five reasons why security needs a reset

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FIVE REASONS WHYSECURITY NEEDS A RESETwww.securityfocuses.com12 November 2013sales@secdata.com01622 72345611TIME TO RESET SECURITYComplexity in security is growing from all sides, but at the same time, IT teams have to do more with less people and all without compromising data or the business. We need a new approach but how do we do this?2Growing complexityThe security landscape has changedSophisticated attacksMany more access pointsDifferent data sources

Squeeze on IT deptsIT budgets are under pressureSecurity without compromise to brand, data, commercialsThink differentlyMore hardware isnt solving the problemTime to approach security in a different way

IMPROVE YOUR VISIONVisibility across the whole of the infrastructure is the key to improving security intelligence and taking control of increasing complexity.4SEE THE WHOLE PICTUREInformed assessmentUnderstand the infrastructure and gather intelligence Platform approachFor visibility you need a platform collecting data from multiple sourcesReal time correlationReal time monitoring and correlation is the foundation for complete security4

YOU CANT BUY INTELLIGENCESecurity intelligence isnt something you can buy off the shelf. Complete security goes beyond point technology solutions to assess risk and detect threats in real-time.

6TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCEPeople countIntelligence is the symbiotic relationship of security managed by bright peopleCorrelate in context When you have visibility, expert contextual interpretation is vital for securityEarly threat detectionIntelligence creates an early warning platform beyond typical threat detection6

PROACTIVE THREAT DETECTIONAn end-to-end approach to security will shift security operations from reactive to proactive. Real-time threat detection can literally transform risk management and security effectiveness.

8PROTECT THROUGH ACTIVE DEFENCEDont just defendWhat security does today is defend our data we want to do threat mitigationUse your intelligence If we have the information, we can proactively detect and divert the threatCourse of actionDont wait for threats use analytics to actively disrupt, deny & deceive adversaries8

RESPONSE IS TOO LATEThe best response to a security breach is to do something about it before the event. Maintaining the intelligence platform demands continuous expert management.10AVOID SECURITY INCIDENTSMaintain your engineMore complex, deeper technology is harder to maintain and support24x7 intelligenceContinuous monitoring and correlation of data is critical, but tough to deliver in-houseSecurity as a servicePush monitoring data and analytics to the cloud and consume as an expert service10

BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SAY YESIts not practical to lock down business users, or prevent access to certain devices or applications, and you cant build a perimeter around your data. But your business still needs to be run securely.12MAKE SECURITY BUSINESS-FRIENDLYMake security agileAbstracted security intelligence enables business agilityAdd business valueIntegrate security intelligence into big data projectsTime for a new approachAssess risk; detect threats, protect valuable assets and respond in real-time1213THANK YOU

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