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ExperimentationInterventionHow to convince your team to experiment with experiments.

Nobody likes to be proven wrong...

...but thats what stakeholders think experiments are designed to do.

So how do you convince your team to experiment with experimentation?

Define your culture.

Tight GuidelinesLooseGuidelines

Seeing is Believing.

Run a minimum viable experiment first.

Demonstrate thebenefits of experiments.

Make the abstractconcrete.

Dont kill your ideas.Test them.

Speak about results and next steps, not abstracts.

Motivate people by making their ideas live.

Show your work.

Share findings regularly.

Help others replicate your process.

Kill the HIPPOs.


Rely on data, not gut.

And dont forget to acknowledge the down sides of experimentation.

Missing thenext big thing.

Dont forget to innovateas well as optimise.

Think strategyas well as tactics.

User change aversion

Not all negative resultsare true long-term.

Go forth! Conquer your teams fears and lead themto the promised land.

Thank you.

Charlotte Gauthier



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