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BEFORE THE BELL 1. Get out a piece of paper. Food Choices/Culture. Journal If you could eat anything tonight for dinner what would it be? (Describe your meal in 4-5 sentences.). Journal Why do people have different tastes? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Food Choices/Culture

Food Choices/Culture

BEFORE THE BELL1. Get out a piece of paper.

JournalIf you could eat anything tonight for dinner what would it be? (Describe your meal in 4-5 sentences.)

JournalWhy do people have different tastes? (In other words, why do some people like some foods that other people hate? Dont tell me taste buds!)

Why do we eat?One important reason you eat is to take in calories.

Food also provides nutrients. Nutrients have many important roles:-Giving you energy.-Building new tissues and repairing cells.-Helping your bodys processes and systems run smoothly.

Good nutrition is one of the main factors in building and maintaining good health.

Pg. 88Getting the Nutrients You Need

Everyone needs the same nutrients to maintain good health, but the amount of nutrients needed depends on a persons age, gender, state of health, and level of activity.

As a teen, you need more calcium for building strong bones. You also need more iron because your body makes more red blood cells as you grow.

When you do not get enough of a particular nutrient, you could have a nutrient deficiency.Pg. 88What Influences your Food Choices?

Food choices are influenced by many different factors.

Appetite and Hunger- Appetite is the psychological desire for food; hunger is the physical need for food.

Pg. 88

Emotions- Using food as a way of dealing with negative emotions is not healthy. People who eat to relieve stress or boredom need to develop more appropriate coping skills.Pg. 88Influences on Food ChoicesHungerAppetiteEmotionsNutrientsCulture

Food Availability

-Where we get our food

As Americans we have all kinds of different foods available to us. We have the ability to transport food from any part of the world to the United States. But just because a food is available to us, doesnt make that food healthy or fresh.

Which food would be better for you?

Peaches from Georgia or Peaches from Idaho

How does culture influence our food choices?

Food can provide us opportunities to socialize with family, friends, and the community. Food can also provide us with a sense of cultural identity.

-Who you eat meals with.-Where you eat meals.-How the food is eaten.

-Who prepares the food.-How the food is prepared.

-Type of food served.



Kitchen Scavenger Hunt DUE Tuesday 10/25

1. Complete your Food Choices Chart. DUE TODAY

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