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Evaluations for Professional GrowthOhio TIF and OTESCore BeliefsThere is an urgency to ensure all students graduate prepared for college, careers, and future opportunitiesA critical link exists between teacher effectiveness and student achievementEffective educator evaluations are an important part of strengthening the teaching profession and providing professional growth opportunities for allThe ContextThe world is changingTechnology is advancingLow-skill, living-wage jobs are decliningBusinesses are looking globally for candidatesEducation is the linchpin for future economic successFor individualsFor our countryStudents need post-secondary training to open doors to future opportunitiesAdapting to a new RealityEducators are embracing changes to prepare students for the futureThis work involves:What teachers teach Common Core and state standardsHow teachers teach formative instructional practicesEvidence of student learning assessments and dataEvidence of teacher effectiveness teacher performance and student growthTeacher EffectivenessEducator effectiveness is single most important classroom factor impacting student achievementEffective evaluation systems: Set high expectations for teachers and leadersProvide feedback and support for professional growthHelp everyone in the profession, including the best, continually get better

Evaluation for Professional GrowthEducator evaluation systems should align with local district goals and valuesOhio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) is framework to help districts design evaluation systems for professional growthAligned to Ohios standards for teachersBased 50 percent on measures of teacher performance, and 50 percent on student growthProvides targeted professional learning opportunities based on results of evaluation

Pioneering through Ohio TIFThrough TIF, districts are designing and implementing evaluation systems that:Support local values and goalsBring out the best in teachersFocus on student outcomesTIF districts will use the teacher performance side of the OTES framework in 2012-2013A year ahead of statewide implementationPhased-in approachOpportunity to be creative and test out the system

OTES Framework

(OTES Evaluation Framework, Ohio Department of Education)2011-2012: All Ohio TIF districts (plus 100 other districts statewide) participating in OTES pilot2012-2013: All Ohio TIF districts begin phased-in implementation of OTES frameworkOhio TIF districts must have MOU in place by April 1, 2012 affirming they will implement in 2012-20132013-2014: All Ohio districts must begin full OTES implementationOhio districts must adopt or align to OTES framework by June 1, 2013 through local board policy

Current State of the WorkChallenges and OpportunitiesChallengesCapacity for implementationFairness in evaluations for different types of educatorsReliability and accuracy of dataOpportunities2012-2013 phase-in, transition yearBe innovative and creativeProvide feedback to inform statewide implementationUSDOE has provided flexibility for Ohio TIF districts around OTES implementationIn 2012-2013, TIF districts must implement teacher performance components:Two 30-minute observations and walkthroughs for all teachersEnsuring inter-rater reliability by using credentialed evaluatorsUsing rubrics to determine ratingsUtilizing student growth in strategic compensation models

What does Phased-in mean?2012-2013 Evaluation Framework for Ohio TIF

How does the OTES implementation impact personnel decisions in 2012-2013?All local policies regarding personnel decisions stand for 2012-2013Per House Bill 153, districts to not need to use outcomes of evaluations in personnel decisions until 2013-2014

Personnel PoliciesHow will student growth be used in evaluations in 2012-2013?Student growth will only be used as part of district strategic compensation award modelsStudent growth is not required to be part of the evaluation, rating or personnel decisions in 2012-2013This phased-in approach provides additional time to explore value-added and other student growth metrics

Student growthStudent growth

Ohio TIF districts are receiving support from ODE and BFK to implement OTES in 2012-2013Through participating in this years pilot, Ohio TIF districts are informing state policy and guidance on implementation

The Work AheadEvaluations in our District[insert specific information about your districts work to implement OTES]Collaborative teamPrincipals and teachers participating in 2011-2012 pilotSpecific way in which student growth is part of TIF award modelLearn MoreThe work around evaluations is challenging work, but worthwhileFor more information about evaluations and OTES in our district, contact:[insert contact person]


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