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Category OverviewFashion JewelleryCostume Jewellery is forever Fashionable

Fashion JewelleryTraditional to contemporary lookGold prices are rising day by dayExclusive design comes at an additional costSafety is the key concernSignificant resale valueIts like an investment- need to invest both time and money to indulge in Gold or Diamond purchaseKeeps pace with changing trend, season to season, Cost EffectiveAvailable in different colors, cut, style, patterns to match your mood with wide range of products to suit every wallet sizeCompletely safe to wear No resale valueImpulse PurchaseFashion Jewellery Vs Real(Gold/Diamond)Fashion JewelleryGold/DiamondWhen it comes to fashion jewellery, no two countries follow the same fashion. In India for example, the style, designs and making differs from North to South, and East to West. Likewise across continents,while Europe has a penchant of delicate jewellery with an inclination towards crystals and diamante, Russians still love theirsemi-precious stones on gold plated jewellery.Similarly, in China and Japan, the use of traditional motifs is higher than in Thailand. However, what binds all the countries is a similar liking for gold-like shine in their jewellery, with a better finesse and designChanging trends converge to the originalIndia is the worldssecond-largest manufacturer of imitation jewellery after China.

Indian imitation jewellery enjoys a huge demand and has potential for growth in markets such as the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries.

The availability ofskilled artisans at low cost as also that of base metals, faux gems and stones has encouraged the sectors growth in India

Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are some of the important states known for such productsIndian Market for imitationTypes of JewelleryEnamel JewelleryPlastic JewelleryOxidised Jewellery:Glass JewelleryBeaded JewelleryLeather JewelleryKundan JewelleryPolki Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery Market SizeMarket Size: Rs 7000-8000 Cr

Expected CAGR: 15-20%

Estimated Size for 2013-14: 11000 Cr

Rural: Urban: 40:60

Source: Hindu Business Line

Brand SegmentationBrandedDesignerGuess, Swarovski,Aldo, Nine-West, Kazo, Bgs, Accesorize Bombay ElectricLocal Street Stuff and available on various websitesMuch More

Affordability factor:With soaring gold and diamond prices, it is more affordable and convenient to embrace artificial jewellery. Moreover the costume jewellery items are not less beautiful or exquisite than the traditional real jewellery.Consumer preferences:The changing outlook of people regarding jewellery as a daily wear commodity rather than an asset for life has made imitation jewellery more popular. Variety:Due to affordable range of the artificial jewellery, it is much easier to make a collection for regular as well as formal occasions. Generally working women prefer to change their jewllery (earrings, neck-pieces, rings etc) according to their dresses.Security purpose:Imitation jewellery is safer to wear as compared to the authentic jewellery. In the present day when theft and crime is increasing in society, customers feel more secure wearing fake jewellery.Emergence of organised players:People, especially women have adopted better standards of grooming after being influenced by daily soaps. They ape the jewellery and the costumes which are worn by the television stars. Moreover with the rise in standard of living and disposable income customers undoubtedly prefer to go in for branded products.Excellent innovative designs:Imitation jewellery comes with unlimited and exquisite designs which can be easily purchased. Good value for money:Traditional jewellery cannot be changed according to latest fashion. However imitation jewellery can be worn and discarded according to latest trends due to their low cost benefit.Lack of gender bias:In the past jewellery was exclusively for the fairesr sex but in the recent times men have also initiated an interest in adorning themselves with this. One can easily come across specially designed fashion jewellery like bracelets, rings, chains, pendants, earrings for the male gender also.

Factors influencing growth in the categoryCouples' jewellery pieces that can be worn by a man, as well as a womanBrands are widening the category with multiple product offerings like brooch, cufflinks, watches, hair-bands, Smartphone covers, glares etcInnovation is the buzz wordUnique Collection(Turquoise Collection, Maharaja Collection, Floral Collection) fascinates consumerJewellery BoutiquesExhibitions/Fashion Shows

Emerging Trends in IndiaTarget GroupConsumer ProfileButterflies Age Group 15-24 Life-stage: College GoingPreferred Jewellery type: Funky Colorful, trendy and low costMedia Touch-points: College Campus, Movie theatre, local shopping street, window shopping at Malls

Elegant Diva:-Age Group 25-40 Life-stage: Working, Mother, Married, SingleHigh disposable IncomePreferred Jewellery type: Subtle, Finesse, branded, office wear & Party wear Media Touch-points: Corporate Hubs,Malls, Boutiques, Online,

Wedding (Party & Bridal Wear)Clubs & DiscothequesFestival WearKitty PartiesTravelConferenceOffice get tog ethers

Suitable Occasion for Fashion jewelleryFashion Jewellery MarketConsumer Touch PointsStreet ShopRetailOnlineLocal shops in markets likeLajpat Nagar, Janpath, Paharganj, Fashion StreetDedicated fashion jewellery retails outlets:Much MoreAccesorizeBgsSia& Jewellery segment in clothing and departmental stores like:Shoppers StopPantaloonsLifestyleGlobusSimilar model as retailFashion jewellery is available at most of the fashion & lifestyle web portals, social networking sites (FB) and on exclusive jewellery websites like:-Juvalia.inMirraw.com9rasa.comCilory.inRentjewels.comVoylla.comJunk @ FacebookCraftsvilla.comCommunication & Case StudyBgsMedia Objective: Drives SalesMostly did announcement ads to drive footfalls into the showroomSeasonal advertising Different tagline in different type adsTonality-Subtle Glamorous


Tonality:Premium, Elegant with international lookClutter free messagingClear showroom detailsExclusive look and feelForayed into glares & perfumes to widen consumer baseMuch More

Showroon detailsJazzy, traditional Indian look Pricing & PackagingPricingPricing varies in fashion jewellery segment from Rs 15-30,000Rs 15Rs 100Rs 500Rs 1000Rs 2500Rs 5000Rs 10000+SwarovskiBombay ElectricLocal Street StuffAldoAccessorizeGuessUnbranded Metal alloyBgsBgsKazo


ThanksSheet1Price RangeMaterial50-200Plastic Beads +Metal WireSilver Plated ComponentsGlass CrystalOxidised metalWooden with Handwork200-500BrassPolki EarringsPearl Earrings + Rings500-1500Pachi WorkRhinestones1500-2500Pearl Necklace SetsRhinestonesKundan Earrings2500-5000ZirconsSemi Precious StonesCopper,Yarn(Neckpiece)10000+Pure Silver(Bridal Wear)65000