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Fashion Jewellery Online Singapore is an interesting slide by myer’s jewellery describing about different types of Pearl necklaces including brief description and images. Get a look to know more about pearl necklaces and different style.


  • 1. Fashion Jewellery Online SingaporeA Lot of PearlyOptions!

2. There are a lot of options andchoices available for women inthe case of choosing pearljewellery for various specialevents and occassions. 3. In this article let us see some ofthe major trends, styles, anddesigns of pearl jewellery whichare popular in the market andindustry these days. 4. CHOKER STYLE 5. CHOKER STYLEThis indeed is one of the most elegant and classy type designseen in pearl necklaces. The choker style necklace comprisesa single strand. The length of this style of necklaces is only upto the collar bones and it will look perfectly set on the neck.It is generally made using perfectly round pearls in a singlestrand of string. It is a classic design which has been popularfor centuries and for a formal dinner party, there is nothingmore perfect. To set a more contemporary look, you canchoose oval shaped pearls too. 6. ROPE STYLE 7. ROPE STYLEIt is yet another wonderful design style in pearl necklaces. Itcomprises of pearls joined together in a string to form a longnecklace that is long. You can choose whichever form ofpearl from normal round pearls to small oval pearls in allsorts of colours ranging from pink, beige, to black. Rope stylepearl necklaces looks absolutely ravishing when adornedtogether with jumpsuits and other similar kind of attires. 8. LARIAT STYLE 9. LARIAT STYLEOne of the most trendy styles of pearl necklaces is the lariatstyle. A lariat style pearl necklace comprises of two to threepearls suspended from a very thin gold or even silver chain. Alariat style necklace does not have a clasp and the necklace isfastened on the neck by threading one end of the chain intothe loop of the other one. It is a very trendy pearl necklacestyle and can be adorned with both casual as well as classyattires. 10. MULTIPLE STRAND NECKLACE 11. MULTIPLE STRAND NECKLACEWhen you need a modern style of the classic pearl necklace,then you will never go wrong with multiple strand pearlnecklace. A multiple strand pearl necklace normally consistof pearl strands of varied lengths, three to six of them.Multiple strand necklaces in variety of colours like pink, goldand white look very nice and elegant. Pearl necklaces ofunique nature made by bringing together pearls with otherkind of beads like aquamarine and briolette, and crystals arealso getting very popular. 12. These are some of the most trendydesigns these days. Myre's jewellerybrings you all of these options in thevast collection that we have and youcan choose you pick from the lot. 13. CONTACT US25 Trengganu St Singapore 058476Tel: 6227 878645 Pagoda St Singapore 059204Tel: 6222 [email protected]