia Creations you are empowered to your own earnings, work plan and future

  • What is PPC ?By the method of PPC your are indulging in online advertising thus earning your own money.Pay Per Click (PPC) is the advertising model which is designed to provide you with continuous income.You deploy PPC when you click on the links/URLs that we send to you and view them for 60 secs.

  • Why PPC ?Advertisers pay a certain sum of money for their ads to appear at certain pages. We facilitate their requirements via our customer base. PPC benefits the small & mid-sized firms as they do not have to put much investment for advertising purposes. PPC is a tried and tested model of online advertising that has been proven quite successful.

  • PPC Income For each set of links that you click for a cycle you earn 33.33/fortnight.

    We send out 5-25 weblinks each fortnight.

    It takes not more than 20 minutes every two weeks.

  • Direct-Binary IncomeDirect Sponsor Benefit - for each referral you get 10% on PPC i.e. Rs.600

    2. Binary Payout- Here we give you 10% for each pair of referrals. Capping = 16 pairs/day

    3. Upline Sponsor Bonus- Here you get 10% of each direct referral from youDirect Referral 10% CommissionTwo members in Down Line = Binary = 10% Commission

  • The phenomenal growth of Pay Per Click has led to solid foundation for an assured future.

  • Business PlanBasic Potential Earnings

    1 Package 20 minutes/ week * 8 months 4000 x 8= Rs. 32,000

    Plan NameAffiliation chargeRegistration FeePPC Earnings Direct ReferralIncomeBinary Referral IncomeCapping per dayECIP Silver 108(RS.6500) 8.33(inclusive) 33.33/fortnight10% of PPC= 1010% of PPC= 1016 pairs/day

  • Reward EligibilityYour ECIP id should be active. The pairs & direct referral needs to be completed within the reward cycle.Your downline members ECIP id needs to be active.Your previous pairs cannot be carried forward to the next reward cycle.

  • Rewards10 Pair + 2 Direct = Nokia Mobile = 50 euro20 Pair + 4 Direct = BlackBerry Curve = 100 Euro

  • 80 Pair + 8 Direct = VIAO Laptop = 400 Euro40 Pair + 6 Direct = Sony Cyber Shot Camera = 200 Euro

  • 150 Pair + 10 Direct = Hero Honda Splendor = 750 Euro250 Pair + 10 Direct = Yamaha R 15 = 1250 Euro

  • 700 Pair + 15 Direct = Maruti ALTO LX = 3500 Euro1500 Pair + 20 Direct = 7 Days World Tour = 7500 Euro

  • 3000 Pair + 25 Direct = Tata Safari = 15000 Euro2000 Pair +20 Direct = Maruti Swift VDI = 10,000 Euro

  • 4000 Pair +50 Direct = Honda Civic = 20,000 Euro6000 Pair + 75 Direct = BMW X1 = 30,000 Euro

  • 8000 Pair + 100 Direct = Audi A 4 = 40,000 Euro12000 Pair + 150 Direct = BMW 5 series = 60,000 Euro

  • 25000 Pair + 300 Direct = 4 Bedroom Flat = 125000 Euro30000 Pair + 400 Direct = 1 Cr Cash = 150000 Euro (90 Days)

  • Nissan Micra : Shahar bano Maruti SX4 : Inder Pal SinghTop Achievers Yamaha R15 : Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Tariq Sultan, Khalsa team

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