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  1. 1. Fish Tacos, Mango, and Avocado! ! While there are many superb cuisines around the world, it is difcult to be as distinct and as gratifying as Mexican cuisine can be; when you are in the mood for it, nothing can come close to Mexican food. Especially out here in California where the Mexican food cant be beat, except, perhaps, by the local food down in Mexico proper. Though, when youre getting your ingredients local from a veriable source such as Whole Foods, or a trusted Farmers Market (such as the San Francisco Bay Farmers Market), lets jut say if you follow this recipe, youll get the best your money can buy.! ! So what type of Mexican Food? Lets keep it simple and say tacos or burritos. Tacos. What kind of tacos? Lets keep it healthy, and go with Fish Tacos. Not just any, however, some of the best sh tacos youll ever taste.! ! Fish Tacos Recipe! ! Based on a tour through Mexico, and some sampling of the native food done around the country, here is the favorite recipe of any taco Ive ever tried. To recreate the plate we found in Mexico, we found a similar recipe from Ambitious Kitchen, which closely resembled the one in Mexico, and we brought it up a few notches with a few minor, and key tweaks. Lets start with the ingredients.! ! Ingredients:! ! Main/Fish! ! 1 lb. of tilapia! mango (ripe, diced)! avocado (diced)! cups of cabbage (shredded, Napa or red)! 8 small corn tortillas! 4 cup of sour cream (low fat)! ! Marinade/Seasoning! ! tablespoons of lime juice (fresh)! *optional: 1 teaspoon chipotle seasoning! 1 tablespoon of olive oil! 1 teaspoon of cumin! 2 teaspoons of honey! 1 tablespoon of chili powder! 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper! ! Garnish! ! 2 cloves of garlic (minced nely)! salt and pepper (freshly ground, black)! 2 tablespoons cilantro (fresh chopped)! cilantro and additional avocado (as a garnish)!
  2. 2. Instructions: How to Prepare the Tacos! ! After youve prepared the ingredients as listed above (measured out your portions, and diced/ chopped the ingredients, continue on to the following instructions. You should read through the whole process before beginning the cook!! ! Step 1: Marinade the Fish! ! Bring your grill to a heat between 375* and 449* Fahrenheit.! Marinade the sh using the marinade ingredients listed above.! Massage, and let marinade sit for 20 minutes! ! Step 2: Prepare the Cole Slaw! ! Slice the cabbage, and collect the sliced cabbage into a bowl with the sour cream, cilantro, lime juice.! Mix, and add salt and pepper to your liking.! When you are nished mixing, let the cole slaw cool in the fridge for freshness while you cook.! ! Step 3: Grill the Fish! ! Your grill should have reached the proper temperature by now.! When you see it has, place the sh on one side, and grill for likely ve minutes or less, depending on temperature.! After ve minutes, ip the sh, and grill the other side. (This side should cook more quickly).! Check the quality of the cook, set the sh aside on a plate to cool.! ! Step 4: Finish the Tacos! ! First, you will warm the tortillas up on the grill for just 20 seconds or less.! When they are properly warmed up, distribute the sh to each tortilla as desired.! Next, add the cole slaw, avocado, and mango.! ! Remember! Serve it while its hot!! ! Enjoy!